Dark plume ejected from Chile’s Planchón-Peteroa volcano

April 26, 2011CHILE – Eruptions reader Gitta noted a fairly impressive ash plume at Chile’s Planchón-Peteroa – at least seen on the webcam. The plume isn’t especially tall, at least not from the vantage point of the webcam, but it is rather dark and grey in complexion, suggesting a lot of fractured rock or new magma in the plume itself. Planchón-Peteroa has been producing intermittent plumes for the past year or so, some as high as 4.6 km / 15,000 feet, but nothing in the way of a large eruption, which the volcano is definitely capable (see the VEI 4 eruption of 1762). The activity has been fairly low as of late, with no SERNAGEOMIN update (spanish) on the volcano since last October. This current plume is likely just more of the same from Planchón-Peteroa, but at least today, the viewing is very nice to see the activity at the remote Chilean volcano. –Big Think
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6 Responses to Dark plume ejected from Chile’s Planchón-Peteroa volcano

  1. Tina Marie says:

    Alvin. Have there ever been this many volcanoes erupting at one time before? I’m in my 40’s and I can’t remember ever hearing about this much activity going on at once all over the world but then again the don’t really cover this much in the “news” on TV. I wouldn’t know about most of it now if it wasn’t for your site. Thanks for the info we can’t get anywhere else and always answering questions to help us understand these things even better. It’s much appreciated by many I know.


    • Tina, 2010 saw the most volcanic eruptions in recorded history by examining all the data from the USGS, I and others had cross referenced-

      2010: 82 volcanic eruptions
      1994: 58 volcanic eruptions

      The number of volcanic eruptions has been steadily intensifying for 17 years. You’re welcome.


  2. KB says:

    WOw another one. More and more keep erupting.With more than 600 reports of tornadoes so far this month, US forecasters say April 2011 may end up being the most active April on recordand we still have a severe storm heading my direction tonight and tomorrow. Praying for those who are still dealing with the destruction and also those around the world who are dealing with landslides, flooding, etc. I saw flooding in parts of Canada, America, Venezeula, Colombia. Its just crazy!

    And people I know still have their eyes are closed to what is happening around them in the world and I am probably an annoying bug they keep trying to swataway because I am constantly telling them news.

    God Bless


  3. Howard Clyde says:

    Hey I have recently came back from Costa Rica and saw many active volcanoes. One of them (Arenal) actually erupted while we were visting sending an ash cloud into the sky (Awesome!!!!). Another Volcano near to some family is Volcano Miravalles and Volcano Tenorio. Do these volcanoes have a risk of a major eruption happening? With all of the volcanic activity as of late it concerns me as I have some family that definently live within the red zone of Miravalles if it were to erupt. I am having a tough time finding out any recent data on these volcanoes. Just curious to know what you think. Thanks!


    • Howard Clyde says:

      Alvin, do you have any in formation on volcanoes in this region. I love the site and visit a lot, just thought I’d see what you thought about that area as I am not an expert on Volcanoes at any level.


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