Scientists say massive black hole at galactic center could awaken in 2013

December 19, 2011SPACEThe sleeping giant at the centre of the Milky Way is about to wake up. A suicidal gas cloud is heading towards the galaxy’s super-massive black hole, which will probably swallow the cloud, generating enormous flares of radiation that could help explain why the black hole is normally so placid. The doomed cloud was a surprise to astronomers. “We have been looking at the galactic centre for 20 years, but mainly to observe the motion of stars,” says Reinhard Genzel of the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics in Garching, Germany. Genzel’s colleague Stefan Gillessen spotted the cloud in images from the Very Large Telescope array in Chile, taken in March this year. It is an unusually dense cloud, not much bigger than our solar system and carrying about three times the mass of Earth. The team realized that the cloud also appears in earlier images, giving them a sequence that reveals its path. It is moving at almost 2500 kilometres per second towards our galaxy’s black hole, Sagittarius A*. At present Sagittarius A* is strangely quiet, unlike quasars, the hyperactive black holes that emit huge amounts of radiation, fuelled by inflowing gas. Our black hole gets much less gas, and for some reason this starvation state makes it much less efficient than a quasar, producing only a thousandth as much radiation per kilogram of fuel. While a star would just sail past our black hole unscathed, the loose mass of gas heading towards it is more vulnerable. It is already being stretched out by the black hole’s gravity, and when it gets closer in 2013 it will plough into the halo of hot gas around the hole. That should send shockwaves through the cloud to heat it to several million degrees, and according to the group’s simulations the gaseous collision will shred the cloud into filaments. This turmoil may mean that much of the cloud ends up swirling right down into the black hole. There’s no danger of the active black hole harming Earth. –New Scientist
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11 Responses to Scientists say massive black hole at galactic center could awaken in 2013

  1. Mary says:

    2013? Looking back-it was 2000 – that went smoothe. A lull after that – then the Twin Tower incident in 2001-brought G-D back into the picture – then a lull- Myans surfaced with their calendar- Dec. 21 2012, the END. So much has been written-One can be caught up in this and more was written. Hope Indian Blue Star prophecies, world catastrophies everywhere. Now 2013? I just cannot undertand getting caught up in all this. G-D is in control. HE will end it in HIS time. Folks, just get your life in order, and have no fear. We, as believers, just keep the faith, pray.It is an exciting time to be living. We are in good hands. Relax and enjoy what G-D has given us today. HE will take care of the rest in his own time. Man cannot . Evil forces are stirring up all this to confuse. Maranatha


  2. luisport says:

    I’m trying to keep the comments and links posted in related subjects. I can move the magnitude of how many I’m getting anymore.


  3. musivick says:

    the gas cloud presence was actually 26,000 years ago… because Sag. A* is 26,000 LY away

    so if there were fillaments of gas getting consumed and atomized they should be showing up in 2012-2013 as cosmic fireworks in the direction of the galactic center…perhaps even on the winter solstice of 21 dec 2012…

    Our sky may have odd, fuzzy spots of energetic light…what the Maya touted as the return of Quetzalcoatl, (the feathered serpent) at the dark-rift of the Milky Way center


  4. Dan says:

    We don’t really care what gas cloud is washed down the drain of the black hole at the galactic center. But should we not care if OUR SOLAR SYSTEM is passing through the black hole at the galactic center? As some say it is scheduled to do? Where is the clarity on that one way or another?


  5. ”There’s no danger of the active black hole harming Earth”–at end, but the radiation afterwards from it could steralize our planet or disrupet the magnetic feild.


    • Ahmad says:

      wow these dangers from death rays emitted from black holes, from virgo cluster and
      from our own sun always posed threats to earth, but it is a matter of time. We live
      and observe these phenomena from a very insignificant period of time on this earth.
      Hope that man’s efforts will bring success if remaining time is availed judiciously.


  6. Eve says:

    Very intresting….this article reminded me of a dream I had, where I saw some kind of black hole in the sky as I looked at it a voice said that this will happen if a war would take place here, which was on a coast side in Brazil, in my dream I knew it was Brazil because I saw the statue they have of Christ the Redeemer.


  7. Kaos says:

    This is very interesting if true.

    What do you think about this alvin?
    (I know you stick to confirmed sources, just curious on what your opinion is)



    • Not sure what effect is will have on anything unless we have a new understanding of the laws of physics and energy transferrence. Afterall, we are about 20,000 light years from the Galatic Center — it’s curious if and how the Mayans could have even known this when the calendar appears to coincide by end-date with event and that the god of their mythology Hunab K’u was said to reside as energy there.


  8. Dave says:

    No the OP is referring to a cloud at the galactic center, around 26,000 light years from us…. the article you linked to is talking about the local cloud which it is theorised our solar system has been moving through for thousands of years, supposedly the remnants of a past supernova.
    Interesting site here regarding supernovas, galactic core explosions, etc:
    Recommended reading on the subject is Paul A. LaViolettes “Earth Under Fire”


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