Planetary tremor 2-11: Earth inching closer to major geological upheaval

February 12, 2011The Extinction Protocol – We will try to lay out the magnitude of the event which just erupted on our planet. It began with small seismic band waves rippling across tectonic plates on February 10, 2011 and by the time the kinetic energy had crested, plates were experiencing agitation across the globe. The 21:00-22:00 GMT planetary tremor of February 11 saw seismographs across the planet going into the black as two massive back-to-back quakes of 6.7 and 6.5 magnitudes struck the Celebes Sea near the Philippines.
The North American plate and the Eurasian plate trembled along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, running through Iceland, as they were being pulled apart. We monitored no less than about 87 tremors over the span of a few hours along the MAR running through Iceland (left). These Icelandic tremors were followed by jarring jolts of the Pacific Plate and a rumbling of the African plate which produced subsequent tremors along the Eastern Rift Valley. The Nazca plate was being shoved under the South American plate creating a dragging obstruction which rippled along the coast of Chile with two massive quakes, a 6.8 and a 6.1 erupting in Bio Bio, just off the coast of Chile. This has put inordinate strain on the Cocos and Caribbean plates making the region of Central America and the Caribbean area more unstable and prone to additional catastrophic seismic disturbances in the near future.


The Event: Seismograph readings from Barbados, Chile, Cuba and Kenya
We rank this planetary tremor event as the strongest we’ve seen so far and believe this is evidence that these episodes are now increasing in scope and intensity and could soon ignite volcanic arcs and zones across the span of the globe. (Left) Magnetospheric flux pattern change during onset of planetary event. And though few can see it because they are absorbed in worldly enterprise or transfixed on political events sweeping across the globe, planet Earth is inching that much closer to major geological upheaval.                 (c) 2011
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52 Responses to Planetary tremor 2-11: Earth inching closer to major geological upheaval

  1. Joe says:

    I have read some about events being pulled from seismic sites. About 2:45 – 3:00 this AM I saw it for myself. USGS had a 3.5 at Yelloestone. I went to another site to see if they had it listed and when I returned to the site, they had already ‘pulled’ it! I did not think to save the screen but will do so if I ever witness it again. It did, however, validate the cover up I had been reading about. I enjoy your site.


  2. Laura says:

    There was also a 4.6 at Yellowstone that was removed. It happened last night. The USGS has claimed to an aquaintance via email, they are having “software issues” and that is the reason for the removals. I’m having a hard time accepting that story.


  3. Devin says:

    I look at a site called RSOE, it as a global resourse for all types of events, but as of late there is less activity or no activity at all. The 4.6 in Yellowstone never even showed up. The Government does not want us to know anything about what is coming, and they don’t want us using freedom of speech to inform others.


  4. Elijah Brown says:

    The USGS removing info about Yellowstone, now I’m a little freaked. Yellowstone blowing her top would be one of the most devastating things i could think of happening to the US.


    • I hear the frustration from all of you concerning information being screened on Yellowstone. At some point, activity at the government run USGS site will become an issue of national security if it hasn’t already when the tide turns and the caldera becomes an imminent threat. Here’s an alternative site run by the University of Utah and believe it or not, their map is loaded with recent quake activity. We don’t see an imminent eruption at YS but let’s all keep monitoring events. Peace and blessings…


  5. Karen says:

    I appreciate this site so much. I am one of those people who can sometimes sense earthquakes or earth movement. I have been able to all my life. Yesterday I was sure there was something going on and it was so frustrating to not be able to read about much activity on the usgs site. Your site helps keep me sane!


  6. Ben says:

    Agree with Karen. Found your site by accident a week or so ago and very glad I did. It is a quick snapshot of global events when one lacks the time to search.

    Keep up the good work – it’s appreciated.


