7 Responses to New tech system has red light to mark ‘pre-crime’ suspects

  1. jones2012 says:

    What’s next? Pre-cogs from the Minority Report!


  2. cher says:

    They need to set that up in DC and especially the Congress building.


  3. Dorje Phagmo says:


    “New pill with ingestible microchip monitors you from the inside…

    Soon, patients will be able to buy smart pills that have tiny ingestible sensors that can help track their medication use. Um, the call is coming from inside the house?”



  4. Lance says:

    Totalitaraian technology!


  5. Irene C says:

    Truly a combination of 1984 and the movie “Minority Report”. Frightening. Of course, there’s no possible way this could be abused. [sarc]



  6. Tim says:

    NYPD and Pentagon to place mobile scanners on the streets on NYC
    The head of the New York Police Department is working with the Pentagon to secure body scanners to be used throughout the Big Apple.
    If Kelly gets his wish, the city will be receiving a whole slew of Terahertz Imagining Detection scanners, a high-tech radiation detector that measures the energy that is emitted from a persons’ body


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