42 Responses to China unveils strategic map for a nuclear submarine attack on U.S. cities

  1. Excellent superpower once ignored by the west.

  2. Ron says:

    China might be able to strike America with nukes, but, they themselves would also be annihilated instantly. It’s called Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD).

    • Mary Rhode says:

      Current administration is reducing our arsenal by drastic numbers.

    • Bob-O says:

      They would be annihilated if the order is given in time to strike back…..it took Obama 3 months to decide to kill Bin Laden….you do the math.

      • Who said he was killed? Who said it wasn’t a story for show to make Obama look good? Stop being gullible. Obama has narcissistic personality disorder, he wouldn’t get rid of all “his” nukes unless he believed he had a superior retaliation alternative, perhaps something like lightspeed missiles, space based lasers, who knows, our military has super advanced tech they keep classified. However, he may be so narcissistic and evil as to deliberately allow America to be nuked as “pay back” for his perceived wrongs committed by it. I think rather he is hoping to yield to a Chinese and Russian attack which he will allow to rage for while, killing off the majority of patriots, out of spite and then declaring that there’s nothing more he can do and must save America by submitting. No doubt to me he already has a deal cut in place and a scripted war agreement with China and Russia, maybe even Iran.

    • Karma says:

      Thank you. Still, I wonder if the Chinese understand MAD. Indeed, what’s mad is our insane creation of this Asian juggernaut since the Ping Pong Diplomacy of the early 70′s.

      • If we go to war with IRan that will be the beginning of world War 3. It’ll probably start with a nuclear terrorist attack by al qaeda on US soil where the nuke they used was from Iran. After that America will want blood and vote for someone stupid such as sarrah palin as president. She will anger nations like bush did and push the red button and its all over with. I had a nightmare about this and I hope it never comes true. But if it does your best chance of survival is to either get out of America or head out to sea before the nuclear exchange begins.

    • SP says:

      Isn’t this exactly what China is reminding the US about? It says so in the article.

  3. Tatiacha says:

    oh c’mon what kind of map is this, Eureka, CA but not San Diego, LA or San Francisco, Missoula MT LOL if this is their plan is they must want to come and live in Southern California, even so, if you are not even hitting Portland what would be the point in hitting tiny Eureka CA?

    • Kurt says:

      Two possible explanations:
      –It is disinformation. Obviously any serious nuclear attack would include L.A. & S.F. as well as Chicago, NYC & D.C–all curiously non-targeted in this map..
      –It looks to me like the two targeted locations in California may be the locations of the two commercial nuclear power plants in the state. I cannot speak for the targets located in the other states but perhaps those also coincide with nuclear plants?

    • Bobi Becker says:

      No where in the article or map does this say Eureka, CA. Clearly the targets are, Seattle, San Francisco and LA as well as many other targets on the East coast and northern mid west. Furthermore, the article states that this is a capability and more so a deterrent for any action on our part. Remember, China and Russia are STRONG allies……..

    • 2dog says:

      It’ Butte MT and yes that would be a place to radiate so that reconstruction efforts would be severly curtailed, but, Milwakee and Lansing???

  4. Brandon says:

    Yet, not a word by the US will be said. If this was Iran or Syria there would have already been a strike against them. This should let you know the world is being led by certain people on a pre-determined path.

  5. Indi Bunker says:

    Meanwhile back at Washington, they cut our military, cut our nukes, ground our fighters, while the country sleeps. Brush up on your russian and chinese.

  6. Robert Fox says:

    We are one world one people let’s live in peace together

    • wwj745 says:

      roflmao…The answer to “can’t we all just get along”. Is NO! Even John Lennon who sang Imagine. Could not get along in a group with 3 other people.

      • kissmybuttgoodbye says:

        We live short enough lives as is, let just swallow our pride and toast to the future. And the song “Imagine” read the title of this song, doesn’t say “reality”.

  7. Rafi says:

    What do you think is happening here? This is exactly what the few psychopaths controlling and manipulating the masses would want, a total nuclear holocaust between the dumb out societies particularly the US, while they are hunker down in there 90 million dollar bunkers at tax payers expense. They will come out in a few years once the radiation levels have dropped down h to a whole lot of land just for them.

  8. Josh Fields says:

    I must say it is a very poor target list compared to other nuclear target maps i have seen ,i would think they would launch ten times the amount shown on this map because ,China would only get one nuclear strike launched before the USA would counter strike with dozens if not hundreds of nuclear missiles .

  9. I just hope and pray they don’t nuke us or provoke MAD. “…And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet….” Mathew 24:6

  10. tonic says:

    China displays only what suits it. Look at it,s history.
    Why this show?
    Simple, power and wealth.
    Look at the timing and the recent shutdown due to national debt.

    • tonic says:

      As a managing director of a successful company, where would feel safe in future investment. This is economic, not, military. For now anyway.
      Only my two cents worth.

  11. dave says:

    I see a Chinese Nuc attack against the US as a real possibility. It may not happen for another 10 years or so, but my gut feeling is it’s coming. WW3 is coming, I believe, and it’ll be Nulear. Too many countries have Nucs now with more probably acquiring them in the future. And, with all the Psychopathic leaders of many nations around the world, it just seems inevitable that some Sociopath will “push the button”.

