7.0 magnitude earthquake strikes off the southwest coast of Japan

Japan 7
November 2015JAPAN A magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck Saturday off the coast of southwest Japan, triggering a small tsunami. There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries. The earthquake struck at 5:51 a.m. (20:51 GMT) at a depth of 10 kilometers (6 miles) about 190 kilometers southwest of Kagoshima city, the Japan Meteorological Agency said.
A 30-centimter (one-foot) tsunami was recorded at 6:45 a.m. on Nakanoshima, a small island to the south of Kyushu, Japan’s southernmost main island. A tsunami advisory for Kagoshima prefecture and a string of small islands was lifted at 7:20 a.m. –AD
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Mysterious space junk hurtling towards Earth crashes into Indian Ocean

Space Junk
November 2015SPACE A mysterious piece of space junk that was detected hurtling towards Earth about a month ago splashed down in the Indian Ocean this morning, scientists said. The space debris, named WT1190F, entered the Earth’s atmosphere and landed off the coast of Sri Lanka, according to NASA. Scientists first spotted the object on Oct. 3 and have been tracking its movements since then so they were able to predict when and where it would hit. “It was never a threat to anyone on Earth because of its small size,” NASA spokeswoman Laura Castillo told ABC News today.
The object landed in the Indian Ocean about 50 miles off the coast of Sri Lanka at roughly 1:15 a.m. Eastern time today, Castillo said. Though the exact nature of the object remains unknown, and likely will for a long time, Castillo said that it is believed to be a “low-density” man-made object. “So that would suggest something like panel as opposed to something round or more dense,” Castillo said.
In terms of size, Castillo said that it is believed to be roughly 3 to 6 feet long. Detlef Koschny, the head of the European Space Agency’s Near Earth Object office, told ABC News that they have determined that it was definitely “something artificial” as opposed to being an organic piece of matter. –ABC News

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5.1 magnitude earthquake strikes off Alaska coast

Alaska 5
November 2015ALASKA – A medium-power earthquake with a magnitude of 5.1 struck the Aleutian Islands off the coast of Alaska. This comes only two days after the archipelago was hit by a 6.2 magnitude quake. The earthquake occurred at 2:28 p.m GMT (5:28 a.m. local time) on Thursday, about 68 miles (109 km) of the island hamlet of Atka, putting it squarely between the United States and Russia, according to the US Geological Survey.
The Thursday trembler is only the latest in the series of similar geological events that have hit Alaska. On Monday, the sparsely-populated island chain was hit by a 6.2 magnitude earthquake around 7 a.m. local time, this time 58 miles (93 km) southeast of Atka. On Friday, south central Alaska was hit by a light 4.5 magnitude quake and could be felt in Anchorage, which it occurred 53 miles north of. No damage was reported, according to the Alaska Earthquake Center. The Aleutian Islands is a highly seismic area. Major earthquakes and tsunamis have come from seismic activity in the area. –RT News
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Vast underground river system discovered in once-vibrant Western Sahara – climate collapsed rapidly

November 2015 AFRICA A riveting mystery is unfolding in Western Sahara, as scientists discover a massive ancient underground river system with the aid of satellite imaging. It confirms that only about 5,000 years ago, the Sahara was an immensely vibrant place. The African region containing the Mauritanian Desert is roughly the size of the United States – or a quarter of Africa; so if such conditions persisted today, the river system would be the world’s 12th-largest, French-led research indicates in the journal Nature Communications.
That means a river some 500km long, with sources in the Atlas Mountains and Hoggar Highlands, in present-day Algeria. The team used hi-tech equipment aboard the Japanese Advanced Land Observing Satellite – particularly the PALSAR sensor system, capable of detailed underground imaging from space. As the river approached the coast, it carried important minerals and nutrients by way of an ancient underground canyon system, the team believes. Those were fed to the variety of plant life, which existed in abundance in the region and off the coast of Mauritania, as food for marine life. The region just off the coast had an incredibly rich ecosystem, with plenty of filter feeders and other organisms sustaining it. If that area had stayed hospitable, the entire region would be fit for humans to thrive in.

