Giant sinkhole in Assumption Parish, Louisiana prompts state of emergency declaration

August 5, 2012 LOUISIANAFor more than two months, officials from federal to local have been unable to pin down the source of a natural gas leak and tremors in assumption parish. But on Thursday a 200 by 200 foot “slurry area” has appeared in bayou corne in northern assumption parish…The formation of the slurry area was accompanied by a diesel-like odor that some residents said burned their eyes and noses but dissipated by midmorning Friday…Assumption parish officials declared an emergency and called for an evacuation of residents living near the nearly 1-acre muddy site. A potential failure of a cavern operated by Texas brine company may have caused the slurry area, or sinkhole, which swallowed full-grown trees and denuded a formerly forested patch of cypress swamp. Final determination of a positive link between the failure of the cavern and either the natural gas bubbling or the slurry area has not been made. In response, gov. bobby jindal declared an emergency Friday. –KLFY
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29 Responses to Giant sinkhole in Assumption Parish, Louisiana prompts state of emergency declaration

  1. Jason says:

    I’m not certain why I hear stories of this and others and can’t help but to think of BP as the culprit seems like that’s when things went from bad to worse, my scenario is after they drilled miles deep into a magma chamber it created a chain reaction of events around the globe, for example because of the crude oil the gulf current was reported to come to a halt this in fact will cause major catastrophic results, also reported the ocean floor was coming undone, plumes developing near the site. may be a link to the plume in above story? Did I mention also recently discovered the Gulf was formed by a super volcano?


    • Steve D says:

      Unlike you or Mike, I’m a geologist. No the Gulf of Mexico is not the product of a supervolcano. No, BP did not drill into a magma chamber. No, there is no former volcano in Florida.


  2. Judy Sanford says:

    Maybe it is because the whole state, dang near it, use to be a swamp & wants to return to being a swamp? Or, maybe all the drilling for oil, gas, etc. has caused slippage?


    • Pyrosity says:

      Not dang near it no where near it , under I-10 yes where cajuins live , above I-10 no majiorty of the state is above I-10


  3. Mike says:

    They say they don’t know what is causing all the mysterious bubbles in the swamps, the tremors, home foundations cracking and now this sink hole. HERE’S A CLUE!…
    The area were this is happening, is about 440 miles West of an ancient Florida Volcano. As you may know, a Volcano is just a pressure release point, and the forces that create Volcano’s move from time to time taking Hundreds or thousands of years to do so. Those points of movement can sift hundreds of miles form where the last pressure release point was. NOW with that in mind, here is what ALL the gas bubbling up, the tremors, house foundations cracking and now this sink hole is: IT’S A FREAKING VOLCANO in the process of coming to life. HELLOOOO


  4. Alvin Modena says:

    Louisiana sinking perhaps?


  5. elijahsmom3 says:

    When I saw this article, I remembered reading about a Brooklyn sinkhole recently. As I was looking for that story, I came across the rest of these; all within the past two weeks.

    Philadelphia, PA sinkhole, July 24th

    Omaha, NE sinkhole, July 26th

    Baltimore MD sinkhole, July 26th

    Allentown, PA sinkhole, July 28

    Cleveland, OH sinkhole, July 30

    Brooklyn NY sinkhole, Aug 1.


  6. Darren says:

    Anything to do with “fracking” do you think? they said a diesel like fume was emitted…could be some of hideous the chemicals they use in that process????? Either way its bound to be something terrible we’ve done again…will we ever learn??


    • S.W. says:

      No, it has nothing to do with “fracking”. “Hideous” chemicals are not used in the process; that’s what the propagandists would like people to think. “Fracking” is industry slang for “hydraulic fracturing”—-not “chemical fracturing”. Also, fracking is not very common in South Louisiana. Fracking is typically done in “hard-rock” formations. This isn’t the first time this has happened in Louisiana. Google “Lake Peigneur”. It was most likely a salt dome that collapsed. Diesel smell = natural gas. Hydrocarbon-bearing sands are commonly found beneath salt domes. It’s possible that the salt mining company that is responsible for the cavern, over-mined the salt formation, causing it to collapse.


      • Either way, the company’s useful of questionable techniques and/or insufficient geology has led to a growing problem (pun intended) in south Louisiana, and I would bet good money that the Company involved will argue in court that it wasn’t their fault and get away with ruining even a small piece of that state.


