New NASA satellites will tighten knowledge of Earth’s radiation belts

August 14, 2012SPACE Surrounding our planet like vast invisible donuts (the ones with the hole, not the jelly-filled kind) are the Van Allen radiation belts, regions where various charged subatomic particles get trapped by Earth’s magnetic fields, forming rings of plasma. We know that the particles that make up this plasma can have nasty effects on spacecraft electronics as well as human physiology, but there’s a lot that isn’t known about the belts. Two new satellites, scheduled to launch on August 23, will help change that. “Particles from the radiation belts can penetrate into spacecraft and disrupt electronics, short circuits or upset memory on computers. The particles are also dangerous to astronauts traveling through the region. We need models to help predict hazardous events in the belts and right now we are aren’t very good at that. RBSP will help solve that problem,” said David Sibeck, RBSP project scientist, Goddard Space Flight Center. NASA’s Radiation Belt Storm Probes (RBSP) mission will put a pair of identical satellites into eccentric orbits that take them from as low as 375 miles (603 km) to as far out as 20,000 miles (32,186 km). During their orbits the satellites will pass through both the stable inner and more variable outer Van Allen belts, one trailing the other. Along the way they’ll investigate the many particles that make up the belts and identify what sort of activity occurs in isolated locations and across larger areas. The goal is to find out where the particles in the belts originate from — do they come from the solar wind? Or Earth’s own ionosphere? — as well as to find out what powers the belts’ variations in size and gives the particles their extreme speed and energy. Increased knowledge about Earth’s radiation belts will also help in the understanding of the plasma environment that pervades the entire Universe. Ultimately the information gathered by the RBSP mission will help in the design of future science and communications satellites as well as safer spacecraft for human explorers. The satellites are slated to launch aboard a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station at 4:08 a.m. EDT on August 23. –Universe Today

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12 Responses to New NASA satellites will tighten knowledge of Earth’s radiation belts

  1. Sean Black says:

    Nothing Alive has ever been through the Van Allen Belts 😉


    • mtnwolf63 says:

      You got that right! Haven’t heard an explanation for that yet, among other things. I wonder how many other ‘accomplishments’ were faked. Then there’s all-too-real ‘false-flag’ attacks. Lies and deceit, just as prophesied centuries ago.
      “But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.” ~ 2 Timothy 3:13


  2. Swan says:

    The existence of the Van Allen radiation belts is precisely why I do not believe they ever went to the moon in those tin cans they claim made it there in the 60’s and 70’s.


  3. Theresa says:

    These are the same Van Allen Radiation Belts they said back in the 90’s did not exist.


  4. Chynna says:

    They’re toroidal vortices are they not? Natural celestial energy that powers earth forces?


  5. merle says:

    Alvin, The inconsistency in ALL our technology has always been “dumbfounding” to me! Example: Can we REALLY not eradicate fleas? Are they such super beings that nothing can be invented to wipe them from existance without a substantial amount of trouble? I know the answer…keep the money rolling in with very expensive remedies which appear to work at first, until the flea develops an immunity. On to the next rage that swears to eliminate this pest! I could go on and on about many things like this in our daily lives that are utter annoyances, yet no one wants to divulge a remedy…imagine the money lost to big companies if a solution is found! Yet……we can land on the Moon, Mars or build the Haldron Collider! Okay, something doesn’t jive here!


  6. Kevin wilson says:

    Oh come on people, surely you don’t believe a word that NASA say? They are a bunch of liars


  7. Jennifer says:


    Still lurking and loving your site!! Im wondering though… I saw this article yesterday…

    If we undergo a magnetic reversal ( may be going on now) that goes rapid, COULD the Van Allen particles come flowing to the Earth in a massive way? I would love to hear your thoughts! Even the Suns magnetic field has doubled, climate is changing at a rapid pace, which may be a sign we may already be in a reversal?


    • IM
      The South Atlantic Anomaly- a region of the Earth where the Van Allen Radiation belts are lowest

      Glad to hear you’re still lurking, Jennifer. You’re probably referencing that video that is making the rounds on the internet. As I told someone else, the belts are already crashing to Earth over Brazil in the South Atlantic Anomaly. That’s a region of the globe where the belts are closest to Earth. There is excessive radiation over this region experienced at higher altitudes, but life carries on as normal in Brazil. The declination in altitude of the VAR belts is a direct consequence of the planet currently undergoing a geomagnetic reversal.

      Location of the South Atlantic Anomaly


  8. I wonder if the inner band of secondary energetic particles which ‘appear’ to be concentrated closer to the equator, is the reason I feel so much better in Florida, than Pennsylvania? Could these particles have any effect on the body’s energy?


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