Residents search for the cause of the strange acoustic anomaly reported in Kiev

August 13, 2011KIEV – This was of such sound intensity that it shook windows in buildings. If you can prove and argue that this was coming from the building, please do so and we would welcome it. This was recorded on the 5th floor. Construction work is truly in nesokolkih neighboring houses, and is heard on the video but the construction work – sounds like a mosquito squeak in this terrible hum. Neither the power used nor the power of sound construction holds any comparison with what was heard. If you turn up the speakers to max, and lean against them, you’ll get the same effect people got when the sound was heard.”  –Всё не просто так       (translated)
 contribution Luisport
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77 Responses to Residents search for the cause of the strange acoustic anomaly reported in Kiev

  1. Reece says:

    Something’s waking up down there…


  2. DR says:

    WOW. Been following your blog back from your forum posts. Just want to say that i experienced the exact same thing maybe half a month ago somewhere between 3 am and 5 am in Toronto. My theory was the “horns” that i have heard from Bible thumpers so many times. Never read the Bible by the way. Just know that “horns” in the end times were to be heard. i wanted to explain the noise as traffic but it was not constant in one direction. When i turned my ear to the direction of where traffic would be, the noise would hit me from the complete opposite direction. It was like being surrounded with Hollywood Sci-fi noises in a theatre. Completely forgot about that.Thank you for all the hard work you do here.


    • Thanks Dr. and it’s good to hear from you. You’re welcome from myself and all the many contributors who make the blog what it is.



      • Gary Gray says:

        I didn’t notice any activity from other people or even animals in the video that would indicate anyone else was hearing anything unusual. Seems like people would have been out on their balconies or gathered together in small groups on the ground discussing this “anomaly”. By the way I love this site and what you do. I post your articles daily. This is an outstanding service to us all. Thank you Extinction Protocol.


      • Thank you Gary…from all of us.



  3. Luca says:

    Eerie. I’ve got chill bumps.


  4. Lisa says:

    This is weird and would get on my nerves after awhile. How often do you get reports like this? I remember one on YouTube that happened in Florida not long ago but it didn’t sound like this.


  5. Curtis says:

    It reminds me of whale-song. yeah I know that makes no sense.


  6. Luca says:

    Oh just reminded. I recently heard for the first time the shofar trumpet which is a horn made from a ram used in Jewish religious purposes and i listened to this video again and it sounds like one of those but of course much louder.


  7. Franky says:

    Sounds like rubbing steel in a large tunnel of some sort and serious rubbing


  8. cdkanas says:

    That is pretty eerie. And the relatively low amount of people and cars in the video add to it.


  9. Jon says:

    Per this site there is an underground station being built In Kiev

    Just what I found…could be grinding of something..


  10. its look like that project BLUEBEAM do somes sond tests!!!!!


  11. observer says:

    is this by anychance by the hadron collider sorry my geography is extreamly rusty and cannot place where it is


  12. nickk0 says:

    If this phenomenon is similar to the ‘Taos Hum’, it’s got to be the loudest one of it’s kind in the world.

    Is it just a hoax, or is something else going on ??
    Do authorities have any explanation for this ??

    Now, it would be kind of scary, if nobody KNOWS why this ‘sound’ is happening, and there is no ‘explanation’.

    – Nick


  13. Lucy says:

    Posting for your consideration as a possibility:
    Satan’s Forces Came Through a Breach between the Spiritual and Physical Realm
    In the Spring of 1983 I was in the parking lot of a local church in Virginia Beach when I heard a loud high definition explosion with a very sharp and clear report. It shook the entire area for about a 150 mile radius and was felt as far away as Richmond, VA. Right after that I asked God what it was. He said, “There has been a tear between the physical and the spiritual realms and Satan’s forces were coming through this breach that was created.”

    The explosion was reported by thousands of people who called the police, the fire department, the military bases and the city government offices of all the local cities. No one knew what it was or could explain it. After about a month of investigating the explosion it remained a mystery because no one claimed responsibility for it and the military said they had nothing to do with it.


