23 Responses to Iran warns of the collapse of the Jewish state if it mounts an attack

  1. What to say?
    To start a war, to prevent a war, sounds very silly.
    “U.S. intelligence agencies don’t believe Iran is actively trying to build an atomic bomb.
    A highly classified U.S. intelligence assessment circulated to policymakers early last year largely affirms that view, originally made in 2007. Both reports, known as national intelligence estimates, conclude that Tehran halted efforts to develop and build a nuclear warhead in 2003.” http://articles.latimes.com/2012/feb/23/world/la-fg-iran-intel-20120224
    May peace prevail on earth.


    • Amy says:

      I certainly respect your response and view, however, we need to keep in mind that our intelligence is not always correct; especially when it comes to Iran. The reports you refered to a a few years old and may not apply anymore.
      I completely agree that starting a war to prevent a war is very silly and I do not want to see it happen. But what I believe is the scariest part of this situation is many top Iranian officials have publically announced that they can and will wipe Israel of the map/earth. What, if by chance U.S. intelligence is wrong and Iran does have a nuclear weapon? (I also think they might even have a dirty bomb bought from North Korea or another country) The heart of Iran is ran by extreme religious leaders and I feel that they are crazy enough to use a nuclear weapon (although, I do think it would be used as a very last resort). Iran sees the world much different than the west and it’s allies. Iran lives by their religion, not by government.
      I am not trying to undermind your oppinion or say you are wrong; I am only curious to hear your feelings about my therory 🙂


      • GM Richards says:

        Amy, your comments about many top Iranian officials wanting to wipe Israel off the map are propaganda. This idea comes from a complete mistranslation of an ahmadinejad quote. Please google ‘what Ahmadinejad really said’. Please remember that mainstream western media sources don’t always tell the truth.
        Then please search youtube for retired US General Wesley Clark who was informed of the intention to attack Iran, among others, well before 2007.


  2. Dennis E. says:

    it just doesn’t make sense to show your hand in a case such as this?
    In just my personal observation, I believe an airstrike from israel is just out of the question now.
    Or they they are just lulling Iran into complacency with all the talk.
    Whatever the reason, this is a very dangerous chess game someone is playing.
    Iran has to know that if they launch a nuclear weapon at Israel, they will respond in kind.
    It seems to me that the threat facing israel is more than they can handle.


    • I

      Or psychologically provoking Iran into a pre-emptive strike so Israel will anihilate the country and it will not hesitate to do so. One of these country’s survival is doubtful at best beyond this crisis and in the meantime, the lives of 200 million people in the Middle East hangs in the balance. People should know what’s at stake here with this crisis and how serious it is. This may start off with a conventional response but it, more than likely, will escalate into something far deadlier involving chemical, biological or nuclear weapons. Israel is not going to allow Iran to send a volley of rockets into its territory and a long-term war between the two countries is logistically impractical. If Iran has peaceful intentions with its nuclear program, there would be no clear reasons for denying UN inspectors assess to sensitive sites or stepping up uranium enrichment plans when the country is sitting on the largest natural gas reserves, besides Russia, in the world. We are in very dangerous times and a dark cloud is moving over the entire world.

      Conflict will pull U.S. into a new war warns observers: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2012/02/25/israeli-attack-on-iran-could-pull-us-into-new-war/


  3. John Hollis says:

    For God’s sake, what possible reason would America have to “back up” an Israeli attack, and risk the involvement of Russia / China on the Iranian’s side? Oh yeah, I almost forgot – politics and the Israeli many-handed strangle hold they have on the government and banks here. … Votes for global death – yep – as American as Apple Pie, seems like these days. …


  4. abbagabba says:

