Freezing weather causes outbreak of norovirus across Britain

February 7, 2012LONDONThe freezing weather has caused a national outbreak of the winter vomiting bug, it has emerged. Health experts are worried that outbreaks of norovirus, which causes violent sickness and diarrhea, could affect many more people if the icy conditions persist. Over the past fortnight, there have been reports of norovirus at 34 hospitals, of which 19, half have been confirmed as the bug. Wards have been forced to close and visiting hours restricted at 23 hospitals over the past two weeks. Around a million people each year are affected by the virus, which can spread rapidly in hospitals, residential care homes and schools. Louise Brown, spokesperson for the Health Protection Agency, which released the latest report, said: ‘It is believed to be connected with cold weather – that is why it is called the winter vomiting bug. There have been a worrying 581 cases reported since the start of October, with 392 (67 per cent) leading to ward closures. “The numbers this year are so far a little lower than normal – but this could change in the weeks ahead if the icy conditions continue.” Ms Brown said: ‘The current figures are well within seasonal norms and actually down on the average between 2006 and 2010.’ But with the chilly weather forecast to stay in place until the end of the month, people have been warned to be careful, as the bug can spread rapidly. Experts advised people to wash hands thoroughly and regularly, particularly after using the toilet and before eating. –Daily Mail
3 wards closed in UAE from outbreaks: A report has unveiled that norovirus outbreak has reoccurred at the Royal Berkshire Hospital. It is being said that the outbreak has caused the closure of three wards at the hospital so as to prevent the disease from spreading further in the hospital. It has been found by the report that the hospital staff has closed three more wards wherein the norovirus has again assaulted some patients. As per a previous report, three wards were kept shut by the hospital previously when the outbreak had taken place. Three of its wards have again been shut by the staff so as to prevent the virus from victimizing any more patients or visitors. Norovirus is a winter vomiting bug that is highly contagious and risks patients with depleted immune systems to a high extent. Thus, the wards had been kept shut for minimum 72 hours. It is being said that the virus had attacked patients last week in two wards of hospital, which have now been reopened. While a third ward that was victimized by the virus would be opened within next 24 hours. All three wards were closed for any new admissions or parents or friends of patients. –Arab News
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7 Responses to Freezing weather causes outbreak of norovirus across Britain

  1. Janet Darbey says:

    whatever happened to viruses and germs being killed off by cold weather? It has been extremely cold in Europe for the last few weeks, so why are such germs thriving. Could it be that the houses and offices are overheated with unhealthy stuffy environments and no fresh air being allowed in? Or is it the fact that personal hygine leaves so much to be desired. It shouldn’t need an expert to tell you to wash your hands before eating or after using the toilet!!!!


    • As I’ve said before and written, we’re losing the war against the microbe. Microbial ascendency is inevitable, especially as the ecology is overturned by the fury of nature and wildlife habitat decimation. Meanwhile, drug-resistance is growing and the problems is out-pacing the scope and research of science.


  2. Bryan says:

    My whole family and some friends had the norovirus 2 weeks ago. It was not fun!


  3. I would also add that severe Vitamin D deficiency is widespread across northern Europe these days, and those levels simply plummet in winter when UVB levels fall to almost zero. This prevents our immune system from working properly. Once upon a time, Vit D rich Seal Blubber, liver, haggis and herring were eaten by our ancestors and so the lack of sun didn’t matter. In Scotland, for example, this has been replaced by the deep-fried Mars or Snickers bar (!) and it now has some of the highest Multiple Sclerosis and heart disease rates in the world!! Since hubby and I started taking 10,000 iu Vitamin D3 every day, while friends and workmates get ill with “bugs”, we stay healthy despite workplace exposure. It also wiped out my “winter asthma” and SAD syndrome 100%.


    • Cammac says:

      Ancestors … People do still eat healthy food, i had liver only a couple of nights ago and love haggis when i can get hold of it, not so easy living in the south of U.K mind. Another great provider in vitamins is Black Pudding all great stuff, And cheaper than buying vitamins to compensate for not eating it.


  4. Quebec, Canada says:

    It’s been -35++C for the last few weeks here in the North and the cough still goes around whether you wash your hands or not. People using public transport and areas where people congregate are at risk just the same. So if you don’t want to catch a cold – stay home.


  5. AWM says:

    Food and water.
    Excellent “vectors” for pathonogenic microbes.
    (A vector actually is an animal that spreads disease, the mosquito being the prevalent example.)

    The narrow window in which our bacteria/virus research exists could be completely overturned by the introduction of some sort of alien/ancient DNA/protein/enzyme or whatever else you can imagine.
    I really don’t expect anything of the sort out of the south pole, but for all we know, it has already happened.
    One thing’s for certain, sooner or later, it WILL happen, and the apple cart will be upset with great might. The odds that it will be following some great disturbance of the planet are high, and wil be at a time when man is least capable of dealing with it.


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