14 Responses to Somalia, Egypt, Libya, Mali, Algeria, Eritrea: Is Africa the next Afghanistan?

  1. Jamie says:

    At this stage in proceedings, and as situations escalate at a pace that often is beyond comprehension, I am not sure “is” as a term of question to raise doubt can any longer be used. As frightening as it sounds, I think that the realization must be accepted that Africa is ALREADY the new Afghanistan.

  2. Joseph t. Repas says:

    Today President Obama said….the war is ending….If only he knew…It is a fuse that is already lit ! and it is getting much shorter each day….Will fuel prices now explode in a couple of months or so?It is because the terrorists know that they have drained the west of funds that enboldens them.

  3. Dennis E. says:

    Ok, this is where I believe this is heading……….
    I believe we are seeing a world wide revolution that started at the Arab Spring and all the events associated with that revolt.
    Here, we are seeing a realignment of nations in North Africa to eventually include all nations on the continent to form a superstate such as the European Union and The North American Union (includes USA). The New World Order at work.
    The world has/is being divided into ten superstates (10). Those that do not comply will either be taken by force or internal over throw of goverments and other sanctions.

    1) There are nations in this area named in the Bible that will soon march on Israel in a great war: Libya and Ethiopia for two.
    2) It has been reported that without forewarning, President Obama ordered all US Carrier Groups out of the Persian Gulf just recently to include US Marine Assault Forces and this is suppose to be ongoing or already completed.
    3) It has been reported that the Israeli Prime Minister has been having biblical study groups at his home regarding the prophetic future of Israel and events?
    4) John Hagee reported several years ago that Benjamin Netanyahu believes he has a mandate from God or that he will be the Israeli leader that God will use to build The Jewish Temple on The Temple Mount and if he wins the election tomorrow, He just might be the one.
    5) Jordan is accusing Israel of trying to partition The Temple Mount and it will, to separate the Jewish and Muslim worshipers when the Temple is built.
    6) A fuse is being lit, Israel will continue to build in East Jerusalem, a move not liked by the World.
    7) To put fuel on the fire, it is being alleged that the USA will not intervene in any Middle East Conflict due to the strain that the two wars has put on the US Military and that is one of the reasons of the early draw down from Afghanistan.

    I am under the opinion, as we have an increase in extreme weather and earth change events, so will we in the unrest of nations and cultures………….

    Alvin, any personal comments you might have, like to hear from you………..


  4. It’s all a part of the global chaos spreading, as was foreseen centuries ago. I think that it’s rather telling that in every one of these conflicts and areas of unrest it is the Muslim radicals either fighting infidels or other Muslims. The “Arab Spring” has served well as an encouragement to all of these groups to rise up and take control in the name of Allah and strict Sharia law.

    • Eric Simpson says:

      Greybeard, we’ve got to start taking this more seriously, and taking these radical nutcase muslims out — en masse. Oh wait, that’s not politically correct to say they’re nutcase muslims. Instead they’re just a wonderful part of the natural diversity of this happy planet — they are just nice folks that like sawing off the hands and heads of people, that will execute women for the crime of having been raped, that will take a 9 year old girl and her parents and shoot them all in the head for having sought medical treatment for the girl. “Islam is a great religion, a religion of peace” said Hillary Clinton.

  5. alex says:

    david, i don’t mean to jump on your statement, however, Muslims are extremely upset because we are invading their countries for gold oil and diamonds. you know before we won the revolutionary war we were called terrorist, the middle east is going through the same thing they want themselves to run their country and not a president that follows western rules. before anyone in this world can talk about muslims or whatever religion we have to realize that this is all b.s. for war and money for the top elite and the regular people just go along with whatever the media says. best of luck for the truth and not blind judgement.

    • No problem here, Alex. Yes, the globalists are orchestrating things for their own advantage and increasing their already obscene amounts of wealth. However, I haven’t heard of too many of the countries sitting on oil and gas reserves or rich mineral fields griping too much about the money they have made off of them. And it is very hard to deny that the majority of the world’s current wars and civil wars have Muslims on at least one side.

  6. Oroborus says:

    So china is preparing for war but against the uprising extremist muslims not the japanese? Since they have the only military at the moment not depleted of healthy soldiers or equipment??so we are not worried about syria or Iran at the moment? Will this uprising in Africa cause Muslims to be aggressor inside the usa? Or is that why the usa wants to sit this one out? to protect it’s homefront from any attack from the flank??

    • It’s kind of hard to tell just what DC is concerned with overseas. They talk about Syria and Iran but there is very little visible action taken except for maintaining a military presence in those two areas as a sort of dare for them to do something. As far China goes, DC expresses concern about China’s expansionist moves in the Far East, but at the same time Washington is negotiating with Beijing to swap some of our land/resources to China in exchange for negating some of our debt. As far as the US not wanting to commit ground forces to any new conflicts, there is increasing evidence that they are preparing to use our own military to keep the American people in line. It’s a pretty muddied situation that isn’t made any clearer by DC’s disinformation and obfuscation.

  7. Irene C says:

    Dennis E and davidgreybeard have said it better than I could have. When I talk about the things going on around the world, people tell me “no big deal, this has been going on for a long time”. I agree. There have been wars and skirmishes since Cain killed his brother Abel. However, the Bible tells us that before the End of Days, it will be nation against nation and kingdom against kingdom. And it will get worse. I want peace as much, if not more, than anyone else. But there will be no peace until the Prince of Peace (Jesus) comes.


    • Amen, Irene, and thanks for the nod in my direction as well as Dennis’. These times are getting very interesting, and I for one am ready for our Lord to make his appearance. Peace and blessings to you!

  8. klaudio3001 says:

    Information & Caution call to be prepared & WARNING

  9. Kwazai says:

    What I see too is the great prostitute at work (The former shah of iran made sadam hussein look like a pussycat-mostly from the influence of the money and power mongers). The desert areas- the ones WITHOUT clean use-able abundant water look to be also the hotbeds of unrest. Most of the water projects in afghanistan were stopped in their tracks because of corrupt bribery taking the money before they got started.The current unrest in the kashmir valley for example. The farmers in the same areas also get forced to support local mafias of one sort or another (chechnya , afghanistan, etc.) Much of the unrest in israel is control of the jordan water basin too- as in the biblical days -fighting over the wells.

    On a positive note- I have read lots here lately on the ‘small’ people(farmers mostly) taking on the water and disease issues at a local level. I’d wonder if this ‘local’ activism is affective given the nature of the beast (removing the incentives that is). Would the move to solar and wind on a small scale individually remove more of the incentives? Pumping water instead of making electricity for money and what would comparatively be considered luxury items($ items)?
    One can only wait?
    John 3:17.

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