Sunspot breakout, some C-class flare risks, coronal hole

August 31, 2011SUNSPOTS:  Sunspots are emerging at several locations around the solar disk. New sunspot 1282, in particular, could pose a threat for Earth-directed C-flares. A fairly large coronal hole on the solar surface should also be rotating Earthward in coming days.Space Weather
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10 Responses to Sunspot breakout, some C-class flare risks, coronal hole

  1. PAUL KUNKEL says:

    Please let us know well ahead of time so we can prepare!


  2. YiShai HaNotzri says:

    Mankind must wake up and prepare. The time is at hand, revelation 12 will be fulfilled this fall. Our maker has left us many signs and they all align sept 29. Babylon destroying the minds of the people, most walk in darkness and will not b prepared to flee into the wilderness, rev 12:6!?


  3. No, Rita. I don’t. What little I do have is not very much of a concern. I’m evolving into a minimalist these days and have been selling off my possessions this year to buy books for people who can’t afford them. I’ve condensed my life down to only a few essential gadgets and have never been happier.


    • I have to agree with your reply, Alvin. I also have limited electronics. And, with the possible exception of my laptop and my radio, most everything else I can live without. I don’t even own a smart phone or Kindle. And I have more books than I know what to do with. I am also “downsizing” after living in the same house for over 20 years and having raised 3 children here. My goal is, I want to be flexible enough to move if I either need to or want to. The money I make in selling my stuff will either go for extra food or towards my retirement, whichever I may need first.

      Not being tied down to gadgets is a wonderful feeling.

      Be blessed and Maranatha


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