6 Responses to Patent awarded for ‘behavioral recognition’ surveillance software system

  1. Robert Finnagan says:

    Large corporations have been using technology such as this for at least the last 10 years (I have worked with programmers who have helped write most of it) in order to track “slip and fall” incidents and make real-time determinations if they are fraudulent, notify teams of attorneys and even automatically email or notify store managers authorization to cut a check on the spot (Home Depot and WalMart both have this technology in place). The fact that local, state and federal governments are starting to use this technology is no suprise now, typically they follow in our corporate footsteps on trends that they may find “usefull”.


  2. remnant13 says:

    I’m just ticked that the machines are aware that we are aware that they are aware of their awareness. HAL – open the pod-bay doors – PLEASE~!?~!?


  3. Debora says:

    While I appreciate your blog and posts, It would be enormously helpful if you would post legitimate news sources for these articles rather than someone else’s blog. While I realize that “normal” or “legitimate” news sources are often specious, so are blogs… I am very careful about what I propagate on the web and I believe you are upright in your postings, but since I don’t know the source of this other person from whom you reposted this and that person provides no other sources except other bloggers, I have a hard time forwarding this on to other people and forums.

    I’m not trying to be difficult here, I do appreciate what you do her.



  4. Emanni says:

    FBI begins installation of $1 billion face recognition system across America

    Birthmarks, be damned: the FBI has officially started rolling out a state-of-the-art face recognition project that will assist in their effort to accumulate and archive information about each and every American at a cost of a billion dollars.

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation has reached a milestone in the development of their Next Generation Identification (NGI) program and is now implementing the intelligence database in unidentified locales across the country, New Scientist reports in an article this week.


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