13 Responses to Cyprus reaches last-minute deal on 10 billion euro bailout: but some depositors may lose everything

  1. tomboy says:

    Looks like Russia is going to take it in the shorts real bad —but soon it will come here and they will do something like that and people will wonder what they did to deserve it !


  2. Mark J S says:

    sounds like a problem for the 1%, as well for the people who work at the ‘bad bank’. Otherwise, as the article says… everybody else seems to be getting on in life. That’s a good thing. Thank God.


  3. denise says:

    Big deal! What did that buy the “global” economy; an extra week or so?


  4. Skystreak11 says:

    Sign of the times…which Country will be next to suffer the robbing of the people?


    • denise says:

      This has been the goal for the last 100 years. The globalist took the long view. They worked on all levels, economic laws, social engineering, political, and religious fronts. There cannot be a global one world order with a strong Europe or America. The destruction of national borders, and ethnic, national, and religious allegiances cannot coexist with Marxism. It appears that everything is going just as planned.


  5. ah well here we go more debt creation the plan goes forward as planned for the banksters who i feel just wanted to peeve the Russians they all want a war so lets lay the ground work.


  6. Ron says:

    This is going to spiral out of control.


  7. Brandon says:

    The average folks of the world have been hammered the past several years. One needs to look no further than the REAL unemployment numbers. However, the people doing a bit better to wealthy are doing alright… I think this Cyprus event sets a precident. The people who have more than 100k Euro are going to probably end up loosing 40% of it. This heist is to break the people with money to bring everyone to their knees. When there is nothing but disparity. The evil of the world will offer a new world government as the answer and the people’s of the world will pile on. Becareful the false Christ will be leading it. It’s satan.

    The Bible is tomorrow’s newspaper.


  8. Irene C says:

    So many here in the U.S. think that this will never happen here. It would go against our Constitution. But just wait until all the other dominoes start falling. IMO


  9. niebo says:

    After reading the article three times and watching the video, I think I got a handle on what just happened:

    “We averted a disorderly bankruptcy” with the worst scheme that we could conjure, one that “spares” the little guy but kicks the big guy right in the moneysack, one that locks for, oh-you-know-however-long-it-takes ALL accounts above the uninsured threshhold while it creates a virtual monopoly, puts those other losers (at the state-owned “people’s” bank) on the street (and unemployment lines), alienates wealthy investors across the EU (and world), and guarantees that, when we do unlock the locked accounts, ALL of those investors will withdraw ALL that remains of their funds, which creates a bank-run of Titanic proportions. So, in short, we postponed and guaranteed bankruptcy and solved NOTHING, at the same time.

    jvfbg nm


  10. Dennis E. says:

    And again, friends, you cannot eat gold and silver although it is nice to have an if you do, it’s OK, but
    listen, this is coming to America, perhaps not this year but it is coming because we are going to have
    a new currency with an uprising and the installment of martial law—maybe.
    And you are going to have to hide some of it. If you have seem movies depicting the Roman occupation of Israel and how when they came through villages and took food to feed the Army, it could happen here. We have transitioned into a new era….America will never be the same again regardless. And I don’t like that, but events are accelerating it seems…………….
    The ammo being bought is going to a civilian para-military force I think.


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