World still grappling with epidemic of sinkholes: Chinese village suffers over 20 sinkholes in five months

January 15, 2013CHINAResidents in the village of Lianyuan in southern China’s Hunan Province have been treading rather gingerly these last few months. Over 20 sinkholes have opened up in the ground since last September. The cave-ins, which range in size, have seen houses collapse and rivers run dry. And there is never any warning as to where and when the sinkholes occur. According to local authorities, the main reason for the cave-ins is the number of coalmines in the area. It is not clear what steps are being taken to prevent further sinkholes from appearing. –MSN
contribution Laila and Emanni
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15 Responses to World still grappling with epidemic of sinkholes: Chinese village suffers over 20 sinkholes in five months

  1. isis2012 says:

    It’s seems Mother Earth is not only churning and chewing … but taking a few big swallows as well ..


  2. Louise Page says:

    I find it interesting that many countries are (worryingly) experiencing the occurrences/appearances of these sinkholes. I don’t know of any sinkholes, because of mining or other reason, to have appeared in Australia (where I am), unless someone can correct me on that.
    It would be a very unnerving feeling not knowing if the ground beneath you and/or your home may ‘give-way’ at any point.


  3. Devlon says:

    From what İ understood, these sinkholes were first linked to the fraction oil drilling, but lately it seems to be happening because of the savage water pumping, and as most of the water is exported elsewhere…also because of the concrete in the cities, rain water cannot go back into the soil, instead it goes back to the ocean, unfullfilling a cycle, and adding more water for the tornadoes…actually we deserve all of the “natural disasters” cause they’re all man made


    • sandy says:

      Unfortunately 3 years later and we have MORE sink holes and sorry Devlon…they are NOT man made natural some research. I think we were still calling it “global warming” in 2013 until that didn’t work now its; “climate change”….so get ready ITS coming


  4. Katherine says:

    That was scary/disturbing footage of the car been submerged into the sinkhole! Alvin, are more sinkholes searing around the world, or is this a normal phenomenon that’s simply getting more coverage? Quite a few have appeared here in Texas, and I don’t recall hearing very much about such a thing before about three years ago. Is this a form of liquefaction of the Earth’s crust?


  5. Ross says:

    I wonder what’s happening to the miners working these mines ?


  6. Stefan says:

    Can sinkholes be a link to / result of the ongoing polarshift and the very active volcanos all around the world ?


    • It is the polar shift.The earth is slowing down in rotation.It will soon stop and reverse.I have read that the sun rises and sets in a different place now especially noticed in Alaska and Iceland.From what it read the North Pole has shifted more towards Russia.The die off of birds and sea life are still going on, the news is not reporting these like they did last year in 2012.I believe these birds and sea life are loosing their natural compass.Something is going on,we are not being told the truth but have to research ourselves to find an answer.Unfortunately bad people in government are taking advantage of the situation (just my opinion).Linking all these activities and why our US is preparing for something catastrophic says something,shouldn’t it? Families,communities should come together and not divide because lives will depend on our responsiveness.


  7. I am curious,is there no way to fill these sinkholes in or do they just keep sinking in,seems like if its a mine caving in,wouldnt you be able to fill that in or do I just not understand what a sinkhole is?


    • jack bauer says:

      The crust of the earth is full of caverns. Think of pouring sand in a bottle, once the bottle (cavern) is full, the sinking stops.


  8. tonic says:

    There are few comments on this because it’s already covered in the TEP. It’s expected,.. but not welcome.


  9. screenshot says:

    Massive Sinkholes Continue to Appear Globally:


  10. Bimbam says:

    As the population explodes and expands they build EVERYWHERE and PRESTO! More earthquakes and sinkholes are detected. What a coincidence, huh???

    When there was on one around, no one detected them, heck, no one cared! Now there seems to be more of them!! Right where they live! What a coincidence, huh?


  11. Tinker Young says:

    When you take something out of the ground, you should put something back in it’s place. We can’t keep taking water, gas, gravel, coal out of the ground and not replacing it with something. All these empty holes, tunnels, caverns will collapse eventually. Too many people are eating up the Earth. 😥


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