  12. Nam Marine says:

    RIGHT !…………..All, both of their submarines !

  13. sugar says:

    Do you honestly think they would unveil their targets to us the enemy? Duhhhhhhhh.

    And to Dave: 10 yrs? Get real. I’d be surprised if it were more than 10 months down the road.. They’d hit it us right now if the powers-that-be say ‘GO’. They’re ready. China’s been salivating for a long time. So is Russian. The planes and ships have us surrounded. Right China?
    Oh, I forgot…………..the moon has to be in the right place.

  14. They wouldn’t strike first…we owe them too much money!

    • MagenD says:

      That (According to the Bible) is EXACTLY why they STRIKE FIRST!!!

      Habakkuk 2:6-8
      6 “Will not all of them (Babylons Enemies) taunt him (Babylon/Ameica) with ridicule and scorn, saying,

      “‘Woe to him (America) who piles up stolen goods
          and makes himself wealthy by extortion!
          How long must this go on?’
      7 Will not your creditors (Russia/China) suddenly arise?
          Will they not wake up and make you tremble?
          Then you (Babylon/America) will become their (China’s/Russia’s) prey.
      8 Because you (Babylon/America) have plundered many nations,
          the peoples who are left will plunder you.

      Read all Habakkuk Chapter 2 for full understanding

  15. nickk0 says:

    My own opinion, is that China has replaced / will be replacing, Russia, as the Main Rival against the US.
    This time around, it is with a special twist – We didn’t trade much, if at all, with Russia during the Cold War.

    I wonder what the consequences would be, if the Chinese enacted a Trade Embargo against the US.
    Wal-Marx stores, would have to shut down, due to a lack of merchandise to sell. :|

  16. brian crozier says:

    We need to stop financing our enemies. End trade with them once and for all. Return all trade and military policy to 1960 laws.

  17. MagenD says:

    Could Russia/China Blindside/Invade US?!
    Most think they haven’t the ability to transport large amounts of troops?! 100 of these 100 MPH troop transports could?!

  18. Dbu says:

    There is a prophecy for us , from a guy name dumitru duduman, look on YouTube and see what’s coming to America

  19. tonic says:

    China and Russia will never nuke the US. The world has thankfully moved on, well sort of. Our world is now ruled by money only. power is now a thing of the past. Take down the US and you commit suicide and all three countries know this.
    Look closely at the downgrading now taking place worldwide in military staff and weaponry.
    Economics has replaced war and intel is now the weapon of choice.

  20. Amy says:

    While I read this page often, I rarely comment, but I thought I would add a little insight to this map. Several of the targets on the map may seem strange to many who are not familiar with military operations and such. There are several targets that may make no sense to most, but those with knowledge of military bases and installations, can tell you these locations are targeted to try to keep the US from firing back; or stop as many ICBs as possible.
    People think firing a nuke can be done by simply pushing a button. The procedure is actually more involved than two people turning two keys the same time and punching in a secret code. This is only particially true. In fact, it takes several people in several locations to launch a nuclear weapon. They each have to use their assigned keys and codes, and at that point, the people do not even know what site will launch the missile(s). The system is also set up to launch if another site is taken out before missile deployment. The system is set to launch after a certain period of time if protocol is not followed. This ensures launch if a site is truely hit, but more importantly it is a safe guard in case personelle at one site goes nuts and attempts a launch. People at the other sites can abort the launch if need be.

  21. Johann Hansen says:

    Stupid humans….

  22. Hanover Fist says:

    If you consider the size of the Chinese Nukes you might understand their theory a little better. We Americans use a nice little 25 kiloton Strategic Nuke for a specific task. The 25′s have a nice regularly tested yield that is very efficient with low fallout making the area blasted re-inhabitable within a short period of time. But the Chinese put 200 kiloton to 1 Megaton warheads on their Nukes. They are designed for maximum damage and permanent radioactive fallout over a large area for extended periods of time. Basically it would make the US heartland a polluted bread basket for centuries. But their theory is sound, knock out the majority of the big coastal cities and poison the heartland with fallout. If you turn the west coast to class with 200 kiloton MERV Warheads by carpet bombing cities with them this is exactly what you will get.

  23. JAFO says:

    Why would China attack the USA? The USA still owes China 3 trillion dollars. That kind of money isn’t chunk change, you know. The Chinese would never let the US default on 3 trillion dollars and why World China destroy them ,lol. You insane people aren’t using common sense. Also, who buy buy Chinese goods? The Chinese economy would go bankrupt, and China would blow up too. Because the Commander in Chief still carrys the football with him everywhere. China isn’t stupid.

  24. Roger says:

    For one thing were so much in debt to China,and second China is so toxic, the air is dirty, there is trash all over,not to mention the over crowding.If they tried over taking the United States, it would not be by Nukes, they don’t want to destroy something where they want to live. I know how bad it is over there,I’ve been there, its not all what the tourist guides paint it up to be!!! I stayed over their for a month with some friends, believe me their is no place like home!!!

  25. Todd says:

    Resources. resources. After all is said and done, who can recover with the most resources wins. If you call it winning. I always wondered who really believes in time of war anybody really gives a rip about who owes who what. I mean really…do we think 1.5 trillion USD to China matters in the long run if the war drums are beating. Don’t think so. Its never stopped way before.

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