18 Responses to Wyoming state legislators prepare for what amounts to ‘doomsday’

  1. adam says:

    I get the strike aircraft and standing army. Could someone educate me on my lack of detailed Wyoming geography and tell me how the aircraft carrier would be functional?


  2. Gail says:

    COOL. Maybe I should move to Wyoming. They have commonsense!!!


    • mikayla says:

      …except wait a minute. Didn’t the University Prof say ….”University of Wyoming political science professor Jim King said the potential for a complete unraveling of the U.S. government and economy is “astronomically remote” in the foreseeable future.”

      It seems to me we have all been firsthand witnesses of a major US unraveling!! Just pick up any newspaper. So what kind of insane comment was that anyway??


  3. adam says:

    And furthermore I believe all states should come up with these plans. If this is successful and implemented a move to Wyoming may be in my family’s future.


  4. Interesting move on Wyoming’s part. If I am not mistaken, being that National Guard are state forces, I believe the Statehas control to take them over in a state or national emergency and use them for defense.


  5. kim says:

    Didn’t think about the “carrier” thing until I posted..opps. I don’t understand the purpose of that, I am wondering if they are thinking there is going to be a huge amount of water somewhere or maybe the article was misquoted . Are they anticipating the ocean to border Wyoming?

    God bless/Peace.


  6. Dianne Ford says:

    I believe that every state should have a plan like Wyoming is getting into place. At least one state has some smart people in their government.


  7. franzkarl says:

    The facts are this ten trillion dollars is held by foreigners and foreign governments. What happens when they send it home? They are in the planning of that now. See what the buying is of gold by foreign governments. They are spending American paper on it. Remember its only paper.. actually cotton paper.


  8. PAUL 2012 says:

    O M G!


  9. SouthRoad says:


    The Aircraft carrier would be used to patrol the border of Wyoming. Why is that hard to understand ?


  10. Ann says:

    I lived in Wyoming for 3 years. The people there had a something of an unspoken rule of “take care of your own, because there may not be anyone to help you”


  11. anxious avatar says:

    China is making a new Stealth Craft that is amphibious-travels on land- and can launch aircraft- an aircraft carrier- and fold up waterproof and submerge as a submarine. I am sure Wyoming sees the writing on the wall as our Federal government is more pre-occupied working for our enemies.It is thus for the state itself to preserve the Constitution and the conservative Bible beliefs that this nation was founded upon and is still the majority thus far by the way–contrary to liberal media propaganda- and Wyoming is the most conservative state in the union. Sarah Palin’s Alaska is not-it is Democrat welfare polluted and too close to the Chinese Dragon and Russian Bear for my comfort. Alaskans need 90% of the U.S.-ICBM arsenal right there to initiate a first strike.And more underground super bunker towns-for the rich -are being built now than during the Cold War-so what do they -the super rich -see March Forbes Super Rich 1000 magazine-know we peasants do not?We -the U.S.A.-destroyed our biggest bombs and biggest nuclear missiles.Russia and China are making the world’s largest nuclear bombs and missiles and underground bunkers that can take multiple direct hits and also as many as they can as fast as they can with new nuke submarines and stealth bomber-fighters as good as ours-if not better.Will FOX or CNN tell you this? Is it the truth? Go Google and see for yourself.Russian papers brag daily about it. And, the rich are buying up land around the world that is over top of the best lakes and underground water aquifers–for their “Blue-Blood” families to survive up coming cosmic calamities!!!!


  12. LEE COCHRAN says:

    GREAT IDEAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TENNESSEE NEEDS TO DO THE SAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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