    The USA (plus all other war dogs) have had nuclear weapons for well over half a century. The purpose of such weapons is to intimidate your enemy into submission with the ultimate threat of extinction by nuclear holocaust – right?. We all know you can only make loud barking noises for so long before someone(s) calls your bluff, forcing you to either put up or shut up?. Thats the position USA finds itself in and now the big old grizzly US dog is hoarse from all the barking. It doesn’t want to really have to fight and bite because it knows the other dogs are younger,madder and badder (is there such a word?) than itself and it can’t back down because it will get savaged if it does!!.
    What to do?? – well you usually have to put down mad dogs especially if their running around threatening to bit others. So far we have got Israel threatening to bite Iran and visa versa along with China, Russia, North Korea (don’t forget them they really ARE mad) and other assorted war mongers. It is inevitable that there will be one almighty dogfight will blood and guts everywhere, there will be no real winners just unneutered roaming exremely svaage mad dogs on the loose.
    Your choice is to stay and hope that you don’t get eaten or you can sek new lands where peace reigns supreme (look south hemisphere) – leave them to it, eventually they will starve and become weak.
    It doesn’t matter whether Iran has nuclear bombs or not, you can only blow up the World once to make it unlivable eh?
    Good luck


  5. Big deal so What ? Iran dont want to let some UN busybodies inspect their property. Does the US let the busybodies inspect area 51? The US would be better off to cut ties with Israel. There have been troubles in that part of the world since biblical times. The US involvement will not change anything and is likely to cost american soldiers lives.


  6. Larry says:


    Hi you guys and of course our friend Alvin,I was reading the GUARDIAN today Saturday the 25th of February.It mentions that in a few weeks IRAN will have enough enrichment for four nuclear warheads.The worlds media including the US all concede that IRAN will soon have just one weapon but it seems such is not the case.Four nuclear warheads is quite something and makes the world a more dangerous place than previously thought.Funny how the inspectors just put their hands up in the air and are asked leave just like naughty schoolboys when they ask awkward questions about the possibilty of viewing their facilities.Farcical really,don’t you think.This link is not a Guardian link but on the same par anyway.

    Kind Regards to you all from the UK



  7. Implosion says:

    There will be no nuclear war, the aliens will not allowe it!


    • Seems a little late in the game. My question is where were they during every other disaster and war in Earth’s history and why didn’t they stop the atomic bombs from being dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, or why didn’t they halt the atmospheric nuclear tests in 1950’s and 60’s when the U.S. and Russia was cooking the atmosphere with hydrogen bombs during the Cold War?

      The only person that has any ‘moral right’ to stop it is the person who created the planet and if we say there is no “God,” then it’s nobody’s business what goes on Earth and no one has the right to intervene.


  8. Dennis E. says:

    Then having read many of the postings regarding the war of words between Iran and Israel and really the world and no action having been taken, we must conclude that there is at this time, a
    divine intervention………….. A divine protection?
    It is a question that must considered.
    Looking at this in a biblical perspective…………….
    We do know that Iran (Persia), that is those who follow prophecy, is a major player in a forthcoming land invasion of Israel along with Arab allies to include Libya and Ethopia.
    If you take in account the results of the so-called “Arab Spring” there seems to be a puzzle coming together. These new goverments are hostile to Israel. So, when the puzzle is completed, then will the divine protection be lifted and everything we’ve discussed and read in the media come to pass? Something to think about………………….


    • Mr. Chopsticks says:

      Dennis, The Ottoman Empire was the last empire in the Middle East. According to Revelation, this is the reviving empire in the last days. Islamic Caliphate is nothing more than the reviving of the Ottoman Empire who will go against the nation Israel for the last show down between Allah and the God of Israel. What I’m waiting to see is the Psalm 83 fulfillment which is formalizing through the Arab Spring. This is coming together perfectly as we see events unfold in that regent.

      Iran is a different , it will not be involved in Psalm 83 war but in the later war according to Ezekiel. But I think that Israel will strike a blow to their nuclear facilitly at Busher(?) and sent people living in that area into the four corners of the world. I learned this from listening to prophecy update today and from John Mcternan Insights. So it is a good probability that Israel will carry through with their intent.


  9. Mr. Chopsticks says:

    I found this saying very on point, ” the destiny of men is depended upon what Israel does.”
    “God brings calamities upon nations soley for Israel’s sake”. Curse Israel and you will be cursed!


