Double 6.0+ earthquakes strike off the coasts of Japan and Fiji

August 19, 2011TOKYO –  A 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck off the east coast of Japan at a depth of 43.6 km (27.1 miles). The earthquake’s epicenter was 99 km SE of Sendai; 113 km (70 miles) E of Fukushima prefecture, site of the March nuclear meltdown; and 283 km NE of Tokyo. The quake was the second 6.0+ magnitude earthquake to strike this region of Japan in 48 hours and this earthquake struck much closer to the coastline. The Sendai quake was preceded by a much deeper 6.2 earthquake which struck the off the coast of South Pacific Islands of Fiji at a depth of 413.2 km. There have been no reports of damage or tsunami warnings issued for either quake. –The Extinction Protocol
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13 Responses to Double 6.0+ earthquakes strike off the coasts of Japan and Fiji

  1. kingkevin says:

    Shake it up. R 6.0s happening this often normal Alvin? Iv only been following for about a year, and to me it seems like 6 r becoming more often here the last few months or do we normally go through spellsike this? Keep up the awesome work


    • We are definitely in a disaster cluster period and this one appears especially agregious because the planet’s magnetic field deterioation is worsening in concert. Now only are 6.0+ earthquakes becoming more commonplace, the aftershocks from major quakes are becoming more accentuated and almost endless. Look at Japan, Alaska, Fiji and New Zealand.

      Glad you’re still tuning in and thanks for the support,

      peace and blessings,


      • ashuka says:

        Alvin my parents are still in Fiji . They would have called if there was something to worry about. Anyways i pray that everything is well for them and everyone else in Fiji. I got your new book last week and have not been able to put it down since then. Great information!!! You talk about everything i ever wanted to know about and more to top it off this web site really keeps me posted with whats happening in the world.



      • Ashuka, I thank you friend. I’m thrilled you’re enjoying the work and the site. This was a very deep quake and there are no worries to the region from it. May their trip be as joyous as your trek through the book.

        peace and blessings,


      • NickK0 says:

        Good points…. Something that I haven’t considered before.

        Make no mistake about it, daily earthquakes, (Mag.1-4) ARE a *normal* occurence.
        But I don’t recall ever reading about SO MANY 6-magnitude quakes happening, so often.

        I wonder if scientists and geologists have considered a possible correlation, between the increased number of Mag.6+ earthquakes, and the weakening magnetic field ?? ❗

        – Nick


      • I am constantly amazed at how active the Ring of Fire has become and the number of 6+ quakes lately, especially around Japan. I’ve been seriously watching this for about a year also. Thank you Alvin for all of the information you provide.

        And ashuka, my thoughts and prayers of safety for your parents.

        Be blessed.


  2. Dennis E. says:

    Oh well, perhaps its just a plate releasing some tension, perhaps and hopefully nothing more.
    I think the world has enough on its plate right now.


  3. carolyn says:

    Alvin, you really do an amazing job with this website! Thanks so much.


    • Carolyn, I thank you and I thank everyone who makes it all worthwhile. Readers, contributors, people who continue to spread the word. We’re everything with you and nothing without you.

      May the Father of lights be glorified in Christ,


  4. For some reason it went to the spam folder automatically… I recovered it…It likely saw the link and considered it a spam post.


  5. Kathy says:

    Isn’t that the sad truth.

    Thanks again, Alvin, for all of the great updates.

    God’s Blessings to all.


  6. Tina Marie says:

    I personally think, as we’ve discussed here before, that this is leading up to some massive releases of tectonic stress in that region (Japan) and the 9.0 in March will seem like childsplay compared to the quake that follows. I pray for the people of Japan and really all around the Ring of Fire regions. It is going get only get worse in my opinion.


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