Earth’s climate spiraling into greater chaos as planetary crisis intensifies

January 3, 2012AUSTRALIASevere flooding is threatening parts of New South Wales and Queensland in eastern Australia, with towns cut off and thousands of residents evacuated. More than 10,000 people in communities affected by the floods have been left stranded, authorities said on Friday. A military helicopter was sent to the northern New South Wales town of Moree with bedding and supplies. “From the air it looks like an inland sea,” said New South Wales Premier Barry O’Farrell. Moree is reportedly facing its worst flooding in more than 35 years, with more than 2,000 people ordered to evacuate homes and buildings. Water levels at the Mehi River there had peaked and flooding was expected to continue for several days, emergency officials said. “As you fly over the centre of the town there are streets that look like canals that have more relevance to Venice than north-western New South Wales,” said Mr O’Farrell.  In the town of Mitchell in Queensland, about 200 people have reportedly been forced to evacuate after floodwater inundated their homes. Queensland Premier Anna Bligh said the hospital had also been evacuated and five schools were closed, following fears that the Maranoa river could reach a record 10-metre height. The Bureau of Meteorology in Australia also issued a severe weather warning for parts of Queensland on Friday. –BBC
Hawaii drought worsens: Federal authorities today issued a natural disaster designation for Hawai’i County due to ongoing drought conditions. The designation clears the way for affected ranchers and farmers to apply for federal relief. According to the National Weather Service, Extreme Drought conditions persists in the South Kohala and portions of the Hamakua District of Hawaii Island. Hydrologist Kevin Kodama noted in a recent advisory that pastures and general vegetation over most of the district were in very poor condition causing an ongoing concern for brush fires. The advisory further stated that ranchers in the area destocked cattle and initiated water hauling operations, while some Kona coffee growers, had to irrigate more than normal to sustain their orchards. The U.S. Department of Agriculture issued the declaration on Jan. 18, 2012, after reviewing an application submitted by the governor last month. “By designating Hawai’i County a natural disaster area, President Obama and US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack have recognized that the island’s farmers and ranchers have endured enough,” said Governor Neil Abercrombie in a statement. “Even today, Big Island residents continue to experience drought conditions ranging from severe to extreme. The USDA’s assistance will help hard working families recover losses and see it through until conditions improve,” he said. –Maui Now 

Kenyan Elders are no longer able to predict the rains

 MARSABIT, Kenya  – Nomadic communities living off the dry terrain of northern Kenya have relied for generations on the powers of village elders to predict the weather. But the divinations of traditional forecasters were confounded by an unexpectedly severe drought in 2011, threatening herders’ livelihoods. Now pastoralists and meteorological experts are trying to find better ways to cope with regional weather that is increasingly difficult to anticipate – a situation some believe is linked to climate change. Using their traditional forecasting systems, the elders in Marsabit district predicted that rains would fail in the area from October or November 2010 until April 2011, but that after this dry spell the situation would return to normal. This information was relayed to the community through the network of traditional elders in every village in the district. As anticipated, there were only erratic rains towards the end of 2010, and then a dry period.
But the onset of rain predicted for April never occurred, and the situation rapidly turned catastrophic. With livestock weakened, pasture diminished and the water running dry for people and livestock, thousands of herders crossed into southern Ethiopia in search of water and pasture, while others fled remote villages for towns in search of food and pasture. Abdi Boru, from the Turbi area of Marsabit, said he lost 23 head of cattle in the drought, leaving him with just two. “The situation changed to worse from (what the elders) predicted and everybody started losing livestock in high numbers. We could not move them across the border as they were weak, and we watched while they died,” said Boru. When rains finally came in November 2011, they were so heavy that there was flash flooding, which the traditional forecasters also failed to predict. Kunu Halakano, an elder in Dambalfanchana village, said he was shocked by the turn of events. “We have given our community weather information for many years, and that assisted them in understanding what to expect and plan, but now I am seeing something else from what we predicted. We predicted good rains after the dry spell and (yet) the rains failed from April to October,” said Halakano. –Alert Net
Drug-trade affected by drought in Mexico – Associated Press, February 1, 2012
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20 Responses to Earth’s climate spiraling into greater chaos as planetary crisis intensifies

  1. MalachiYAH says:

    The north and south poles are the axis’ on which the earth rotates. The north and south poles have shifted significantly in recent years causing the axis to shift on which the earth rotates which in turn shapes the climates of regions that were dry into climates that are wet.. climates that were frozen tundra into warmer temperate zones and warmer temperate zones into frozen zones…. i.e. american spring weather in january and febuary?… and deep freeze winter in middle east and southern europe and southern asia where it is normally subtropical/temperate weather?… doughts in places where it is normal wet and overly wet in places where it is normally drier weather… Can anyone please let me know if there is something to this theory?


  2. Kristoffer says:

    About 50 to 100 years, Earth is going to look like a desert
    I think it will be not breathable and we must wear oxygen-masks

    Is that our future here on Earth?
    How can we prepare for that?
    How can we change it?

    The gouvernment have plans for changing it, but does it happens something? No
    Maybe we must start colonizing in space, if the worst will happen
    I think that we have a very little time, and soon is it too late to do something, and we must live on a dying world
    I don’t want that future, and not the next generations
    If the worst will happen, I have a solution, terraform Mars and make it habitable. Mars has a small amount of that we need to survive. It is low oxygen level on Mars, and Mars is soon getting hotter and more possible for us to live there, but we need to change the atmosphere, it is very thin, but maybe we can change it? Who knows how the technology will develop in 50 years, or 100 years


    • I don’t know if you saw this. It just came over on the wires a few hours ago.

