Manam volcano moving towards very violent stage of an eruption

June 5, 2012PAPUA, NGA new series of eruptions have begun on Manam Island off Madang in Papua New Guinea, with warnings to residents to take precautions. The volcano is one of the most active in PNG claiming several lives over the last decade. Vents on the volcano are glowing at nights and explosions in the craters can be heard more than 15 kilometres away. Ima Itakarai, the assistant director of the Rabaul Volcanology Observatory says it’s possibility of a major explosion cannot be ruled out, but it’s not imminent. –Radio Australia
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3 Responses to Manam volcano moving towards very violent stage of an eruption

  1. bazza1959 says:

    More info on this subject as follows.

    stratovolcano 1807 m / 5,928 ft
    Papua New Guinea, -4.08°S / 145.04°E
    Current status: restless (2 out of 5)
    Typical eruption style: Explosive
    Manam volcano eruptions: Aug 2010 – ongoing, 2004 (24 Oct: subplinian eruption) – Dec 2009, Oct 2003 – March 2004, 2003 (May), 2002 (Oct -?), 2002 (Jan-Mar), 2001 (June), 2000 (June), 1974-1999, 1965-66, 1963-64, 1963, 1962, 1961, 1959-60, 1959, 1956-58, 1954, 1953, 1946-47, 1936-39, 1932-34, 1926-28, 1925, 1924?, 1923, 1922, 1920-21, 1919, 1917, 1909-14?, 1907?, 1904, 1904, 1901-02?, 1899, 1887-95, 1885, 1884?, 1887, 1830, 1700, 1643, 1616


  2. Spittin'Cesium says:

    I have just taken a look at the Modis Heat Map for Manam and the signature is rather large and hot, similar to an eruption plume but alas, I cannot see this to definitely say for sure what (if anything different) is occurring at present.

    Hello all by the way, I luv this site you have been running : )


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