  10. Elizabeth says:

    Have you guys seen the statement Iran made yesterday, regarding the korans that were accidently burned at the Bagram military base? A senior Iranian official said publically that the US burned them on purpose, that we hated all muslims and that we were intentionally trying to defile their holy book. He called for retaliation anywhere in the world against Americans and Jews (even though no Isrealis had anything to do with the burning). The korans had actually been written in, they were being used by prisoners in Bagram military prison to pass messages back and forth, that’s why they were pulled in the first place. They were already desecrated; someone needs to explain the word hippocrit to them. Anyway, while I do think both the American and Isreali leaders have been beating the war drums, if Iran truly wanted to just have a peaceful nuclear program, they would not be running their mouths constantly about wiping Isreal off the map and defeating the ‘Great Satan’, ie the United States. I am getting pretty sick of the constant rhetoric from all sides, it’s been making my head spin and it’s keeping the general public in a state of tension. I do have some criticisms for how both American and Isreali leaders handle their foreign policies regarding the Middle East, but I am quickly getting sick and tired of hearing Iran make flat out racist, zealot remarks, and the hate they have for anyone not like them is quite tiresome. Their (Iran’s) media does not publish comments that are not offically approved, so it’s senior officials saying this crap, and some of the comments are from Ahmadinejad himself.

    While Iran and Pakistan’s officals have weighed in on the accidental burning of the korans, in Afganistan where it happened, the people are rioting and calling for the death of all foreigners in the country, and America and Isreal in general (again, Isreal didn’t even have anything to do with the incident, but these people do not need a reason to hate, they just use any reason they find to claim they are being persecuted). Now, when I say ‘these people’, I am referring to extremist muslims who support violent acts against others, and the leaders and officials of countries like Iran, Pakistan, and the Taliban leaders in Afganistan. I do know there are some truly nice, open minded muslims; I have known a few here in the US, and they were very nice people. They had no desire to see violence and war, they just wanted to live their lives in peace. However, there are many, many zealots who have been rioting like rabid animals the last few days, and I have had any empathy I had for them ripped out of me. I used to feel some empathy for those people; while I found their violent acts reprehensible, I understood that they are living under the oppression of tyrants, their countries are torn apart by war and terrorism, and they are watching civilians get killed daily. However, that empathy has been shattered by the hatred, violence, self rightousness, and irrational zealotry that has erupted because some korans that had ALREADY BEEN DEFACED were ACCIDENTLY burned with trash. Obama even apologized immediately, and while I do not think it’s right to burn anyone’s holy books, it was an accident. I have watched these people burn American flags by the hundreds for years, and we are expected to not care, to ignore their displays of intentionally defacing OUR emblems; we don’t riot in the streets and kill muslims in the US when it happens, do we?

    I have no desire to see us go to war with Iran, and not because I have love for Iran, I don’t. I find it to be a sexist, barbaric society that abuses the citizens (except those many citizens who use that system to commit their own abuses on each other), has the nerve to deny the holocaust (how can you deny it when there is ample evidence, even photos and video), and are flat out racist against Isreal and flat out predijudiced against the US. What I don’t want to see is the death of US soldiers because of zealots, plus we can’t afford another war, and I do not want to see even further economic depression in the US. We have been very fortunate in that, with the exception of Pearl Harbor and 9/11, all the wars of the last century have been fought on foreign shores, however I do not think we will be so lucky forever. Eventually, we will see either more attacks or even bombings on our mainland (I think it would take an army bigger than even China’s to invade us), and we will likely see the deaths of our citizens both here and abroad. I think it could be inevitable that we will go to war with Iran, I just wish all this would calm down. I wish that Iran would stop running it’s mouth, and that the US and Isreal would strive to handle things without a war (I know it seems like we are doing that, but we are still beating those drums, in our media and by our politician’s speeches). I am sick of the extremists in not only Iran, but many middle eastern countries who spend so much time judging the rest of the world, they are unable to stop and look at themselves, and see how hippocritical and hateful they are. Ahmadinejad has actually said that a war with Isreal and the US would usher in Islam’s own end days/returning messiah prophecy, and that they should act to bring it about. The muslims who believe that violence against non-muslims is their God’s will also believe that if they die in a battle against non-muslims (especially jews and christians, which to them means ALL of both Isreal and the US) it will ensure their place in their paradise. Therefore, the deterrent of mutually assured destruction will not work with Iran, if it’s leaders believe they would be doing their citizens the highest honor and favor by letting them die in conflict with us (or they will claim that belief to fool their citizens, and in reality they just don’t care how many of their people die).

