Swarms of locust descend on Cairo

March 4, 2013 EGYPTSwarms of locusts have been seen in several districts of Cairo on Saturday, including Moqatam and New Cairo. The feared ‘locust plague’ could reach Cairo, after prior sightings were reported along the Red Sea coast and in Upper Egypt. Some citizens burned tires to create a black fog to keep the locusts from settling in the city. Swarms were earlier reported to have reached Egypt’s Red Sea city of Zafarana, some 200 kilometers from Cairo, and then the Upper Egyptian city of Qena where locusts appeared in at least three major villages. There has earlier been reports of a “plague of locusts,” which some experts say could hit Egypt’s Nile Delta. Since January, swarms of the insects — originating from Sudan — have been spotted along the Red Sea coast in south-eastern Egypt, north-eastern Sudan, Eritrea and Saudi Arabia. In 2004, Egypt witnessed one of the most serious locust infestations in recent history, when farmers in 15 out of the country’s 27 governorates suffered extensive crop damage. At the time, the Land Centre for Human Rights, a local NGO devoted to agriculture issues, reported that 38 percent of the nation’s crops had been damaged as a direct result of the arrival of locusts.  According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), one ton of locusts eat the same amount of food in a single day as around 2,500 people. –Ahram
contribution Emanni, Iris
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13 Responses to Swarms of locust descend on Cairo

  1. Dennis E. says:

    Speaking of Locust infestation, I read that the white house has had a infestation of flies or a unusual problem with flies? Don’t know about the accuracy of this internet comment two weeks ago but I thought about it when I read this post.


    • suez says:

      Ha, Good one!! Just makes you wonder, doesn’t it!!! All that good information just seems to disappear!!! Must be the Rats!!!!! The two legged kind!!!! 🙂


      • Dennis E. says:

        Hi, Suez.Dennis E. Here: Yes, the internet report was from before-its-news and the article also mentioned a foul odor along with the fly issue. I did a google search on “fly infestation in the white house”


    • Irene C says:

      That reminds me of that photo of President Obama with the fly on his face a couple of years ago.


    • pagan66 says:

      Foul odours and infestation of flies are one of the signs of demonic activity. If one believes that sort of thing.



  2. Tim Shey says:

    I saw this program on the History Channel this evening. It was called The Bible. They showed the Ten Plagues that hit Egypt. Of course, one of the plagues was the plague of locusts. Perfect timing.


  3. tdenbeck says:

    Interestingly enough – I had a dream where I was in this one house … towards the end of the dream I was standing looking West and there was this huge black cloud on the horizon moving up from the South :: and I said something like is that a Tornado or Locusts. … This is kind of my clue to be watching for certain events. Though I am not totally taken by this- nor do I feel a strong impression .. I will follow a hunch based on the location where the locust are coming from – and maybe be on the look out for some sort of activity coming up from the south. Based on some of the ear marks of the dream – this is definitely a Note to Self sort of event.


  4. tdenbeck says:

    I was just thinking that in the first half of my dream which starts out in a bathroom in the North/East part of the house and the view I had was a 90 degree angle window on the Northern corner of the house – there was a very strong wind coming up from the South .. I traveled South down a Hallway and there was like a Red and White fabric type thing I could identify over my head as I traveled to the South/West where a door was open and I had a view of the West. … anyway … interesting I guess as I review the significance of the 90 degree angle view on the East –


  5. Emanni says:

    Locusts swarm in Cairo


  6. Kwazai says:

    just a survivalist comment for this one–
    if u r going to eat the bugs (akuna matata) cook them first…..


  7. Emanni says:

    Weather radar catches massive bug swarm

    MetService didn’t know what it was and entomologists were puzzled.
    But there was a strong suspicion that it was an unwanted Australian heading home. One was convinced it was the Tasmanian grass grub and another suspected huge swarm of aphids.

    Metservice’s Peter Kreft said the unknown insects began swarming over the Waikato region about 9pm yesterday.


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