Respiratory disease and infections increase due to Mexico’s volcanic activity

May 17, 2012 MEXICO Acute respiratory infections increased by three percent among the inhabitants of the southeastern area of the State of Mexico, who are exposed to ash thrown by the Popocatepetl volcano, said the Ministry of Health. The head of the Department of Epidemiological Surveillance of the Mexico State Health Institute, Hector Resendiz, said the increase in these diseases has occurred in children under eight years old and adults over 60. According to the state agency, residents of Amecameca, Ozumba, Tepetlixpa, Ecatzingo and Atlautla are those who mostly received medical attention after April 21 when volcanic dust began to fall in those municipalities that are closest to Popocatépetl on the Mexico State’s side. Resendiz added that cases of conjunctivitis have also risen, “so far we have counted 348 cases of people who have been in contact with volcanic dust.” On Tuesday, the National Center for Disaster Prevention reported the new increased activity of the volcano, which now is on yellow alert phase three. –Prensa Latina
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11 Responses to Respiratory disease and infections increase due to Mexico’s volcanic activity

  1. I’m afraid we’re next, not vulcanism but smoke from Arizona. Last year we got sick in Northern New Mexico from the forest fires in Arizona. Then our own fires broke out, the largest in state history. Most of us had to evacuate for weeks, but even coming back in three weeks was too soon and I was investigated for intermittent blindness and eye spasm. Other who had stayed to help people, like pastors, got sick even if they’d been very healthy. The chemicals in smoke and in fire retardants are very bad for human beings.
    If I have to evacuate again this year (and Arizona is burning again) I don’t think I can make it. I am scared. We will all die but to have to live poisoned by fire and volcanoes is wretched.


    • elijahsmom3 says:

      For awhile, I lost my feeling of urgency about everything that is happening. But I am scared again also. It upsets me when people on this site say they are not afraid because of their faith. I find that extremely hard to believe. Wasn’t Christ himself so terrified that he sweat droplets of blood in the garden of Gethsemane? It is only human to be afraid of what is happening and what is to come. My heart goes out to you, and I wish you peace.


    • Eduardo says:

      I live in Arizona , and the wild fire is 50 miles away from were I live and our whole town is coverd in the smoke coming from that fire. I hope I don’t get sick from breathing it


  2. Stephen says:

    on the surface of the volcano, literally huge words in ancient hebrew were discovered, that was in March of 2003: in the 9th, the dragon will suddenly give birth. 9 days after, 9 weeks after, and 9 months after, nothing happened. 9 years have passed, the volcano is now showing signs. Some say that there could be something big happening in december this year, aside from the Mayans, the ancient hebrew words could be correctly interpreted as 9 years and 9 months, the dragon will suddenly give birth. By the way, people near the volcano saw unusual lights hovering popocatepetl the night before the hebrew characters were spotted.


    • Phyllis says:

      wow,something to really think about,and what about the mayan prophecy about their winged quezicotyl-spelling?that is supposed to show up about the same time and i was told that was the,some things are so strange now.


  3. Emanni says:

    MRSA superbug spreads from big city hospitals to regional health centers

    MRSA — methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus — first started to appear around fifty years ago following the introduction of antibiotics, to which the bacteria has become increasingly resistant; scientists now find how the superbug spreads among different hospitals


  4. Kei says:

    I live quite close to the volcano myself, no one I know has gotten sick yet but some days the sky is white from all the ash…. I’ve read in some local newspapers that they’re afraid that lava and other more extreme things will be coming from the volcano. Earthquakes are fequent now too. I really think this has something to do with the end times because it talkes about earthquakes and volcanoes a lot…


    • It is about the geological shift the planet is undergoing current and the effects across the planet will only worsen with time. Look for not only more eruptions from the planet’s volcanoes but also for them to be in a perpetual eruptive phase.


      • Rick says:

        Alvin, what do you make of this:

        “Venus transits are significant in Astrology. It is the basis of the Mayan Long Count Calendar. This particular Venus Transit in Gemini – in my mundane analysis – is associated with the quality of the air that mixes with the Earth’s climate and weather – affecting the public health of many nations.It is my forecast that there is a strong potential of air-borne sicknesses ahead in 2012 which stem from the fact that Venus’ tail stretches long enough to touch that of the Earth.

        The plasma sheath of Venus is extremely long. It almost touches the Earth when both planets are at closest approach. Jupiter’s plasma sheath, for instance, has the same kind of relationship with the planet Saturn.

        Venus has an ion-packed tail 45 million km (28 million miles) in length that stretches away from the Sun. Venus’ tail contains about 2.3 Megawebers of flux, much of which closes across the tail.

        The coming Venus Transit across the face of the Sun will occur on June 5-6, 2012 and will be observed throughout most of the world.”



      • You’re right, it has an ion trail. However, it would be buffered by the planet’s magnetosphere so I’m not concerned so it may have more symbolic significance to some than scientific. Venus is a very odd planet and I’ve written a lot about it in The 7th Protocol. There are some areas of concern, but, in my mind, I wouldn’t classify this as one of them.



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