Underwater volcano activity resumes at Greece’s infamous Santorini volcano basin

April 17, 2012GREECESantorini’s volcanic basin is showing signs of resumed volcanic activity. According to researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology, satellite research tools suggest that a build-up of some 14m cubic meters of lava at a depth of 5km took place between September and January last. Widely touted by academics as the cause of the Minoan civilization’s obliteration, what is left of the volcano – a small archipelago – last witnessed significant geological activity in January of 2011. Having published his findings in the latest issue of Geophysical Research Letters, the Institute’s Andrew Newman says “our research shows that the lava build-up is accelerating,” suggesting that even though the build-up may not indicate an imminent eruption, it may cause minor volcanic events, including ash fall-out, landslides and even tsunami type phenomena. –AGI.it
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6 Responses to Underwater volcano activity resumes at Greece’s infamous Santorini volcano basin

  1. Columbine says:

    The last several days I’ve been watching the quakes along the fault line that runs across Turkey, out into the Med and then west past Greece and up into Italy. I wonder if all of the activity on the fault is having an effect on Santorini – or if what’s going on under Santorini is causing the fault to move. There have been a lot of quakes in Turkey over the past few days, with at least one over 4.5. One of these days it’s going to be a big one in or near Istanbul. The focus tends to be on the Ring of Fire, but this Med area is quite dangerous, too.


  2. K says:

    And Greece has been having more earthquakes lately. Even though it seems every place is being affected by some small tremor. Also sidenote on nightly news tonight they actually talked about Earthquakes mainly about California and the last 7 days of Earthquakes there and also talked about can it handle a big one.


  3. Dr. Brian says:

    One has to wonder, if any of the ocean temperature readings on which the global warming scare were based were actually accurate and not fabricated, whether any recorded rises were actually due to increased volcanism of the sea bed, not from warming in the atmosphere.


  4. Gail K says:

    Hi Alvin, I found this page recently and found it well worth reading. Have you seen it? I didn’t know about this!


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