6 Responses to Deepening crisis: reports of chemical weapons used, as fierce fighting rages near Bani Walid, Libya

  1. tyroneb says:

    Why is the world worried about the traditional tribal warfare that has been the history of the ME like since forever?
    Am turly sorry they don’t care for their own children, let anyones else?
    Winston Churchill’s comments on the followers of Islam still applies today.


  2. Rick says:

    Alvin, all of my recent comments seem to remain in “awaiting approval from the moderator” (or words to that affect). If you have banned me for some reason (and I can’t think of a reason to as my posts are civil and non-threatening), just send me an e-mail so I won’t bother contributing to the discussions any further.



    • Rick, it would be nice to devote the 9 hrs a day to the blog to get to all the comments that’s registered to post but unfortunately, I only have mico-fraction of that time and it’s diminishing all the time…

      All the best


  3. I wonder just what we’re not being told. More Whoppers from this president, when he said Libya was secure. When info is just surfacing to show that Ambassador Stevens and staff had been warning of de-stabilization for months. Britain even pulled it’s staff in June. Whoppers Mr. President? Really, what have we done?


    • niebo says:

      If you can, check out the documentary “2016” about Obama and his dream for America. To say that it is disturbing is a mild understatement, because it weaves together the various threads of lies, facts, actions taken and not taken, and arrives at a conclusion the logic of which is hard to dispute. De-stabilization is an integral part of the “plan”.


  4. Curiosity King says:

    Gotta love that photo. You got guys out in the open, fully exposed, firing from the hip and wearing thongs lol


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