Volcano discovered in the scenic Leepa Valley near Kashmir

August 17, 2011Rawalpindi, Pakistan–  Experts based in AJK on Tuesday revealed that they have discovered a volcano and “fault line” in Leepa Valley and Kaisarkote areas adjacent to Karnah sector  near Line of Control (LoC) in AJK. “A team of experts comprising professors and geologists of the AJK University conducted an extensive tour of the areas where the volcano was discovered. They found traces of lava in Leepa Valley and Kaisarkote located adjacent to Karnah sector. They also came to know that residents had seen smoke emanating from the soil in these areas,” sources said. “After conducting the tour and thorough research they expressed apprehensions about the volcano erupting any time.” Sources said a team of experts comprising Professor Dr Muhammad Sabir, Dr Professor Muhammad Rustam Khan, scholar Saleem Mughal and Fahad Hameed has confirmed that volcano is present in these areas and it is ticking. “After conducting a test of a few sample rocks in the area it became clear that lava has seeped into these,” sources said, adding that experts have also discovered a “fault line” in the area and further investigations are on. –Greater Kashmir
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8 Responses to Volcano discovered in the scenic Leepa Valley near Kashmir

  1. “They also came to know that residents had seen smoke emanating from the soil in these areas,” Wasn’t there a volcano that was born in Mexico back in the 30’s that started out with smoke coming out of a farmer’s field? Makes me wonder if this is a volcano or a subterranean fire. I will definitely be interested in what the investigations find.


    • Irene, you touched on an interesting point because, as we speak, underground coal seam fires are raging now on almost every continent and they are inextingushable, so it’s not too hard to imagine this igniting other hydrocarbon reservoirs or working in concert with magma to essentially cleanse the world by fire (thus Lake of Fire). It’s almost like the spark has been lit and there’s no turning back from the catastrophism that is to come… Since you’re keen on this observation, you will find this information particularly interesting and you’ll notice just how pervasive this problem already is:



      • Dakota says:

        Thanks Alivin & Irene.

        Again things are making sense:

        Your comment brings to mind the cliffs in Santa Barbara that are smoldering.

        It’s indeed clear that we are on the road to a point of no return. It’s so sad that most of the population is kept busy fighting each other on all levels when right now none of that should matter because in the end it does not.

        What is also interesting is how many whi can afford it plan to save themselves from the destruction if they can.


      • Thank you for that link. I knew that these fires were prevalent, but I didn’t realize there were so many of them. Well, the Lord destroyed the world with water the first time and this time it will be with fire. Between the volcanoes, comets/asteroids, and these coal seam fires, looks like He may have a head start.

        I find it amazing that so many people have no clue as to what is going on concerning this planet we walk on. And they probably won’t have a clue when something does blow. Oh well, just let them ignore our warnings and keep their heads in the nice, comfy sand. They’ll wake up soon enough.


    • NickK0 says:

      This does sound like the ‘birth of a new volcano’, to me.
      Is that what this is ??

      – Nick


  2. David says:

    Thought I would share this video on Mt Etna blowing smoke rings prettyy cool , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_f5ib5meX4 Here is another one ,bug tornatoes around the midwest from all the flooding,another neet video, http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=11c_1313528395


  3. Dakota says:

    Aiyaiyaiyaiyaiyaiy and oh, boy! Whew! Here we go …………….. let’s us, like we have in the past few weeks, (since we’ve known each other here on EP) help each otther get through another day of situations/events like this.

    Endless love……………..


  4. Gen says:

    Here is a story about the burning coal seam at Wingen (win-jen) NSW. Estimated to have been burning for around 6,000 years.



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