‘Worst- case scenario’ has arrived says meteorologists. Sandy now storm of ‘historic proportions’

Ocean meets the bay near Battersea Ave in Ocean City, New Jersey  as storm closes in on U.S. eastern coast. (credit: Joe Sheppard)
October 29, 2012NEW YORKThe latest models have Sandy making landfall along the coast of South Jersey on Monday evening between 8 and 10 p.m. “This storm is HISTORIC,” said Katie Fehlinger. CBS 3 meteorologists say this is the “worst case scenario” as it will make landfall very close to high tide and say the storm pressure is currently stronger than the Long Island Express Hurricane of 1938. Pressure as of 11 a.m. was down to 943mb and the storm was located 205 miles southeast of Atlantic City. Maximum winds were at 90 mph and it is moving north – northwest. “It is accelerating and making the turn toward the coast,” said Kathy Orr. The National Hurricane Center issued a powerful warning stating, “Sandy expected to bring life-threatening story surge and coastal hurricane winds plus heavy Appalachian snows.” “This is the worst-case scenario,” said Louis Uccellini, NOAA. In New Jersey, the dunes have already been breached in Beach Haven and in Ocean City, New Jersey, officials say during this morning’s high tide, the Ocean met the bay. Officials say, “they’ve never seen anything like it.” –CBS
                                    NOAA animation of Sandy depicts magnitude and size of super-storm
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11 Responses to ‘Worst- case scenario’ has arrived says meteorologists. Sandy now storm of ‘historic proportions’

  1. Fran Elliott says:

    All my family lives in the “high country” of NJ and western NY state – hope you don’t have friends along the coast…



  2. Mitchell says:

    Were in VA Beach and the winds are gusting pretty good again but rain continues to fall at a rapid rate. Many streets are flooded and the tide is causing more flooding near the ocean. I wonder if the Long Island Medium was told this was coming. Stay safe MD/NJ and areas North Sandy has an attitude.


  3. Joseph t. Repas says:

    Hi everybody! There has been a time when the ocean totally washed over the barrier islands and even split parts of the peninsula. That was a hurricane in the mid 1950’s. I am near Camden NJ / Philadelphia PA.about 60 miles NW of Atlantic City. As of 4:30 p.m. EDT local time I have seen wind gusts reach close to 50 m.p.h. and rains have varied intensities. Power outages are scattered about. Have not seen any trees down or damages on way home from work this morning but some minor flooding. What I find very interesting with the storm in general is that it is coming at us from the only direction that it could without hitting land elsewhere first! and obviously from a direction that might not ever occured for this region !!!. Thanks to all EP friends that are praying for all in this region.


  4. I finds it all to coincidental that for days.. the sky was all clouds ; chemclouds that is…the entire sky from the Tri-State to Tim buck too…then BAM!!! You have a full fledge Storm in the making…
    I know… SINERTER Science and the Government are behind this all. That they have put to use their HARRP to action and directed all this straight to us and else where.. We are the experiment and this is their playground..we can’t do a DAM thing to stop them from experimenting with our weather…There experimenting with HARRP is for strategic Warfare and satellite communication…
    They are experimenting Globally..and it’s having a profound effect on our environment…worst of all they are getting away with doing this. They count on people like you and I NOT to research and find out the TRUTH.. They have their agenda, and that is to eliminate us all…SLOWLY.
    Do your own research and find out for yourself..You will see that that spraying of chemicals in the
    Ionosphere together with HARRP will cause all sorts of strange weather to occur…


  5. Attempts to gain control of the weather, through environmental engineering with experiments involving laser and chemicals to ascertain whether they could damage the ozone layer over an enemy; cause damage to crops and human health through exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, have been carried out by the military.

    Chemicals like barium and lithium have been released above the ozone layer creating spectacular light displays and glowing artificial clouds, which were seen in North America during the 1980s and early 1990s.

    These compounds are most destructive of the ‘ozone layer’ and cause further chemical changes to the earth’s atmosphere.

    According to Dr. Bertell, ‘changes in the earth’s atmosphere bring about corresponding changes in the Earth’s weather and climate’.

    Another method is the use of very low frequency electromagnetic waves in weather modification experiments. These waves can pass through solid earth and oceans and have been used by the military to probe the upper atmosphere and the inner structure of the earth.

    These pulsed, extremely low frequency (ELF) waves, for instance, can be used to convey mechanical effects and vibrations at great distances through the Earth. They can manipulate the weather, creating storms and torrential rains over an area.

    These waves have the potential to generate earth movements. ‘It has the capability to cause disturbance of volcanoes and tectonic plates, which in turn, have an effect on the weather,’ she states.

    For example, earthquakes are known to interact with the ionosphere (the atmosphere 50-373 miles above the earth’s surface). In fact, many of the earthquakes that occurred in recent years were preceded by certain unexplained phenomena, says Dr. Bertell.


  6. Some of the examples in her book include the Tang Shan earthquake in China, which occurred on 28 July 1976, and left 650,000 people dead. The catastrophic event was preceded by an airglow, said to have been caused by Soviet ELF wave experiments to heat the ionosphere.

    The other was the San Francisco earthquake. According to Dr. Bertell, unusual ultra low frequency waves were detected in California on 12 September 1989. These waves grew in intensity and finally subsided on 5 October. On 17 October, they appeared again with signals so strong that they went off the scale. Three hours later, the earthquake took place.

    In fact, a Washington Times report in March 1992 said, satellites and ground sensors detected mysterious radio waves or related electrical and magnetic activity before major earthquakes in Southern California, Armenia, Japan and Northern California between 1986 and 1989.

    The earthquake that hit Los Angeles on 17 January 1994 was also preceded by unusual radio waves and two sonic booms.

    ‘These strange coincidences have never been explained … it seems highly probable that some of these earthquakes have been a result of human activity, not natural forces,’ said Dr. Bertell.

    Tellingly, the US Secretary of Defense, in 1997, commented on new threats posed by terrorist organizations ‘engaging in eco-type terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, and volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves’.


  7. These experiments by the military on the earth’s atmosphere have seen an increase in freak weather throughout the globe, says Dr. Bertell.

    ‘Between the 1960s and the 1990s, major natural disaster rates have increased by a factor of 10,’ she adds.

    According to her, the EL Nino in 1997-98, which was blamed for abnormal weather conditions worldwide, was actually preceded by violent disruptions and climatic destabilization a year earlier.

    In 1996, Dr. Bertell described the severe flooding that occurred in the Indian subcontinent affecting Nepal, India and Bangladesh in which millions were left homeless. In China, floods killed hundreds while tens of thousands had their homes and property destroyed.

    At the same time, Canada was hit by torrential rains, flooding, tornadoes, hail and thunderstorms – all very abnormal climatic conditions destroying property, livestock and lives.

    Heavy snowfall, not seen in decades, appeared in South Africa, cutting off food supplies and taking lives due to the extreme cold.


  8. Irene C says:

    As of 8:15 Eastern Time, Sandy made landfall, 5 miles SW or Atlantic City, NJ. It is no longer a hurricane, but is being called a Superstorm. The main part of the storm surge is still to come, along with high tide. Right now, there are an estimated 3.1 million customers without power. Winds have come in as far as Chicago. The Weather Channel was showing a video about people surfing waves on Lake Michigan in Detroit. Our winds here in Ohio have picked up but so far we still have power (as she knocks on wood). This storm is a long way from over. Keep on praying.


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