4.9 earthquake strikes near site of Japan’s ancient super-volcano

August 29, 2011KYUSHU, JapanAnytime a moderate earthquake strikes near a super-volcano, we take note. A 4.9 magnitude earthquake has struck south of the ancient super-volcanic Aira Caldera located in Kyushu, Japan. Aira Caldera (ja:姶良カルデラ Aira-Karudera) is a gigantic volcanic caldera in the south of the island of Kyūshū, Japan. According to geologists, the caldera was believed to have been created by a massive super eruption about 22,000 years ago. Eruption of voluminous pyroclastic flows accompanied the formation of the 17 × 23 km-wide Aira caldera, at the eruption 22,000 years ago. Together with a large pumice fall, these amounted to more than 400 km3 of tephra which classified the eruption as VEI 7, which is next to the highest force on the Volcano Explosivity Index. The Sakurajima volcano is situated within the Aira caldera and is one of the most active volcanoes in Japan. A strombolian eruption or lava bomb explosion occurred at Sakurajima and may be related to the earthquake. The Extinction Protocol
contribution by Luisport
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16 Responses to 4.9 earthquake strikes near site of Japan’s ancient super-volcano

  1. I saw this earthquake, but didn’t think that much about it. I wasn’t aware there was a caldera there. Makes this earthquake more interesting.

    Be blessed and Maranatha


  2. truth_seeker says:

    There seem to be a lot of signs that sleeping giants are stirring lately.


    • It’s getting very serious…


      • Tommy says:

        The lava underground is getting hotter and are flowing between the plates at a faster rate . My opion is that’s why so meany earthquakes are going off . The plates are starting to float and causing the collison of plates makes earthquakes . Sorry again my opion is the sloar flares are making this the problem .


  3. I think the world of Noah was nearly obliterated and only eight survived unmitigated destruction to the planet. Today, a water-drowned planet shakes, squeaks and turns, tilted, lopsided and bottom-heavy from a past geological global cataclysm- it’s magnetic field eroding and its seasons failing, as it continues to spew fiery rocks across the landscape; I don’t think the question is so much would He allow one to go off, but at what point does He remove His restraining hand and let nature takes its course?


    • Carol says:

      Very well put Alvin. His plan is beyond our comprehension. Everything has been set in motion according to His perfect plan and it’s not just the earth & celestial changes, but also all of the man-made catastrophes that we’re seeing. All of the pieces of the puzzle are fitting together to form a big picture of what is to come. Many blessings,



    • truth_seeker says:

      I’ve had the phrase sustaining hand running through my mind for a few months now. And sometimes I wonder if the more we go away from God and once more mankind becomes more and more evil – the less God can intervene. And that its not so much His judgement on us at this point but that we are in a sense bringing judgement upon ourselves. Its horrific not only what mankind can do but actively chooses to do. Essentially there are too many that want to be God themselves. We were put here to love and look after the earth. When I look around at what we do or even allow those in power to do whilst so many close their eyes as long as they are right now ok, I feel that sustaining hand withdrawing.


      • Satan is the accuser of the brethen and we have to remember that. “For the accuser of our brethern is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.” Revelation 12:10. Satan contended with Michael over the body of Moses because of the patriach’s sin at the waters of Meribah Jude 7. Satan contends day and night that God removes His restraining hand from over the Earth so he can lay waste to it and all those who have rejected God. He contends justice demands no such mercy be shown to sinners who have no regard for God or His law and that they merit no such protection for they have chosen him by default over God as their rightful ruler. As it was in the days of Noah, so it is today. God said, “My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that is also is flesh,” Genesis 6:3. When the divine hand of God was removed from the Antediluvian world, the elements and forces of nature collapsed in revulsion..The fountains were broken up, the chasms released their fire, rain fell in mighty cataracts, and a terrible hail fell from heaven upon both man and beast. Each day, the forces that hold back the tempest are tested and one day the four angels, which excel in strength and power and stand on the world’s four cardinal points, will be given command to let the unbridled forces of nature go when God’s servants have been sealed in their foreheads. Revelation 7:1-3


