5 Responses to Record high unemployment hits Eurozone as economic crisis lingers



  2. Chris Gerber says:

    The times are being set up for the emergence of the Antichrist, who will seem to have all the answers to all the problems…. Beware! Accept Christ as your savior if you haven’t done so already and go back to God. Revival is the only way out of this mess, believe it!


  3. Emanni says:

    Coming Euro Banknote
    “We chose Europa because these are euro-banknotes after all”

    “Zeus was transfixed by a Phoenician woman named Europa. He decided to come down and seduce the woman. Zeus transformed himself into a tame bull.”
    “The myth is in essence the same as that of Osiris and Isis, wherein Isis is Europa and Osiris is the Bull. (Osiris, in Egyptian myth, is represented as a bull.) Horus, the child of Isis, fathered by Osiris, is equivalent to Hermes, the child of Europa, fathered by Zeus (the Bull).”

    “Presented under the arch of an ancient, pagan-style temple, the European Central Bank launched the new euro-series in a manner reminiscent of ancient rites performed by ancient peoples.In this particular fest of the European Central Bank, the deity was mammon, and the performing priest the head of the European Central Bank:”

    The New Face of the Euro – Europa


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