  7. Gabriel says:

    The announcement on the Yellowstone event was the following (from USGS, via e-mail):

    2011-02-12 02:36:09 (Ml 4.6) YELLOWSTONE NAT. PARK, WYOMING 44.3 -111.0 (3dae
    Geographic coordinates: 44.270N, 110.973W
    Magnitude: 4.6 Ml
    Depth: 15 km
    Universal Time (UTC): 12 Feb 2011 02:36:09
    Time near the Epicenter: 11 Feb 2011 19:36:09
    Local standard time in your area: 11 Feb 2011 23:36:09

    Location with respect to nearby cities:
    32 km (20 miles) ENE (58 degrees) of Warm River, ID
    39 km (24 miles) SE (131 degrees) of Island Park, ID
    42 km (26 miles) NE (44 degrees) of Drummond, ID
    398 km (247 miles) N (11 degrees) of Salt Lake City, UT

    event ID : UU 00005729

    Later on it was ‘deleted’ as follows (also by e-mail from USGS):

    2011-02-12 02:36:09 DELETED: (M 4.6) YELLOWSTONE NAT. PARK, WYOMING 44.3 -111.0 (3dae)
    DELETED: Event UU 00005729


    ***This event has been deleted after review by a seismologist.***


  8. pamela says:

    I have to chime in too, this site is a God send! I check it everyday.
    also, thanks for that link to the Utah earthquake info site.


  9. novelka says:

    I just discovered this site today, and must admit was looking for something like this for some time now. If you asked me half a year ago about the ‘end of the world’ (whatever one may understand by it) I would say you are mental.
    Now Im a believer. One cannot close ones eyes on what is happening all around the world…I was just looking for some comprehensive source of iformatio, as what I could find on official websites was ridicoulusly poor. Thank you for this! Also – any other websites worth following folks?

    With respect.


  10. Eric Popoff says:

    I receive the Yellowstone Seismic email alerts from USGS. Late Friday and early Saturday AM I received about a dozen event alerts, all of which were subsequently deleted. These events are all still viewable at the following link that shows an animation of recent earthquakes. Interesting to watch the events “disappear”…


  11. Paul Demorest says:

    I felt the earth tremor here on the north shore of Lake Ontario, and when I tried to explain what I felt to my wife, she was somewhat curious until she found this site, it was a deep rumble that felt as if it was coming directly up from underground, which it was in essence, and it lasted for about 5 seconds and then stopped, was the strangest feeling I have ever felt.
    Anyway thanks for your work on this site, I have been following eq’s and Yellowstone daily for about 4 years now, and yes I agree, something is on it’s way……all best Paul.


  12. Michael U says:

    Something wicked this way comes….


  13. ecayau says:



  14. Robin Ashton says:

    I just discovered this site today too! Wow, fills in a lot of holes. RSOE has not been/ or been able to keep reporting some of the things they usually do, such as USGS shutting down their volcano monitoring system for the public. And yes, the quakes that are not showing up either, and I know have been happening.


  15. Judd says:

    Isaiah 24, Nahum 1 & Revelation 5………any questions? Thanks for your work. Time is drawing short……”draw near to the Lord and He will draw near to you”


  16. trishanne says:

    At about 4.30 am on 13th February… I was woken up from a very deep sleep by my bed shaking… I am a late sleeper most times and over the past 4 years I have been feeling slight shakes in my house in the early hours of the morning when everything in the city is almost still … I live at the top of a 4 story house… and although these slight tremor were barely felt… I felt them… However the one on 13th shook my bed… I live in London UK… Is it possible that I could have felt these Earth tremors…., I mean I woke up and it was still slightly shaking as I told myself to go back to sleep because as I say… I have felt them periodically over the past 4 or so years…. and have begun to think it might be freight trains passing on the rail lines about 1/2 mile from my house…?? Does anyone have any thoughts on this because I have also thought that they are small Earthquakes…


    • I think you are not alone, Trishanne. Like animals, some of us have a special sensitivity to the tremors or the resonate frequency of crystaline rock abrading during a fault eruption. Tremors resonate though the planet’s lithosphere and their frequency has been increasing- leaving the earth in a state of sympatheic resonation and in some cases producing an atmospheric rumble and ground tremble or a low-pitch humming noise. Here’s the live seismic server where you can monitor global seismographs the next time there is another seismic flux.


  17. Zach says:

    Love the site. Just found it after reading about the solar flare on Fark. Bookmarked!


  18. annabelle says:

    Thank you for you excellent site and great work! Generally, how do animals react, give us signs?


  19. Tom Posey says:

    All I can say is WOW!! Thanks for a great informative site. Just found you today, but I will be a regular. Again thank you.


