3 Responses to Asia ‘megacities’ face disaster time bomb

  1. Granny Bear says:

    This is a problem not unique to Asia, nor is it only in dense urban areas. Another example of “flawed development” is the use over use of fill dirt. We can all guess what happens to fill during a an earthquake, or even during a minor flood. Another common “flawed development” is building over or on top of older construction and/or subterranean spaces and structures, such as old mines, emptied aquifers,old building sites with empty basements and transportation tunnels still in places. And of course the flaw mentioned in the article of inadequate drainage, or, I shall add, draining to the wrong place.

    Use of subterranean caverns, of various origin for the storage of industrial wastes without adequate encapsulation of hazardous materials is another foolishness that is ongoing, all over the world, not only in Asia. At least some of these problems are being addressed “over there” while the rest of us try to ignore what is happening in our own home towns.


  2. crimsonthorn says:

    It’s make me smile when I see some ‘scientist’ claim that ‘they’ need to speed up to the ‘green’ progress… What do we do here in North-America… heee, we grow some corn to make some fue, we burn coal to have some heat, we deformed the Earth to have gas and to heat our home and to drive our car…


  3. Preppin Pawpaw says:

    I wasn’t sure where to post this… Figured you would reroute to correct area if need be 🙂
    Have you noticed the 4 Nuclear Reactors that have been shut down in the past 72 hours?
    You can read about them here.

    I found it rather strange to see so many this week shutting down…..
    Curious as to what your take is on this and do you think it is a sign?


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