Africa 2

 All of this activity took place during several humid periods stretching to 245,000 years ago. The last such period would have been 5,000 years ago, according to calculations. But abrupt changes in climate caused a near-complete dry- up. The connection with the Cap Timiris Canyon system is obvious – the underground canyon lines up almost perfectly to the river system. The 2.5km wide and kilometer-deep artery that was first mapped in 2003 terminates off the Mauritanian coast. Underground sediment and river-bone particles found at the bottom of the ancient underground shelf establishes the link with inland Africa.
“It’s a great geological detective story and it confirms more directly what we had expected. This is more compelling evidence that in the past there was a very big river system feeding into this canyon,” Russell Wynn of the National Oceanography Center in Southampton, who helped create the 3D map of the canyon, told the Guardian. He was not part of the current research. As the researchers indicate in the study, the current finding “provides new insights for the interpretation of terrigenous sediment records off Western Africa, with important implications for our understanding of the paleohydrological history of the Sahara.”
 According to Wynn, this should serve as an example to those who doubt how fast climate change can happen. The area in Western Sahara went from humid to arid within a space of just a couple of thousands of years. –RT
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Mexico: Colima volcano has another double eruption

Colima Volcano
November 2015MEXICO Less than a week after a pair of eruptions, Mexico’s Colima or Fire volcano pulled of the feat again on Tuesday (10 November) morning, as its period of activity continues. According to officials, the first eruption occurred at 7.03am local time, sending a column of ash and smoke some 2,500m into the sky. National Civil Protection coordinator Luis Felipe Puente said on his Twitter account that ash and smoke rose 2,000m above the crater of the volcano during the second explosion, which occurred at 9.02am local time.
Located in the south-western Mexican state of Colima, the Fire Volcano has been exhibiting continuous activity since 9 July. Over the past months, nearby villages have been blanketed with thick coats of ash, prompting evacuations. Officially known as the Colima Volcano, it was previously active in January and February and is part of the Pacific’s Ring of Fire. Mexico contains over 3,000 volcanoes but only 14 are considered active. –IB TIMES
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Oklahoma is now the “top earthquake region” in the world

Oklahoma Quakes
November 2015 OKLAHOMA State officials say Oklahoma has a new claim to fame. According to them, The Sooner State is now the top earthquake area in the world. The Grant County community, north of Enid, is the largest to be rattled by a string of earthquakes. The Corporation Commission is cracking down on injection well operations in Medford. At least a dozen earthquakes shook Oklahoma Tuesday alone. Since Saturday, Medford has really been shaking. Now, a plan is put in place to help put an end to these.
The earthquakes in Medford are getting stronger and lasting longer. “This is an area that traditionally has had no seismicity until very recently,” says Matt Skinner with the Corporation Commission. It’s shown just in the last few days. The Oklahoma Corporation Commission believes the reason for the earthquakes, is disposal well injecting into the Arbuckle formation. “We’ve had somewhere in the area of 20 earthquakes since Saturday morning there maybe even a little bit more as I speak,” he says.
Barbara Bush of Medford knows all too well, she tells us the quakes are getting more and more frightening. “We’ve been concerned and we’ve become complacent almost my kids were here from Dallas my son and his wife they were scared to death they were ready to leave the house,” she tells us. She says she does not know what it will really cost her, and her property. “How are we going to know that until down the road? I mean we have constant shaking.”
So, new measures to cut back on the quakes will be phased in. The Corporation Commission says the first step is volume cutback on injection wells. All wells within 0-3 miles of the epicenter of the cluster of earthquakes will be cut back by 50% of the average volume. Then, wells 3-6 miles will be cut back by 25%. Skinner warns, it must be done in two phases. “There is a theoretical risk that the change in pressure can actually cause more earthquake activity,” he says. There have been similar volume cut back in other parts of the state to help put a stop to these earthquakes, including Cushing. –KTUL
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Unprecedented: Second freak tropical cyclone strikes Yemen in the same week – cyclone Megh kills 13 on Socotra Island

