Mudslides in Austria leave 1 dead and isolates dozens of villages

July 23, 2012AUSTRIA Heavy rains hit the province of Styria, in central Austria, causing floods, landslides and mudslides. One person has been killed in Austria after torrential rains triggered mudslides and flooding across several provinces. Whole provinces were inundated with rivers of mud. 360 people living in an alpine region were forced to evacuate their homes after a torrent of mud swept through. The rain has destroyed houses, cut off villages and damaged roads. More rain is forecast over the coming days. –Sky News
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2 Responses to Mudslides in Austria leave 1 dead and isolates dozens of villages

  1. Irene C says:

    Wow, it’s not often we hear Austria mentioned in the news. So sad. I had the opportunity to spend a week in Austria, driving through the country and spending time with people my mother knew. Nothing like driving through the Alps, along hair pin turns, on the interstate, driving a 5-speed. Such a beautiful country and wonderful people.


  2. — SEVERE STORMS (1 updated events, 1 new images) —

    The heaviest rainfall in 61 years fell on the Chinese capital city of Beijing in late July 2012.
    *** MPA(TRMM) image from Jul 21, 2012 (Posted on Jul 23, 2012 11:11 AM)

    Natural Hazards is a service of NASA’s Earth Observatory.


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