Source of loud boom in California foothills a mystery

August 26, 2012CALIFORNIA People from all over El Dorado County say they’re hearing loud booms several times a week, but there are many theories on what is causing them. “I thought it was thunder,” said one person. “It’s definitely not thunder; too consistent. I thought it was just mining,” said another person. “I always considered them to be sonic booms from flying aircrafts for years,” said Loring Brunius, owner of Sierra Rock Diamond Quarry. People who live near Pleasant Valley say their days have been interrupted by loud booms, shaking the floor beneath them. “You can feel it in the ground, no question about it. But no one’s been able to figure out why,” said Pleasant Valley resident Peter O’Grady. “I tend to hear somewhere between four to six of these things during the weekdays usually between 11 p.m. and 2 p.m. “Boom, boom, boom, boom just like that,” said Lorren Gonzales, who lives near Pleasant Valley. Some think the booms are from nearby wineries using propane cannons to scare away birds. “We’ve never done it and I don’t know of any other winery that does,” said Carrie Bendick, a winemaker at Holly’s Hill Winery. According to USGS, there aren’t enough seismic stations to pinpoint the exact location. Meanwhile, some say the booms have been around so long and happen so often they barely notice them anymore. Still, others want to solve the mystery. “I would like to know what it is, yeah. And I’d like to know when it’s going to stop too,” said O’Grady.  CBS13 spoke to Fallon Naval Air Station that said any supersonic flight operations they do are only allowed over Dixie Valley, which is hundreds of miles away. Some think illegal mining could be the source of the sounds, but Brunius doubts that theory. He said if that was the case, the culprit would have been caught by now. –CBS
contribution by Dennis, Paul & Dov
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13 Responses to Source of loud boom in California foothills a mystery

  1. Kaos says:

    Magnitude 6.8 – MOLUCCA SEA

    MAP 6.8 2012/08/26 15:05:37 2.179 126.893 106.5 MOLUCCA SEA



  2. Magenta says:

    Sounds like it could be the Deep Underground Military Bunkers that are being built to protect the Elite from the earth changes they know are coming.


  3. Barry Wright says:

    I’ve noticed earthquakes consent 3.5 in southern California today and looks like the ring of fire it’s getting real active lately


  4. Warren H. says:

    The booms are the underground bedrock breaking up do to tectonic tension. Nice how the media make excuses so as not to alert us to the truth!


  5. somehow the gov’t. knows what it is and are defiantly keeping it to themselves.


  6. Matt says:

    I have property in N. California and I have been hearing these loud compressions for many years. My wife and friends have heard them as well and can vouch for it. I called the local hard rock company on the days I hear it and they say they have done no blasting that day. I think it is illegal miners to be honest. The sound is so compressed though, sounds deep underground. Anyone else hear this sound because I am going crazy over it!?


  7. Kim says:

    I live in central il and weve heard these loud booms as well. Sounds like a sonic boom but the sound seems to come from nowhere. At some points they had a rythm like drums. Anyone else hear them?


  8. Joseph t. Repas says:

    These booms are heard in many places in these United States and I think around the world. I wonder if with the Earth’s heat changes going on that perhaps pockets of natural gas way below the surface may be igniting at times, perhaps coal and oil too? Causing occaisional explosions and rock cave ins. Alvin, is their any plausability to this possibility or am I thinking too much?


  9. isisinanna says:

    I know this post is from AUG 2012, but there is new information. Booms have been heard in Kentucky, Arizona(Made local news), Texas, Oklahoma, and Rhode Island. Who knows where else?? I am intrigued by this and as usual, there is nothing in the main stream news…..


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