      However, I agree with your assessment. Planets die in the sense of terrestrial geology. It appears to be more the norm than than the anomaly. Mercury, Venus and Mars have all been resurfaced…and there’s every indication Earth was overturned in the past as the oceans are relatively new and Earth was never known as the blue planet in any ancient texts, it was likely seen as green from space.


    • Kim says:

      There is a Creator. I would be abhorred at the thought of going to another planet…we as humans do not deserve way. Don’t know about you, but if we can’t take care of our own ship, then let it go. Who knows how the plastics and trash (from technology) will affect us in 10 yrs. How can we continue to survive when we are KILLING the oceans? Our sin/unrighteousness/greed burden is HEAVY. There is coming One who is going to either deliver us or “extinct” us. Look at the ancient texts..all of them point to a Creator, this is no coincidence. The true question is have you had the Creator’s Son touch you, speak with you. Warring, greed, impurity —all have a destiny. We need cry out to God..cry out to him to come deliver us from this mess we have made. We also need to ask for forgiveness..I am grieved at what our race has done to his Creation. Yeshua is coming soon.


      • roth says:

        I’m sorry, but cries and begging for God, Mohammed, Jesus or Buddha to relieve us of this situation will not cut it. We have allowed this evil to descend upon us and so it is us, individually and collectively that must take it upon ourselves to design a solution. A totally new change in the way things are done on this planet is needed and must take place. Not all of humanity will choose to participate. There will be some that will hide their heads in blame and grovel in victimhood. So be it. Let them. You have no time to recruit among them, for what could they possibly offer; creative solutions? Probably not. These times are a clarion call to those with the strength of character to stand up and decide this situation will not be allowed to continue to its planned conclusion. Refusal to take responsibility for our own actions will no longer cut it either. Mankind has done this to itself. Jesus was asked once, “can you help us?”. His response: “Help you with what? You have been given everything necessary for the journey that is your life. Take responsibility for what you already know”. HMMM. Very interesting thing to say, eh?


    • TruthSeer says:

      The environment in space is even more harsh and unforgiving than the one we have on Earth or will have on Earth in the forseeable future. Colonizing space would require us to find suitable planets outside of our solar system, which means we would have to develop spaceships capable of faster than light travel. We’re nowhere close to doing that. Our best chances of survival is still on Earth, if we make some cruicial changes to our value system, culture and economic models, as well as the technology we use. But in the worst case scenario, we may end up going underground where the temperature is much more stable. We could still feasibly use geothermal energy and solar energy from the surface, transported underground.


      • Kristoffer says:

        But Mars has all ingredients that it is possible to terraform it, and it doesn’t take a long time to travel there

        NASA plans a manned mission that it will take 3-6 months to travel to Mars
        If we travel 10% the speed of light, we will be there in no time =D

        10% speed of light= 30,000 km per second or 107,925,285 kmh

        If we travel 10% the speed of light to Mars, it will take around 1 hour =D
        That’s really fast 😀


  3. I wish the drug crop would dry up,but I sure hate to see all those poor cattle die like that,it is so horrible.


  4. Irene C says:

    Well, I guess the drug trade being affected is a good thing. But the agriculture business is in trouble. I expect to see more increases in food prices and more starvation in the poorer countries. Unfortunately, with the climate problems the U.S. has had and will probably have, I don’t know how much we will be able to help.



    • Mike H says:

      If you are not a “prepper yet!” you should be! We are not sitting on the fence anymore. We are praying for the absolute best, but the last decade plus, of false flag catastraphies and not reported MSM real worldy events have spiralled to a point we are all seeing things for what they are, disturbing, to say the least…Kudos to E.P.2012 and Beyond for keeping the light shining on where it is truely relevant, to OUR times.
      I remember when we were able to grow our own gardens in prearranged urban spots..cultivate your own food and help others…wow, have They ever done a job on US.


  5. jackro says:

    One more horseman is getting ready to ride.


  6. elix says:

    A trip 2Mars is necessary &yet it will be great pioneering hardship in a land never intended2be habitable except the people rejected Christ. After the new settlement the end is eminent &that is that.


  7. Columbine says:

    In a recent conversation my 76 year old father just out of the blue told me that the sun is coming up in a different spot than it used to for this time of year. He’s lived in the same place for over 40 years, was raised on a farm and has always paid close attention to the weather and such. I know there was a YouTube video of Inupiat Eskimos in Alaska or Canada talking about this same thing – the sun rising in a different part of the sky than it used to. Has anyone else noticed this?


    • marilyn says:

      I have, it is rising more se where I live an setting further sw. The moon is all over the sky as well. We are farmers and we plant by the heavens and things are certainly not where we are use to them being.


  8. Kristoffer says:

    In Norway it is the 3rd year in a row that it is colder winter than normal
    The spring in 2010 and 2011 was very late, the same was the summer. The autumn of 2010 and 2011 was warmer than normal, but the winter in 2010, 2011 and this year’s winter is colder than normal


  9. RainMan says:

    28th Feb-Australia, huge rain event predicted for the next three days (estimates 100-300mm in 72hrs) in NSW and Victoria (South east Aust.) Evacuations started, possibly a years rain coming over 3 days.


  10. RainMan says:

    1st March, heaviest rains in NSW, Australia, since the 1920’s continues.


  11. Gen says:

    RainMan, 75% of New South Wales now flooded. Also SE Victoria. Several roads in Central Australia blocked by flooding also.

    Humidity here was 90% yesterday.


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