7 Responses to Economic 21st century civilization unravel: Latvia goes from boom to bust

  1. viedoklis.lv says:

    I’m from Latvia and I can say that RT’s is exaggerates situation in Latvia – of course some has left country but also our number has decreased due to lack of child birth – same problem in Germany and other EU countries where death increases birth.
    And that scene where is shown slum and base on it whole country – that’s either stupid or propaganda.

    We have very strong culture, tradition roots in us and that will always keep us strong. Search in

    And we have our own way of living in harmony of nature: http://www.lituanus.org/1987/87_3_06.htm
    This RT material is Russian propaganda – Russia can’t coup with the fact that we get free from their Occupation.

    And yes our positions are puppets of U.S. and EU – but that doesn’t make Russia good guys.


    • Thanks for telling us your story.

      Best of luck


    • PvMikhail says:

      don’t have to try this hard to boost the image of your country… reflex to reflect an apparent inferiority complex. RT doesn’t need to exaggerate anything, because official data form “latvjas statistika” tells all about the situation
      nice try, your seem to be a patriot – no doubt here, but the reality is: latvia has been celebrated as a success story for years, even after the crisis on ideological grounds, but in reality this had brutal social price and the country is in danger. your politicians are corrupt and stupid, full of propaganda, just to quote you… unemployment still hovers around 18%, this is the main reason of mass-exodus from baltic states, which has nothing to do with krievi propaganda…
      go and vote visu latvijai & co., treating 30% of your population like enemies will surely solve the economic and social problems of latvia, because all these problems are caused by an evil conspiracy of aliens and russkies against latvia to turn it into sovokland

      latvia should do one thing to be a successful country: grow up and take responsibility for your own mistakes instead of blaming them on foreigners. after 20 years of independence it might be believeable, but what will happen after 50 years? in 2030: “we had the worst GDP slump and unemployment indicators in EU, but it is not our fault… you know 50 years ago the occupation…” everybody will be like Rolling On Floor Laughing


      • Viedoklis says:

        Never wrote a sentence about blaming foreign or as you said by your own words – russkies – for our economic problems – but you, Mikhail, are good example how Russians like to lie about Latvia and Latvians.
        And by the way high unemployment not only are high in Latvia region named Latgale where is most of the Russians that live in Latvia (that is saying about their nature) – but also high unemployment rates are in whole world: U.S., Spain, Italy, etc. It’s nothing special about it.
        Of course we have bad times as others but we are not complaining and rioting – we are fixing our mistakes and now we have reached the level where we can talk about lowering our tax rates because we have good economic growth again.
        But showing only geto houses and say that it’s what Latvia represents is simply a propaganda. I can understand that you are angry about truth – it’s ok.


  2. social deterioration is now a worldwide blight. coupled with massive ecological devastation and constant economic upheaval the future does not bode well for anyone….with the ever widening proliferation of war into every country, social deterioration will only worsen and worsen


  3. Viedoklis says:

    And here is the graph that shows how we suffered during world economic crises and how now we are managed to recover from it.


  4. Viedoklis says:

    As more I look at the facts the more material pop’s up showing the nature of Russians & how Mihail likes to lie about Latvia. Fact is that Latvian unemployment rate is around 11% http://www.nva.gov.lv/index.php?cid=&mid=2&txt=2638
    20% is only Latgale and as I wrote before that is the region where is most of the Russians.

    “In their social structure Russians differed from most other nationalities in Latvia. The largest social group among them were peasants (54%), and they made up the majority of Russians in Latgale.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russians_in_Latvia


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