Heat-wave setting records throughout U.S. Midwest- 39 dead

July 19, 2011HORIZON CITY, Texas (AP) — The high temperatures gripping much of the Midwest are nearly certain to persist through the week, and forecasters say the extreme discomfort will soon spread to the East Coast. The misery was widespread Monday, with the worst conditions blanketing a broad band from Texas to Minnesota and Dakotas. Seventeen states issued heat watches, warnings or advisories. The heat index easily surpassed 100 degrees in many places, including 126 in Newton, Iowa, and 119 in Madison, Minn. But few people are hit as hard as the poor. In Oklahoma, for example, applications from elderly and low-income residents are pouring in for help to pay utility bills. And Chicago officials have opened six cooling centers, many of them in lower-income neighborhoods, along with hundreds of air-conditioned public buildings. –AP
Epic: The National Weather Service put 18 states stretching from North Dakota to Texas and East to Ohio under a heat warning, watch or advisory. It said as many 13 deaths in the past week in the Midwest could be blamed on the effects of the heat. When humidity was factored in, the heat index made it feel as hot as 110 degrees in a broad swath of the nation. “This is unusual,” said Pat Slattery, spokesman for the Weather Service. “There’s no sugar-coating anything here.” –MSNBC
Unusual heatwave: There is no relief in sight in Omaha until at least Sunday, said Mike Pigott, meteorologist with Accuweather, The World-Herald’s weather consultant. A “cold” front moving in slowly might bring the temperatures down to 90 degrees. Pigott said the only states that didn’t see 90 degrees Monday were Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. The heat wave extends from Salt Lake City to New York City, he said, and it’s the largest he has ever seen. “The heat isn’t what’s unusual,” Pigott said. “It’s how large an area this heat covers.” –Omaha.com
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8 Responses to Heat-wave setting records throughout U.S. Midwest- 39 dead

  1. LA says:

    Its certainly scorching here in Kansas!! I am so thankful that we had a long and wet spring this year.


  2. Kenny moore says:

    In the words of Jim Carrey from The Mask- SMOKIN!


  3. Tracey says:

    Well its horrible here in the UK , actually quite chilly in the evenings , it feels like the start of Autumn….there are plants in my garden that are flowering that shouldnt be flowering until September….


    • Dennis says:

      Tracey, similar instances here in NC, USA. I’ve noticed there are certain trees that their leave usually turn in August, are doing so now.

      So, are the seasons becoming shorter?


  4. Wiseguy says:

    The word of the year… Unusual !!! Unusual tornadoes, unusual winter storms, unusual hail storms, unusual heat wave, unusual flood, unusual animal deaths, unusual earthquakes, unusual volcanic activities… What else can we say…

    God bless all, we’re lucky to have our eyes wide open…


  5. Brandon says:

    Alvin, What are the chances all these earth changes will settle down and we will be okay?


    • Brandon, if you’ve ever lit a match, you know its a chemical reaction and the process is irreversible. This process will continue to escalate and will reach such a crisis that is will eventually threaten all life on the planet. I’ve been saying this for more than 2 years even before the world suffers through such earthchanges as you see now that many once thought impossible….the world is now standing with mouth agape watching the horrors around them unfold. Stay tuned…


  6. Milt says:

    Has anyone hear or read of reports of possible snow hitting the west coast, even though it appears to be hot now? Is this a possibility with other weather patterns being in the mix in the Pacific? Thanks. the west coast, even though it appears to be hot now? Is this a possibility with other weather patterns being in the mix in the Pacific? Thanks.


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