    • truth_seeker says:

      Ty for your reply Alvin. I understand what you’re saying completely. Mankind had the choice of who to follow. And I suppose what I meant was that as in times past the choice for evil rather than following God (and just as God knew would happen), is now reaching the point of no return. And that choice I know does bring judgement but I don’t believe either that it makes Him happy – not for one single second that His creation has reached this point. Yet eventually the Earth will be shaken to the core. You just put it an awful lot better than myself.


  4. Dennis E. says:

    Oh Boy, Alvin what an answer! When he removes his restraining hand, could that time be classified as Judgment? There are several floating issues now that could bring that about, but what?
    God bless


  5. luisport says:

    screenshot of Etna tonight

    Looks like a bit like fissure from this angle…

    Here are a few screen shots from one of the many webcams:



  6. luisport says:

    …Greatest show on earth… 😉

    Timelapse Etna – 20110828-2037-20110829-0633UTC
    Webcam : http://www.guide-etna.com/webcam/schiena000M.jpg



  7. otay1 says:

    Those beset people of Japan. I think of everything beautiful they’ve contributed to humanity
    culture, social customs which too are elegant as is their art, genetically their beauty distinguishes them from closeby surrounding countries. Yesterday I stood near a japanese girl of about 16 wearing a face mask and inquired whether she has asthma…she said, “no, I have a cold. In Japan we do not wish to spread illness to others and this is common practice”.
    Two things have occurred to me regarding Japan.
    One is that this could be the time for the japanese to disperse their genetics as has happened to tibet and others throughout history.
    Two is that Japan definitely wins the award from the ‘You Think You Got it Bad Department’ with the blight of Fukishima.


  8. I don’t want to get off topic here, but has anyone else noticed what seems to be an earthquake swarm around the New Madrid fault line?

    Earthquake List for Map Centered at 37°N, 90°W

    Update time = Mon Aug 29 17:00:03 UTC 2011

    Here are the earthquakes in the Map Centered at 37°N, 90°W area, most recent at the top.
    (Some early events may be obscured by later ones.)
    Click on the underlined portion of an earthquake record in the list below for more information.
    y/m/d h:m:s LAT
    deg LON
    deg DEPTH
    MAP 2.4 2011/08/29 09:48:50 36.870 -91.876 0.1 15 km ( 9 mi) N of West Plains, MO
    MAP 2.1 2011/08/29 08:26:44 36.051 -89.824 8.5 1 km ( 1 mi) WNW of Cooter, MO
    MAP 1.6 2011/08/26 02:23:20 36.508 -89.610 8.9 1 km ( 1 mi) S of Marston, MO

    Or has this been going on and I haven’t been paying attention?

    Be blessed and maranatha


    • Dennis E. says:

      Irene: Dennis E. Here: No, it seems to come and go. Once in a while one or two will popup. A good idea to watch, but its seems that Virginia wants to get some attention.
      I looked today at the USGS and it is interesting.
      Bob from New York last week told me in a posting that USGS that the recent EQ there was a foreshock.

      God bless and keep us informed.


  9. luisport says:

    “Ash thrown kilometres into the sky by an increasingly active volcano in a remote Russian Pacific coast territory has forced a reroute of international air traffic, government officials said Monday. A column of smoke and ash from the volcano Shiveluch, located in the centre of Russia’s rugged Kamchatka peninsula, has reached an altitude of 8.6 kilometres and poses a threat to aircraft. The ash discharges were increasing in intensity and volume over the weekend. The RNES is now rating Shiveluch at level orange, one step below its most dangerous rating, red. The Monday ash column was the most significant in a month and was accompanied by rock slides and an increase in the size of a rock dome known to contain lava, the report said.”



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