  7. swifty says:

    The Louann salt layer may have started to dissolve from Oil Fracking or?


  8. This sounds a lot like another case of “frakking” gone bad. Ever since they started pumping slurry into the ground near Oklahoma City there have been a stready stream of small to moderate earthquakes in the same spot right by OKC. I fully understand that this process can access oil and gas deposits that would otherwise be nearly inaccessable, but anytime you alter the delicate balance of forces underground you run the risk of creating a bigger problem. Look what happened in China a couple of years ago when they filled a huge reservoir right on top of an earthquake fault; the weight of all that water triggered a major quake!


    • alex says:

      My biggest question is alvin do you think these big corps are doing this on purpose rather than the cover of we are getting oil and gas how about the question is are the learning a new weapon like creating earthquakes and sink holes on purpose. What do yoh think apvin?


  9. SC says:

    I had this vision months ago, and I couldn’t understand it at the time. Now I get it. The worst is yet to come.


  10. chief.jkd@gmail.coom says:

    Go back in timne to 1980… Lake Peigneur New Iberia, Assumption Parish. Oil exploration punctured the salt mine and the lake disappeared.


  11. isis2012 says:

    Now this hole could open up all the way into sea waters below ..


  12. James Howard says:

    Here in North Texas we have,for a few years now been experiencing smaal earthquakes and tremors where there weren’t any before the gas companies started “fracking”.They say there is no connection,but then they would say that,wouldn’t they.I am no expert, but it seems to me that when you pull something out of the ground and leave a void,something has to give.And the chemicals they pump in during the “fracking” process are much more deadly than anything being pulled out.


  13. tess says:

    It makes sense, oil is the earths lubrication. Take it away, and what happens… this !


  14. Jersey says:

    Hi, really glad I ran across this page! I live here in assumption parish. 3 mile from this sink hole. I can tell you it’s not a volcano and it’s nothing natural at all. It’s a company called Texas Brine and the Department of Natural Resources who decideded that when they discoverved there was a problem inside an cavern the Napoleonville Salt Dome, decided to shut it down and forget about it instead of fixing the problem. This probelem started 3 months ago with the tremors and the bubbles. This company and this government agency decided that this was not something we needed to know. By we I mean the people and the local government. Even after the sink hole appeared they didn’t think we needed to know. Stood at a community meeting and flat out lied. They were asked if there had ever been any thing but brine in the dome , they assured us that brine was the only thing ever stored in the cavern. Needless to say we now know that they were storing NORM. A radioactive material for naturally during drilling. So you see, Mother Nature is not to blame here. Man is!


    • That’s exactly why I don’t trust any of these companies that want to pump stuff into the ground. They are all concerned strictly with $$$ and so they get the cheapest environmental study that they can, ignore the parts that they don’t like, and lie through their teeth when things go wrong. Just as what goes up must come down, what goes in the planet will push back out.


  15. Bo David says:

    maybe the creatures have a clue or insects breeding migration and weather was it a wet year dry year some clue has to be found but I think its the drilling and satelite imagery mapping that we have to do with different types of magnification,saturation ,xrays what ever we take pictures from space holograms what ever you call it someones holding that damn image.


  16. Irene Santos says:–abc-news-topstories.html

    Found this article today, Jersey, and it sure does lend credence to what you have said. My first thought on reading this update was, ” Radioactive sinkhole???” Thanks for the elucidation.


  17. Bill Atwood says:

    For years major chemical companies have pumped water in to the salt domes and pumped out salt water as a raw material for the chemical industry. Caustic soda, chlorine and hydrogen are all, produced from the electrolytic breakdown of salt water.

    Doesn’t common sense tell you that removal of salt will create a cavern which can sink and cause a depression or hole in the ground??????

    Ex Dow employee


    • Thanks, Bill Atwood, for the closest thing we have gotten to an explanation from inside the industry or the government on what is causing this sinkhole. If salt is being washed out of a salt dome, then it is mere logic that the dome would be getting larger and more unstable. Of course the company that owns the dome in question is going to deny, stall and equivocate as much as they can since they don’t want to open themselves up to litigation.


  18. Mike S Goodman says:

    I had always been taught that LA was one of the few states which had nothing in the way of caves, sinkholes, or other karst landforms!


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