33 Responses to Cold War rhetoric takes dangerous turn: Russia threatens to destroy NATO missile shield if talks continue to stall

  1. Dublintaff says:

    Think I might have said this before “Scary”.


  2. TexasRedNeck says:

    What ? I thought that Russia and America were BFF’s. The American military is training Russians right now on American soil. I have said before, “Russia is NOT a friend to America” or anyone else.


  3. cdkanas says:

    “Our NATO system is neither designed against, nor directed at Russia”

    Who says that? or Better yet, who believes that? The Russians don’t and I can’t blame them. The whole Reagan “Trust, but verify” is over. 2012 is “Don’t trust, and keep it that way”


  4. Joseph t. Repas says:

    Two thoughts entered my mind while reading this…#1 – All of the poor peasants in all these countries including USA that are just trying to survive day by day and # 2 – Does this have anything to do with that whoops! Forgot the mic was on moment with Obama and the Russian leader?


    • TexasRedNeck says:

      Exactly Joseph, when they get caught in a lie it’s always “uh,well,ah,uh,you uh, now uh let me think ah, oh, can you refresh my memory, well now I believe what I really said was uh, it’s entirely possible that I may have “misspoken” regarding what you cleary heard and have documented proof of and 2 billion people saw and heard. “Let me just say this about that”.
      Back in the 80’s when Russia was busy “tearing down their wall” and dismantling their war machine we signed a treaty with them about nuclear warheads.
      WE started to deactivate our nuclear warheads and cut back on the number of Military Officers. After all we were all going to live happily ever after because Russia was now our friend, almost. While our military got rid of our Officers (the leaders), after all who needs leaders if you don’t have followers,right. Well the Russians KEPT their Officers and got rid of “the followers” (the foot soldiers). Anyone that has any amount of intelligence knows that a military, a country or a business cannot survive without A LEADER, it will fail before it gets started.
      Alvin, I’m sorry about the long rant, I’ll understand if you don’t post it, I could’nt help myself.


  5. Adama says:

    Oh how I miss the good ol’days of the Soviet Union making statements like this yet they where just that…statements, nothing more. They will not destroy the missile shield. I am grateful for the good laugh & being able to remember the good ol’ talk tough, doing nothing Soviet Union.


  6. M C says:

    WAIT WAIT WAIT………………………………………………….isnt russia pretty much telling the usa/nato the same thing we are telling iran ???

    “stop deploying that weapon or we’ll be forced to take action”

    i dont see how we’ll get through 2012 without WW3.


    • TexasRedNeck says:

      Not quite MC, Iran only has 1 goal, to wipe the nation of Israel from the face of the earth and slaughter every Jew they can find. Hitler wanted the samething and he butchered 6 million Jews.


      • daveys says:

        Where do you get your information? This has been thoroughly debunked.


      • Beau says:

        Mammoud said,the scourge of Zionism should be erased,not Jews,”Tex”…..
        Come back when you’ve read the facts right.


      • Fern says:

        I agree with you Tex and I find it interestingthat Daveys and Beau claim that he “really didn’t mean wipe out the Jews.” 🙂 After all, the same was said about Hitler. Guys! Get a CLUE!! Do you even KNOW what A’s religion is???? What sect he belongs to??? What they believe?? What HE believes he was born to do??? Guess not, go and continue reading what the liberal media will hand out to you once in a while see??? UUUGGGHHH!!!


      • m c says:

        Actually it is the same message structure.
        We tell iran “no nukes”
        russia is telling us “no missle defense”

        I wasnt going anywhere else with it.
        Its a big game that the fools in charge like to play!

        On the larger picture things look like they are really heating up over there and I have no doubt that world war 3 will break out.


  7. tim says:

    you are absolutely right simon. we have been sold out.


  8. tim says:

    imagine if russia were to launch a first strike against our missile defense. we would have front row seats for WW3. would they really do such a thing?


    • I
      The Munich Agreement

      Neville Chamberlain said Germany wouldn’t turn the world upside down because international pressure was against Germany agression in Europe. The contenious issue then was Czechoslovakia not a missile shield. Chamberlain believed he had secured “peace for our time” after his diplomatic visit and signed peace agreement with Adolf Hitler. He was sadly mistaken. The same month, Czechoslovakia ceased to exist.

      History lesson: The same mad men who create war also sign treaties saying what they will never do.


      • Joseph t. Repas says:

        You are so correct Alvin! Cold wars do not usually explode when the world economy is decent, but when world wide depressions hit then country leaders will gladly go to war and they will gladly sucker in any other leader that feels that war should be avoided at any cost.


      • A
        Angels holding back winds of strife threatening to blow on the world – Revelation 7:1,3

        God is ultimately in control and constraining the events in this world until His servants are sealed in their foreheads but we are warned “there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that time.” Daniel 12:1. Soon events will burst upon the world to the like, which there is no precedent.


      • AWM says:

        I remember History Channel showing the footage of that idiot Chamberlain waving that paper around like it meant something!
        The Cold War never ended and Russia’s statements are just more proof of that fact. And the US government is so penetrated by the Marxist/Communists that we are training their forces how to take over right here, on our dime!