Cyclone Megh
November 2015GULF OF ADENWinds and rain from the second rare cyclone to hit Yemen in two weeks have killed 13 people, including three children, on Yemen’s Socotra island, the fisheries minister said on Tuesday. Cyclone Megh slammed into Socotra on Sunday with category four hurricane-force winds, and arrived on the Yemeni mainland’s southern shore near the port city of Aden on Tuesday. Fisheries Minister Fahd Kafayen said that three fishermen were also missing on the island, according to his Facebook page. The storm injured an estimated 60 people and damaged houses, the main power station and hospital on Socotra, the U.N. humanitarian office OCHA said.
It is an area of the Arabian Sea where cyclones were virtually unheard of before this month, but two such storms have battered Socotra within the past two weeks. Last week, Cyclone Chapala killed eight people on the Yemeni mainland. The lack of experience with cyclones means that Yemen, which has been ravaged by war this year, is ill-equipped to deal with floods and high winds. The latest storm weakened significantly after reaching mainland Yemen’s mountainous terrain on Tuesday, about 70 km (40 miles) east of the port of Aden, a spokeswoman for the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said.
The Geneva-based organization said a third storm could be brewing in the Arabian Sea, but spokeswoman Clare Nullis said those winds were expected to abate. The WMO said the highly unusual strike by two cyclones in a week was due to the “Indian Ocean dipole,” a weather phenomenon similar to a regional “El Nino” effect caused by unusually warm surface water in the Arabian Sea. Megh came a week after Cyclone Chapala killed 11 Yemenis on Socotra and the mainland, dumping nearly a decade of average annual rainfall on the impoverished country in just two days.
More than a third of Socotra’s population, 18,000 people, were displaced by that cyclone. Megh tracked further south than Chapala and, earlier, brought three times the annual rainfall to parts of Puntland in Somalia, threatening flash floods around the tip of the Horn of Africa, the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization said. Aid efforts in Yemen are hampered by the seven-month war between a Shi’ite Muslim militia based in the capital Sanaa in the north of the country and forces loyal to the exiled government, backed by Gulf Arab states. –Trust.org

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Sign of the Times: billionaires preparing for apocalyptic end of the world with elaborate underground bunker complex

Bunker O
November 2015CZECH REPUBLICIt stands alone in a quiet valley in the Czech Republic, bordered by a magnificent countryside. The estate is surrounded by high walls, and is not visible at ground level. From the air, the compound appears to be a large administration center. This is The Oppidum, a massive 323,000 square foot property with plans for a spectacular estate. What lies hidden beneath, carved deep in the mountain is the largest residential doomsday shelter in the world.
The Oppidum will be more than an underground bunker for dangerous times. It provides an above-ground residential estate in which the owners can maintain a high standard of living in a secluded area above ground during times of potential danger. The compound is protected by multiple high-security systems (from high walls and detection sensors to automated defense technology) and strong communications with the outside world. The residents can enter the shelter by descending through a secret corridor to the bunker, sealing it with a blast door in less than a minute. It enables inhabitants to return quickly to the above-ground residence once the threat has passed.
The below-ground Bunker of The Oppidum will be the area in which inhabitants can be isolated and protected from the threat of war, disease, natural disasters, or personal threats ranging from terrorists to zombies. The planned luxurious underground compound on two levels includes a total space of 77,500 sf with 13 foot high ceilings. The layout features one large 6,750 sf apartment and six 1,720 sf apartments.
Among the luxury features are an underground garden with simulated natural light, as well as a spa, swimming pool, cinema, library, and other leisure facilities. There will be offices and a conference room as well as medical and surgical facilities and supplies. Custom private vaults will also be designed to store valuables and personal art collections. The entire Oppidum complex can be operated from an underground control center, with exclusive access to communications networks internally and to the outside world.Forbes
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