  14. Texas Listening Post says:

    This is strange, sounds somewhat like a every low , slow fog horn or twisting metal. but it is not that. Does someone have the ability to record this and play back at various speeds maybe a message can be retrieved. I got upset listening to the sounds my impressions were that this is some evil.


  15. Adam Taylor says:

    Whale song is the first thing I thought as well…..but that’d have to be one giant whale to do that….


  16. jennifer says:

    Sounds creepy.


  17. Anthony says:

    It sounds like some Transformers are getting it on underground hah. It really sounds like some metallic machine churning or drilling. But is it natural or man made?


  18. Sarah Athy says:

    That sounds gives me chills!


  19. Paul Demorest says:

    Greetings Alvin, well to me it sounds like the earth itself from very deep down, I believe it may have something to do with the current rise in the agitation you have been describing via the plates, I found it chilling…


  20. Kathy says:

    My first thought, when I heard this, was a movie about aliens landing. If this noise is coming from the tunnel project, I would be looking for a new place to live. No matter what it is, it is very creepy.


  21. A_lad says:

    Maybe it’s a cloaked UFO…. Im just saying 🙂


  22. Golfdad641 says:

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    The Indianapolis Department of Public Safety said in a tweet: “3 fatalities and 24 injured transported to local hospitals.”

    There was no immediate word on the extent of the injuries.

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  23. Gen says:

    Sounds a little bit middle eastern. Maybe, just maybe the angels in the Book of Revelation of tuning their trumpets and the sound is resonating down to earth. Maybe, it is a call to the lost ten tribes to start assembling.

    Well it is no better or worse an explanation, lol.


    • Jake says:

      Ten tribes?? I’ve read perspectives that they are living together. In the hollow of our inner earth! Now THERE is a fascinating theory!


  24. Aderma says:

    Maybe they are building new bunkers underground ??…


  25. Charlie says:

    You know my man and i just moved from L.A Cali to Oregon and we have heard somewhat of the same sound late at night in the town of Newberg I just joked about it sounding like a hungry T.Rex or even the big thingies that come out of the water in the movie” War of the Worlds”,honestly to me,thats what it sounds like ,but i am sure it is construction,but solid proof would be grrreat!!.
    btw i have been following your site for some time,this is my first comment


  26. Kathy says:

    Sorry to rain on your parade, but the sounds in this video are the exact same sounds from “War of The Worlds” starring Tom Cruise. It’s the part where the aliens are coming out of the earth around the church and they start making noises.
    This video prankster probably had in spliced in a soundtrack to loop, and played it behind her. You listen for yourselves.


    • There’s no parade Kathy. That’s why we post events to get feedback from the people out in the field. I encourage scientific methodology. I thank you for your input. Here’s the sound you might be referring to. All can compare.



  27. enlil says:

    vous avez remarquez personnes n’étaient aux fenétres pour écouter c’est quand meme bizzard


  28. Penny says:

    The earth crying out!! soooo errie!!!


  29. Marielle Vaassen says:

    .. Hmmm … Interesting! It sounds a bit mechanical, but I NEVER heard any building machine making such noise (and my dad is builder/destroyer so I know a lot of machinery noises!), and EVEN a pneumatic destroying hammer sounds different!
    … It’s a bit “whaley” but it sounds too metal like & “ironish” so I think it’s at least DEFINITIVELY a machine! It also uses the same tones: F, C, C# G#, A, D & G … If you ONLY take the whole tones, you get F, C, A, D & G … This somewhat looks like the tones of the guitar’s main snares: E, A, D, G, B & E … The LOGICAL following tone on F, C, A, D & G is a higher C, so that’s the missing part in the melody and if bended, it probably will be C and C# 😉
    … I should count out the math meaning of it, but it’s easy to edit the sound: use some website to convert YouTube videos to MP3, than open it in some sound editing program and go with the flow 😀


  30. Yasmine says:

    Sounds very hollow to me, coming from underground for sure. Maybe undergoing stargate. Or ‘something’ just woke up.


  31. tyroneb says:

    I suspect the various strata of rocks are sliding.