    I really try to keep an open mind, I seek to learn about other cultures and other belief systems, and I consider myself a worldy person. I strive to be compassionate, rational, non-judgemental and to be accepting of other people’s cultures. That being said, I am quickly losing my compassion for the people of some of these islamic countries, especially after the last couple of days of riots and nasty remarks from Iranian/Paki/Afgan officials. I am sick of hearing them, and a huge number of the citizens, calling for our death and calling us the equivalent of evil, while they, self-rightiously and without remorse, commit acts that truly are evil. I do know there are peaceful muslims out there, but I’m sick of seeing us apologize to and placate the people who need barely a reason to call for our death, and who riot and kill whether we apologize or not, whether we placate them (and boy, do we ever) or not. I’m sick of it, I’m sick of them, and I am sick of seeing people who will never accept either the United States OR Isreal to exist as they commit atrocities in their own countries and around the world that make them absolute bigots.

    Sorry for my rant, folks. I have become so angered in the last few days over the riots and official remarks coming from Afgan/Paki/Iran, and it’s just made my blood boil, so I had to get all of that off my chest.


    • Elizabeth, after reading your comment I was reading the Bible “Sermon of the mount”. This helps me to cool down and find peace in myself for the moment. I need this for myself. If I am not peaceful, how can I expect the world to be peaceful?


    • son of man says:

      If you really seek to learn and want to understand, try reading globalresearch.ca I find it useful for properly researched and more balanced reporting and I no longer read/watch the general Media/Propaganda. I like this site too, but I get disapointed when I see articles that have come from sources like Fox news, The Guardian, NYTimes etc etc. It should be obvious by now that the same groups that own the media, aslo make the weapons, choose the government, run the UN……and it goes on!
      Any way keep reading and learning….while the internet is still relatively free.
      and keep up the good work Alvin. Peace Bruv.


    • Donald Price says:

      I agree brother. Thanks for printing it like it is. There are thousands of non-muslums
      who think the way you do. Unfortunately the minority is ruling the is ruling the majority
      and until the judges and government grow some@@%& we will go down to slaughter.


  11. Larry Fairall says:

    Sounds like terrorist suicide bombing. : http://www.wnd.com/2012/02/iran-prepares-for-kamikaze-attacks/
    Peace be with us


  12. Thera says:

    Are these are the beginning of birth pains?

    The Bible talks about a time of wars and rumors of wars.

    Mark 13:7
    When you hear of wars and rumors of wars, do not be alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come.

    Mark 13:8
    Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be earthquakes in various places, and famines.

    Are these the end times?

    Are we living in the last days?

    Is Armageddon just around the corner?


  13. radiogirl says:

    Thank you Larry for this post.The radical islamist have been preaching this as far back as the early 70’s (always been there) when my father did business in Iran.He had many friends there that always feared they would rule over their country spreading their radical beliefs and destroying the country.Not all Iranians want this.So here we are..what was preached undercover is now shouted in the streets.Of course it has been for a long time.My father died a year ago but he saw the future 40 years ago and lived long enough to know its come true,

    Im sure he worried about what was to come for his daughter and grand children…just like I do.Take Care,Radogirl.


    • Larry Fairall says:

      Gods children are spread all over the world, and He said he would protect them ALL. We must listen to the Word and trust in God. He will take care of it all. Just watch and spread the Word.

      God Bless


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