Nearly 9,000 evacuated as Utah fire explodes

June 23, 2012 SALT LAKE CITYThousands of homes were evacuated from two small Utah communities on Friday as high winds whipped up a brush fire triggered by target shooters and pushed the flames toward houses and a nearby explosives factory.  The so-called Dump fire erupted Thursday in the Kiowa Valley near a landfill for Saratoga Springs, a town of 18,000 on the west shore of Utah Lake, about 35 miles south of Salt Lake City. Nearly 9,000 people had been evacuated, Utah County Sheriff’s Sgt. Spencer Cannon told The Deseret News. The blaze initially scorched about 750 acres of cheat grass, sage and pinyon juniper south and west of town, but by Friday, a combination of strong winds and rising heat shifted the fire’s direction and sparked rapid growth, Bureau of Land Management spokeswoman Teresa Rigby said. By Friday evening, the blaze had grown to more than 4,000 acres. Rigby said fire crews had cut containment lines around 20 percent of the blaze, but that number slipped as flames spread. About 100 firefighters were working the blaze on Friday, with more teams expected, Rigby said. Air support was being provided by one air tanker and one helicopter. A red-flag warning for high wildfire hazards was posted across Utah, and Rigby said authorities are expecting winds of more than 20 mph by afternoon. Sheriff’s deputies with bullhorns rolled through Saratoga Springs neighborhoods ordering the first evacuations at about 10 a.m., after flames had burned to within half a mile of homes. By midday, evacuations were expanded to include a portion of nearby Eagle Mountain, just east of Saratoga Springs. –MSNBC
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16 Responses to Nearly 9,000 evacuated as Utah fire explodes

  1. I work about 20 miles from the fire and live about 30 miles from it. All day today at work, the winds carried ashes from the fire, huge black & gray chunks of ash, and it was dropping all over the cars in the parking lot and on me and others as we were outside. At home, no ashes. Just thick smoke and the smell of fire, over taking the Salt Lake Valley. When I left work, only 1400 had been evacuated. By the time I got home, nearly 9000 people have been evacuated. This is just so horrendous and tragic!!


    • John says:

      Stories all over the western regions, and here in Colorado, about objects/meteorites falling from the skies starting these fires. Local media barely covering it though. Any opinions, Alvin?


    • Dianne Ford says:

      oh i am so sorry for everyone who have lost homes and hope that no lives get lost. Please take care and God bless you all!


  2. hvf says:

    The valley is filled with smoke! My son’s family( from Eagle Mountain-mentioned above) is staying with me tonight. I live on the south end of Salt Lake City. The winds are pretty strong.


  3. Wendy Weger says:

    Hi Laura, thank you for posting this in the midst of it all…it must be awful … love and hugs and prayers are with you and others affected by this fire, hang in there..xox


  4. Cody Steawrt says:

    Alvin! I live in West Jordan (about 15 miles north of Saratoga Springs), and this fire today is out of CONTROL!!! The winds here in the valley are so strong, and it is so hot that the water that the helicopters are attempting to douse the fire with is just turning to mist before it can hit the ground. The neighborhoods that the fire is affecting is in an area of the valley, on the west side of Utah Lake, are almost all brand new developments. It’s only been in the last 5 years that the area had really started to pop up. But people here in Salt Lake are freaking out because there have been numerous smaller fires that have been popping up all over the valley. Who knows when one of those small fires will become a massive fire, in a very denesly populated area… We have PERFECT conditions for fires right now… So scary. I’ll keep you posted.


  5. Irene C says:

    Many prayers to you Laura Gifford, hvf, and any others living in this area, including those in Colorado and New Mexico. Fire is the one thing that frightens me.



  6. coleen says:

    And i’m wondering.. The temple? Has it been destroyed?


  7. Columbine says:

    Another very dangerous fire burning on the western edge of Colorado Springs now. 2000+ acres, 0% contained, very low humidity, no houses lost at this time but Manitou Springs is under 100% evacuation.


  8. Well! That’s 4 of us (at least) in the Salt Lake Valley – small world! (But glad to see so many of us are thinking along the same lines.) And thanks, Alvin, for a place for all of us to come together and not only share, but comfort each other. 🙂

    (BTW, love the latest book! Definitely a resource that will go on my permanent bookshelf. )


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