  32. You mean this noisy Vuvuzelas during the South – African World cup 2010.


  33. BDM says:

    Listen around1:30 on sounds very similar


    • SilvaMak says:

      That really does sound like the deep rumbling noises that have been reported, and if you are not close to it you would not hear the falling rocks, just the rumbling pulsing sound. Maybe there really is something in the underground tunnel story that has been so discredited due to its authors bad reputation.


  34. Gen says:

    Could be vibrations coming from space. On this link videos of sounds made by Saturn and Jupiter.


      • nitewarlok says:

        considering that our ionosphere does the disappearing act now and again and that our magnetosphere is missing part of itself,im of the mind that these noises are to do with some kind of cosmic vibration to do with our planets dimishing protective shield or they are to do with the mantle itself as it perhaps moves faster as it has become lets say greased over the last few months.there is a plausible explanation i do know that.the simple one staring u right in the face,that most will reject as being too easy and simple of an explanation,,i dont think man has anything to do with these sounds,,but who knows lol


  35. Gen says:

    Also, I read this on Wikianswers.

    “Yes, the alien warrior’s horn is much simular to the tripod’s horn. Like the tripod, their horn is louder and and may be used to call for reinforcements. Unlike the tripod’s horn, the alien horn seems to shake things and cause little earthquakes as evident of how the screen shakes when they blow their horn. The tripod’s horn does nothing to the environment that creating noises.”


  36. Alex says:

    Did Anybody Check the Cemeteries and see if all the dead are still there ?


  37. Shawnta says:

    I have to agree that this sounds fake to me and very much like WAR OF THE WORLDS…also those 3 people walking were like, la la la, walking along like it is a sunny beautiful day. LOL!
    But what do I know?


  38. Peter says:

    Here’s another recording of a strange sound:


  39. Dakota says:

    Puzzling and interesting:

    I’m puzzled as to why the birds are still flying about and the dog on the ground does not seem to be agitated at all. Animals usually seek shelter when there is a sense of danger. The people walking about I can understand why they may not be to concerned – maybe they have experienced this sound before.

    In the brackets I have posted a quote from Ukraine poster – translated into English from the Ukrainian site.

    What I find interesting is one poster stated; [“At the 4th minute, (around 4:05) a child is very clearly explained to, they, in the sky we spetsialna scary. They are terrible.As the microbes. He Indigo, they know everything. This is bad aliens to come forward.] “На 4 хвилині дитина очен ясно Обясните, Це ВОНИ, високо в небі нас спеціална лякають. Вони страшні.Як мікроби. Він Індиго, вони все знають. Це погані прибульці про себе заявляють.”

    Interesting that the poster pointed out that he/she thinks the the child may be an Indigo child. They the Indigo as well as Chrystal children are suppose to be highly intelligent and super sensitive and born on earth to help guide – warn mankind etc.

    It would be great if someone would listen to the video again and translate what the child is saying – it could just be the ramblings of a child or it could be much more. Today is Sunday; meaning I have no access to my friend who is from the Ukraine where as I could ask him to translate what the child is saying – I’ll play this for him tomorrow for further English translation. I would like to know what he is saying – I think there is a saying which goes something like this; “out of the mouths of babes……. ( can’t remember the last part of the phrase. Should be interesting to find out what the little one is saying.

    As far as the underground tunneling project in Kiev I’m a bit confused and some what unconvinced that this is what’s causing the “noise” in light of what the poster thought the child said.

    Hi Alvin……….. endless love.