        One of the highest ranking Soviet defectors warned of a time when the government would be so compromised we would not even be able to drill for our own oil.


  9. palawanbob says:

    “…anti-missile system designed by the U.S. to protect European allies against attack from states such as Iran…”

    If one would be in primary school this would sound credible.
    The authorities certainly think that collectively, WE ARE at that level.


  10. Dennis E. says:

    The Russians are paranoid it seems regarding a seen encroachment on their borders and I can’t blame them regarding the events in World War II
    and post-world war, the cold war. I believe the warsaw pact treaty came about after the formation of Nato. The cuban missile crisis was a result of the deployment of nato wmd’s in Turkey I believe or another Nato country (not Germany).
    On the other hand, an anti-missile shield is a thorn in their flesh and at one time, the USA had 2 anti-missile defense systems, the sprint, a short range missile and the spartan the longer range missile, 60’s or so.
    MADD came about because of the anti-missile defense capabilities
    and the usa was suckered into it in my opinion.
    But, the Radar that Bush wanted deployed in Poland was a stab in the Russian face, it would keep an eye on them and serve as an early warning.
    It was over this issue that obama and the Russian president were caught over an open mike saying after the elections he would have more fexibility.
    So, also, this could be smoke.
    Those missiles displayed on this posting are US made Hawk short/medium range anti aircraft missiles. The patriot missiles replaced them a while back.
    Just my opinion…………..


  11. So did Nazi Germany. Old men in uniforms set the war policy for the world because they don’t have to fight the wars. They have military-grade bunkers to retreat to at the end of the day when we’re still on the internet discussing what will and won’t happen.


  12. TexasRedNeck says:

    Soon Russia WILL go to war, when God “puts hooks in their jaws” and drags them down to Israel.
    When war breaks out between Israel and Iran the Russians will be all too eagar to go to war.


  13. Artoro says:

    Antimissile systems have never made sense to me. It’s not like if Russia fires a missile at the USA, then we fire an antimissile that sucks it into a vacuumed compartment to contain it and carry it out of harms way. No, it blows up right wear its hit (wherever that would be) and it falls to Earth harming more places than if it had made it to its destination. Then the process continues back and forth until even places that had no involvement gets destroyed as well. We all just might as well save the money used for antimissile defense systems and buy more bombs.


  14. TexasRedNeck says:

    They ALL start out cold, it’s not what they have to loose, it’s what they have to GAIN.


    • niebo says:

      Their GAIN is the world, more power, more land, more gold, because they trust in creation rather than the Creator.

      And though they do not fight the wars, they WILL bleed; their bunkers will not save them. THEY do not want peace, prefer swords to plough shares, and the trouble coming is not for us but for them, the destroyers of the world. Though we bleed, become maimed, hopeless, or dead, our end is not to destruction. But theirs…oh, boy.


  15. Travis says:

    How dare the US try and build a missile system that could shoot down Russian Missliles.


  16. Mike says:

    We have been sold out a long time ago.. Most of Us american’s are to damn lazy or blind to see it.


  17. Granny Bear says:

    Is there a link to the May 1 ex. order? International Law and/or regulation for the US? UN small arms proposals? population control? reparations or what?


  18. Keeper says:

    And yet were bringing their special forces here to train with our spec forces for riot control and unrest exercises …well look at that….in the Chicago area…well lookie lookie…at the same time as the NATO summit? And they will assist our law enforcement in road closure directives…..

    They threaten us, while they plan on training with us at a martial law test summit……..

    I can say, people are ignorant


  19. Gordian Knot says:

    To Granny Bear & Keeper,

    This Executive Order was quietly signed in May 2012. The E.O. doesn’t state ‘population control or armed proposal’, it is in ‘how’ it is worded that goes against the U.S. Constitution e.g., it’s in absolute violation of the Constitution for the United States to legislate our law outside of our borders essentially granting other governments the ability to work within our borders on several levels. Remember, they’re not working in the best interest of the American people, but solely what works best for them, the government.


    When you read this E.O.be sure to cover the Constitution to better understand ‘international regulatory cooperation. I believe many will dismiss this E.O. if it doesn’t have an immediate impact on their lives as they go about their daily business.

    Keeper, I maybe misinterpreting your original post, but IIRC small foreign groups train (considered allies) with U.S. special forces whether their in the U.S. or not. I found it odd to witness different (not many) uniforms amongst our U.S. special forces during graduation ceremonies as these newly trained foreign small groups would return to their hosted countries to eventually become leaders in the chain-of-command albeit public or private service.


    • Keeper says:

      Your correct with cross ally training, but amidst all the Russian US tension, the unprecedented first time traing on our soil during crucial times, especially with them hawking to the un and NATO.

      It’s like inviting the neighborhood thug that threatens your kid, over to help babysit said kid…


  20. frontstoreguyallthewayfromthefrontstore says:

    NATO is long over due for a good slap in the face…I hope it don’t come down to destruction and people dyeing, but Russia has every right to defend herself, and the U.S. needs to get home, and out of everyone’s backyard.


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