Freak weather blamed for apples falling from the sky over Coventry, UK

December 15, 2011WEST MIDLANDS, UKAn avalanche of more than 100 apples rained down over a main road in Keresley, Coventry on Monday night. The street was left littered with apples after they pelted car windscreens and bonnets just after rush-hour. The bizarre downpour may have been caused by a current of air that lifted the fruit from a garden or orchard, releasing it over the junction of Keresley Road and Kelmscote Road. One driver said: “The apples fell out of the sky as if out of nowhere. They were small and green and hit the bonnet hard. There were other cars on the road at the time too and everyone had to stop their cars suddenly. “It wouldn’t surprise me if some cars were damaged. I know the area well and there are no apple trees around.” Yesterday, the smashed apples could still be seen up and down the 20-yard stretch of road. Dave Meakins, a retired fork lift truck driver, said he thought the apples had been thrown as a prank by children. ‘I honestly don’t know where the apples could have come from,” he said. “I assumed kids must have thrown them because we do get the occasional egg and apple thrown but there’s way too much for that. I would love to know where they came from.” Some said they thought the apples had fallen from a passing plane. Keresley parish councillor Sandra Camwell said a freak black-out happened on the same road last year. She said: “Strange things do happen in this part of the world. I think it’s highly likely that apples did fall from the sky. We’re in an area with a spooky history, where there have been witches for centuries, after all.” The Met Office said it was possible the apples had been scooped up by a tornado. A Met spokesman said, “It’s hypothetically possible that a tornado could have picked them up and that they were transported in turbulent air until they fell.” Jim Dale, senior meteorologist, from British Weather Services, said: “The weather we have at the moment is very volatile and we probably have more to come. Essentially these events are caused when a vortex of air, kind of like a mini tornado, lifts things off the ground rising up into the atmosphere until the air around it causes them to fall to earth again. Returning polar maritime air is such an unstable condition and it basically means air returning from the polar regions which is very unstable.” –Telegraph
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12 Responses to Freak weather blamed for apples falling from the sky over Coventry, UK

  1. Tcrale says:

    This kind of thing isnt new; just read the book of the damned by Charles fort, over a thousand pages of all kinds of strange stuff like this (it was written in the early 1900s). The point is that there are plenty of occurrences in history that have happened like this and the news is probably going to come up with some poor reason as to why it happened which in all reality makes even less sense then witches did it. Btw damned in his book simply means what science has excluded.


    • tellthetruth1 says:

      I looked for this book and found that all titles are available for free download. I’ll have a read later, but it will take time!


  2. El's Friend says:

    We have had really bad weather here in NZ too with a state of emergency declared in Nelson due to the flash flooding, but no apples falling from the sky yet!
    Not a link but can copy and paste,


  3. madscientist says:

    First, it was not a tornado. This would have been well reported. It was not a ‘vortex’ of wind. This is also known as a dust devil, caused by a large rising mass of heated air. As this mass rises, the surrounding air on the surface rushes in to replace the volume vacated by the now rising air mass. This swirls as it does so a will follow the rising air bubble upwards for some distance if really strong. Say a thousand feet in a really strong one. This would be the ‘vortex’ if any. You don’t see them in winter time as there is not nearly enough solar heating to cause convection to occur (the name of this process). You can get a snow devil no and again, but rare. Requires large swings in local temperatures. If there is not an orchard within say half a mile, then keep looking for a different answer.


  4. WHole says:

    Why only apples?

    If the wind picked the apples, the same wind should have picked other things together with the apples.

    Why only apples fell from the sky?


    • tellthetruth1 says:

      That is exactly what I thought! There are more than enough videos on YouTube that show wind storms, and the detritus they gather up. Everything gets caught up, thrown around and destroyed. More than one hundred apples ‘falling from the sky’? And how many more? And they fell on their own without any other detritus? Then it wasn’t a wind that did it! That just does not make sense.


  5. steve says:

    a w e s o m e
    apples falling from the skies. Anyone with the video or pictures,i wanna see them. Please.



  6. Elizabeth says:

    I think it’s pretty likely they fell out of plane. I certainly do NOT think witches did it. I can’t believe that quote from the lady who said that spooky things happen, witches and such, as if witches were tossing apples onto roads for kicks. People and their superstitions…in this case, it’s almost adorable. Some superstitions are deadly to innocent people, but this one is kinda cute.


  7. Budman says:

    I like what Paul Begley said. Apples falling from the Lords wedding table. The Lord is so close to His return, and the banquet table is so full, that some of it fell off. lol. Maybe not, but I love the sentiment as He is near.

    Lord Bless


  8. jennifer says:

    I wish money would fall from the sky!


  9. Evo says:

    It’s raining cats and dogs here at the moment.


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