7 Responses to U.S. military unveils non-lethal heat ray weapon

  1. they said tasers were non lethal too……


  2. Lorne says:

    This will be a Great Weapon to use against its own USA citizens. Usa goverment must feel the need to controll its own citizens in the future.


  3. Tammy Yuth says:

    I just don’t and will NEVER believe the military! Logically this can’t be non lethal……skin cancer is lethal!


  4. Thera says:

    Absolutely, unbelievable!!!

    But then again I suppose not – Lucifer will go to any lengths to gain access to the human soul and He plans to pull out all the stops. May the Lord have mercy and help those of us who are in need of help.


  5. Gordon Muma says:

    Were these weapons developed to fight terrorism,,,,,,, or the peaceful activists fighting for a better and more just future?


  6. Carol says:

    I find it interesting that most of these “new” weapons and devices that are coming out were mentioned in the Left Behind Series, written roughly 8-17 years ago… I always say if one can dream it, it can be done. Which came first, the concepts from our writers or the developers of the devices?


  7. Patty says:

    I’m not worried. We should let the plans either leak out (very exciting) or sell it quickly to the Chinese so that they can replicate zillions of these lovely little chicken cookers. Nations already have lasers, tasers, drones, zappers, and such; not to mention nukes and bombs galore. When will these geniuses remember flowers, butterflies, wheat fields and that God is watching from Heaven at what they are doing to break His Second Greatest Commandment? Is this machine just a little additional diadem for sadistic human tortures? What human being would agree to use one of these things? This cannot be for self defense. When will we get sick of this stuff? The “Circus” during the Roman Amphitheatre could never top the ultimate “fun” humans will have with this machine.


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