5.7 magnitude earthquake shakes buildings in Mexico City

May 1, 2012MEXICOAn earthquake 130 miles away shook Mexico City on Tuesday but officials had no reports of damage in the capital. Traffic and street life continued as normal moments after the tremor that hit on a public holiday, witnesses said. “I’ve lived through plenty of earthquakes. But I didn’t feel that one,” said Elias Munoz, 70, who runs a kiosk in Mexico City’s central Roma. The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake that hit the central state of Michoacan had a magnitude of 5.7 and was recorded at a depth of 48 miles. The epicenter was 128 miles southwest of the Mexican capital. Fausto Vallejo, governor of Michoacan, said on his Twitter account there were no reports of damage in the state. Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard, tweeted that there were no reports of damage there. Mexico has felt several strong earthquakes in recent weeks such as a 7.4 magnitude tremor in late March, without serious damage. –Reuters
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13 Responses to 5.7 magnitude earthquake shakes buildings in Mexico City

  1. Mauricio says:


    I’m truly familiar with this kind of blogs and information but it’s fair to say that I’m impressed with the good work you’re doing here. You’re objective, inclusive and always updated.

    Congratulations and keep on going. I’ve been following you around for a couple of months or so but this is the first time I comment.

    I live in Mexico City, by the way.

    Best wishes for you.


  2. nanoduck says:

    When I checked the earthquakes this morning on USGS site, there was a 4.0 earthquake in Wyoming, near the Yellowstone area. Then when I checked again, they had removed it as if there was no earthquake in that area. Strange.


  3. Gordian Knot says:

    ANF records 4.7m near Vancouver Island and 6.3m near coast of Chiapas, Mexico.


  4. Dublintaff says:

    Seems as though activity is picking up again. Looks as though it is getting closer to the volcano?


  5. LM says:

    Hi Alvin, any info on yesterday’s swarm in Indonesia? I couldn’t find info or news.

    5.1, 2012/04/30 21:40:39, 3.315, 92.965, 9.9, OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA
    5.0, 2012/04/30 20:17:45, -29.637, -176.170, 36.7, KERMADEC ISLANDS REGION
    5.1, 2012/04/30 19:15:27, -20.800, -175.708, 35.0, TONGA
    5.0, 2012/04/30 19:12:50, 3.657, 127.392, 35.4, KEPULAUAN TALAUD, INDONESIA
    5.1, 2012/04/30 18:20:08, 17.201, 147.669, 40.0, MARIANA ISLANDS REGION
    5.6, 2012/04/30 18:11:45, -5.757, 128.562, 368.7, BANDA SEA
    5.1, 2012/04/30 16:56:44, -8.368, 105.403, 32.9, SOUTH OF JAVA, INDONESIA
    5.4, 2012/04/30 13:06:59, 14.431, 93.360, 35.7, ANDAMAN ISLANDS, INDIA REGION
    5.7, 2012/04/30 08:00:10, 1.759, 89.575, 10.0, NORTH INDIAN OCEAN
    4.6, 2012/04/30 06:03:36, -7.589, 127.470, 144.5, KEPULAUAN BARAT DAYA, INDONESIA


    • Only this, from the seismic tension building, it looks like another large earthquake could possibly to hit the Ring of Fire in the next 48 to 72 hours. Indonesia is on the front-line of these changes, there’s no question. The seismic and volcanic unrest is testament of that. We all need to remain alert.


  6. Gordian Knot says:

    Wow. I don’t know what to think of these coordinates because they are all over the pace, but I’ll post them regardless. Use the coordinates (here 41.858ºN 109.649ºW) and below on Google Earth, then scroll to the left until you the contrast of white and brown earth, there you’ll see a lot of fracking wells, apparatuses and storage containers for natural gas. The earth is pock-marked with these ‘wells’ and I am a bit confused to what is manmade or natural . . . you decide.

    4.5 Wyoming @ 44.097°N, 105.285°W 4.5
    Date-Time Tuesday, May 01, 2012 at 17:11:17 UTC
    Tuesday, May 01, 2012 at 11:11:17 AM at epicenter
    Location 44.097°N, 105.285°W
    Depth 0 km (~0 mile) (poorly constrained)
    Region WYOMING
    Location Uncertainty horizontal +/- 14.2 km (8.8 miles); depth +/- 2.9 km (1.8 miles)  Magnitude: USGS NEIC (WDCS-D) Location: USGS NEIC (WDCS


    • Columbine says:

      There are thousands of wells in Wyoming. Gas, oil and even water! This has been true for many years – we have traveled through Wyoming on a number of occasions since the early 1980’s and noted even then that there were a lot of wells in many areas. Now – they’re also killing the birds and ruining the view with those horrible windmills. I hate those things and they are popping up everywhere!!


  7. Rob says:

    What do you think about the recent upswing in quake activity on the Cascadia Subduction Zone, specificaly at near the Northernmost end off of Vancouver Island &, though much smaller, the quakes in the Straight of Juan de Fuca, another not-so-good-sign of the tremendous pressure being exerted on the Pacific Northwest? Though I currently live in Texas I grew up in the PNW & still keep tabs on the area as I have Friends & Family that still live in the Seattle area & know that the Cascadia Subduction Zone is due, if not overdue, for a megathrust earthquake & it will not be pretty, Pacific wide, when She lets loose 😐 Growing up there was talk of a high 9 or even 10. mag quake anticipated there so I thought I’d ask your thoughts on it. Thank You forall you do & keep up the great work!


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