  40. M.A. says:

    Creepiest sound ever… made creepier by the “scene” there… almost completely empty streets, the tweets & songs of birds… It sounds like when the machines rose out of the ground and turned on in “war of the worlds.” Here’s a thought, since every other one has already been voiced, either here or on other forums (i.e., hollow earth, bunkers being built, heaven’s trumpets sounding, etc.). What is sound? Sound is a vibration. That sound comes in waves. Perfect waves, repetition. Machines could, I guess, make that sound, but not in such perfect rhythm. The sound also has a moving metal scraping sound. Anyway, what if this has to do with that theory, that paper, on that enormous electromagnetic field or “cloud” in space, which is supposed to, just barely, near us this month into next? Perhaps this sound is the reaction of the earth pulling or vibrating due to magnetism? In theory, it would definitely cause vibrations, and if this theory is true, then wouldn’t it be intense magnetism? Wouldn’t it cause everything under the ground to shift as a reaction to it? Wouldn’t the sound be constant in reaction to the magnetism? It has been heard all over the world at varying times, mostly this year, so wouldn’t that vibration and/or hum grow stronger as that field/cloud got closer? If this is related to the hums and vibrations in florida and other such places that had a weaker-sounding version of this earlier this year, then wouldn’t it make sense that the closer it got, the stronger and louder it would become?

    Besides tunnels, hollow Earth, bunkers, aliens, etc., this is the only “new” theory I could come up with that would account for this. Not that those aren’t good theories, just wanted to add something to the conversation. 🙂


  41. Liz says:

    Do you have wind turbines near you? Industrial wind turbine noise varies with the atmosphere and terrain. Sound a little bit like it.


  42. goodbyemilkyway says:

    eerie sound yesterday….volcano today…hummm..maybe Mother Earth has gas….sound is a Chakra sound…a low chakra..a grounding one, red/yellow…

    like a singing bowl…


  43. Gen says:

    Alvin, that you tube site. Listen to Venus from NASA. Virtually identical. Also listen to Neptune.

    Are the sounds of planets coming through the weak part of the magnetosphere. We need to see if specific planets are closer to earth when different sounds are heard around the globe.


  44. Gen says:

    Listening to that wind turbine video it makes you wonder what sort of messages we might be sending out to space.

    Maybe we need to wait for reports of strange sounds from around the globe when the next comet flies by earth.


  45. idiotbox says:

    Magnetic resonance.


  46. Liz says:

    Sounds like you are not the only ones with strange noise. Look at this video. There is a flash of light and then the noise is gone.


  47. Colleen says:

    This sound is very eerie, no question about it. I am having a hard time believing this is real. It could be a hoax. Or it could be a precursor to a mega quake that is shortly to come to pass. The earth has been going through some painful changes. They are reporting similar sounds in Ontario Canada. It seems to be propagating.


  48. Sarah Athy says:

    According to an ET source, this noise is caused by reverberation by a portal from removing heavy machinery from regional bases. wow


  49. observer says:

    heres a theory and bear in mind i haven’t come across anyone who thinks the same as i do but im gonna put it out there to see what you think

    have any of you heard of quantum entanglement?

    if the noises on Jupiter are similar and there happening on earth whos to say that the possibility of being somehow linked to jupiter via some strange kind of quantun entanglement is not the cause?

    would love to hear your theory on this alvin.

    for all those who dont know what quantum entanglement is heres a link


  50. SilvaMak says:

    Having spent a few days now closely listening to the Kiev and other Ukraine ‘strange sound’ vids, and the one in USA (with the coloured lights in a triangle) and the one in Belarus, back to back with the Tripod horn sounds (Ukraine/USA vids) and Gabriel horn sound from Legion (Belarus vid), I find they are almost the same. Could easily be faked by taking one or two clips from the movies, strip the sound off and change pitch/speed/reverse bits/add harmonics in audacity and then either play in the background whilst filming or add in later on a diff layer. Also some background noise at low level was in both War of the Worlds and the Kiev vid. Another thing is the sounds are not one long continuous sound nor are they of particularly varying length, which is also very movie clip like. I am still looking into the other ‘wooshing air’ vids and the ‘explosive bangs’ vids though. Now I am not saying that these trumpet sounding vids are definately hoaxes, but they are a bit close for comfort to two movie sounds that are well known. Also I guess the fact that the people in the street seemed fairly oblivious to it all. Anyone else got any plausable ideas?


  51. Peter says:

    I used to be recommended this web site by my cousin. I’m now not sure whether this submit is written through him as no one else recognize such designated approximately my difficulty. You’re amazing! Thank you!


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