2 Responses to Global economic crisis: EU’s jobless rate hits new high of 11.6%

  1. Tom E. says:

    Additionally, the cost of energy, the current and future price of energy due to the global warming scare is also hastening the the move of energy intense industry to China and other nations who are not artificially limiting energy production.

    A lot of these jobs are smelting, concrete production, and other mineral refining; and if these jobs are going to China, there is no reason to expect any of the down stream manufacturing jobs to stay in the EU if all the raw materials are in China already.


  2. sebastian says:

    i live in uk and i have job for only 20h/week (national minimum wage) – enough to survive if u know how to manage. i know a lot of ppl who can find job, also i know a lot of ppl who have to work 6-7 days a week, 12 or longer shifts – and they are not seasonal field workers. 6 days is 72h enough working hours to “feed” 3 ppl, not just one. Some changes in LAW are necessary like limiting amount of working hours available for unskilled workers or, what may work better, force companies and agencies to pay overtime at 1.5 rate after 40h (or 37.5 if dinner breaks are unpaid). IMHO most companies will decide to employ more people rather than paying extra.


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