  20. Marilyn says:

    I just found your site today, I love it, Thank you for the info. It is needed.


  21. sandra says:

    I was aware of trembling of the earth in the early hours of this morning 17th February. As we have had an earthquake aprox 3 years ago I was worried that we were about to have another. Has any one else had the same experience. I live close to Wragby in Lincolnshire..


  22. Flatula Id Cherceru says:

    Excellent compilation. thank you for doing this!


  23. Shawnta says:

    Amazing site, have been reading for a week now…informative, and really to see it all compiled together is exciting…I have felt ever since I was a child that I would not live to be old. Strange to say that, but it is true. Things seem to have accelerated. I am not afraid…I am actually finding it all very interesting to see it all line up and play out so to speak. Amazing.


  24. Gloria Cooper says:

    Just found this site. Thanks very much for gathering info that I have had to chase all over the net before to find, if I could find it at all. So often I had to just enter random words I guessed at on search sites. I live in Denver, CO which is close to Yellowstone. I have been trying to monitor it but keep getting conflicting info. I am bookmarking this site and will check back often! Thanks again!


  25. Gabrielle says:

    I’m from New Zealand & was recommended to this site by other People & whom i’ve recommended to a good friend of mine in Arkasas US. Keep up the good work here, i’ll certainly keep coming back, thanks,,,Gabe.


  26. Rochelle says:

    I loving this site as so many on here share the same feeling of connection with the universe and its power. I am a New Zealander and have grown up feeling tremors all my life.I have been living in Australia for the past 12 years and have noticed the unusual flooding ans storm activitys over here.There is something I want to share with you all that happened to me a day before the Haiti Qauke. I was lying in bed with my husband and felt the earth underneath me gently rock and sway from sode to side for what seemed like a minute. I asked my husband if he was feeling the earthqauke as i was quite disturbed and he had no idea what I was talking about. He didnt feel it. The very next day,not even 24 hours later the Haiti qauke struck. I had no idea that some of us us sensitive to vibrations. Thankyou for this site!


    • Thank you Rochelle. I believe some of us are born with the a gifted degreee of sensitivity to our surrounding environ more than others. That’s an extraordinary story and I thank you for sharing it.

      peace and blessings, Alvin


  27. Rhondda says:

    Your site is excellent…with so many natural disasters for people to deal with we are all looking for answers, I have been following the mayan calendar for awhile now and your site is very informative….I feel energies and lately it has been affecting me….thanks for you work.


  28. Karen Lane says:

    My name is Karen, I live in Australia. I wanted to share my story with you. I used to feel ‘vibrations’. I thought I was going mad as no-one else could feel them. It wasn’t until I went to the USA July last year and spent 3 very long days in San Francisco. By the end of the 3 days I thought I would go round the twist. The earth tremors were driving me nuts. I couldn’t relax and my travelling friend thought I was insane. I couldn’t wait to leave. The day of the Christchurch earthquake I was so out of sorts, I even went as far as telling colleagues something really bad was going to happen in the world, I didn’t know where or how bad but I knew it wasn’t good. (needless to say I have made him a bit of a believer now) and again yesterday before Japan. It may well all be coincidence but I know what I feel in my body, I tend to call it harmonics. I am so pleased I am not on my own. I will no keep an eye on your site for more insight


    • We live on a dynamic planet and plates grind constantly creating resonate frequencies, which some people may hear as a “hum.” Auckland, Taos New Mexico hums are examples of that. Animals are more attuned to these frequency pitch variations and scurry away from approaching seismic dangers.

      Thanks for sharing Karen, peace and blessings Alvin


  29. athel says:

    Just wanted to say hi from Greece.. Lovely site, and lovely and informative comments from people! Thanks to all. For me, natural disasters have been linked with a bloody nose, some times for days… This time it started on Thursday before Japan quake and stopped suddenly on Monday. All the best…


  30. patricia says:

    Daily, i miss not a one of your up-to-date event news.
    I live on this planet, and I want to know what is going on with her.
    We are in an amazing time, and must stay very alert right now.
    We must be thinking…”HUMANITY’…
    We must be informed and kind about passing these events on to others.
    This is the most simple, to the point and truthful site of this sort on the internet.
    I am constantly forwarding news from this site.
    Keep it up…it’s good karma, folks.


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