East and West coast of U.S. hit by near simultaneous winter storms

December17, 2012 SEATTLEUp to 12 inches of further snowfall is forecast for parts of northern New England – and a second wintry storm is crossing the U.S. in its wake, according to Weather Channel meteorologist Kevin Roth. The current snowfall in northern New York state and New England will continue through Tuesday night and into Wednesday, with as much as 15 inches possible in some areas. Meanwhile, another cross-country storm – Winter Storm Draco – was expected to bring heavy snow to the Northwest on Monday. The higher elevations of the Cascades will see as much as 2 to 3 feet of snow above 7000 ft, Weather.com reported, with significant accumulations below 3000 ft. The National Weather Service said the probability of “large amounts of snow remains high across the majority of windward facing slopes of the Pacific Northwest and portions of the Northern Rockies.” King5.com reported that the storm is expected to bring high winds to Western Washington and whiteout conditions to the west slopes of the Cascades and passes. The system is expected to move to the Southwest and Rockies Tuesday and Wednesday before bringing snow to the eastern half of the country later Wednesday through Friday. Roth added there would likely be a lake-effect snow threat behind the storm on Thursday and Friday. –NBC
Freezing temps grip Kyrgyz capital: Residents of the Kyrgyz capital Bishkek have no gas to heat their homes amid arctic temperatures, authorities said Sunday. Some districts also lack electric power at a time when the mercury has dipped to minus 20 degrees Celsius (-4 Fahrenheit), they said. Gas supplies have been cut off from neighboring Kazakhstan, which relies on deliveries from another central Asian neighbor, Uzbekistan, itself unable to extract the fuel because of the freezing weather. Lacking gas, Bishkek residents have begun using more electricity, which has led to outages in parts of the city, authorities said. Weather forecasters warn that temperatures could drop to -24 Celsius (-11 Fahrenheit) in the region. –TD
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8 Responses to East and West coast of U.S. hit by near simultaneous winter storms

  1. John Paily says:

    Sun and its force [light/heat] unwinds, earth [matter] and its force winds or cools. The cyclic climatic change manifest when these two principle forces giving way to one another smoothly over period of time. When environmental heat is pushed up unilaterally and time period given to earth to cool is shortened it breaks the principle and design on which nature functions. This leads to Accelerated Climate Change leading huge destruction by fire/wind, flash floods/ snows and earth quakes. The end event would be huge volcanic eruptions that can cripple civilization and cool earth. Nature is not designed for human self and nations oil based economic interest and power – awaken we are on the edge. Knowledge can help us survive and enter the Golden Age – We need to review and redefine the knowledge on which we are founded and act to survive and live on. Someone help me spread the knowledge. It is life time work without self and obtained by Grace- http://www.scribd.com/doc/114273537/Climate-Change-and-Its-Relation-to-Energy


  2. Dragpo Kilaya says:

    Is this HAARP activity a coincidence?



  3. feywit says:

    Talk to us about the horrible drought in the mountains of Colo. the plains areas. We have had NOO moisture in two years. There is no grass, no hay, no corn. People are turning their animals like horses loose to run free. We are sitting on a major ecological disaster for no snow here means no water for the Corn Belt.


    • John says:

      And notice the lack of any real reporting on this situation. Also, the Mississippi River is just about to the level where barge traffic will be at a standstill. The implications of these two situations are very severe.


  4. Irene C says:

    And here in Ohio we’ve seen nothing – no snow. We had one day where there was a light dusting, but it was gone by mid-afternoon.


  5. Dennis E. says:

    Well, we really needed the rain here in Eastern North Carolina and the more the better.
    Secretly, I am wishing for 4 inches of snow…………..


  6. TexasRedNeck says:

    and down here in TEXAS we’ve had terrible drought conditions for the last couple of years that has affected food supply for humans and animals alike that is causing the price increase of both with no real relief in sight. America has turned her back on God and now He is doing the same to us. He warned us that it would happen.


  7. jill artstart says:

    Here in western Washington the weather is the usual December rain, daily, in the lowlands and 2-3 feet of new snow in the mountains.


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