New report shows the world less religious now than in 2005

“Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition.” 2 Thess. 2:3
August 17, 2012MONTREAL - Canada is one of many countries experiencing a significant decline in religiosity, according to a new report that found the number of people around the world who claim to be religious dropped 9% since 2005, while atheism rose 3%. More than 51,000 men and women in 57 countries were asked, “Irrespective of whether you attend a place of worship or not, would you say you are a religious person, not a religious person or a convinced atheist?” The Global Index of Religion and Atheism found 59% of respondents think of themselves as religious, 23% as not religious and 13% as convinced atheists. China has the largest population of atheists (47%). Ghana has the largest population of people who consider themselves religious (96%). Meanwhile, Ireland, once above average in religiosity but rocked by numerous child sex abuse scandals involving the Catholic church, had a drop in those claiming to be religious – from 69% to 47%. Only Vietnam saw a bigger decline, from 53% to 30%. Canada is ninth on the list, with a 12% drop. The study also found that religiosity declines when people prosper. “People in bottom income groups are 17% more religious than those in the top income groups. The richer you get, the less religious you define yourself,” according to the study. The study was conducted by WIN-Gallup International between November 2011 and January 2012, with a margin of error of 3-5 percentage points at 95% confidence level. -Toronto Sun
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110 Responses to New report shows the world less religious now than in 2005

  1. ALVIN just a few days ago I received the following information and was praising it!
    More than 5,000 churches have opened in Britain in the last 30 years, and there are many examples of “substantial and sustained church growth” across the country, according to new research.

    • maponos says:

      When I read that I was a bit suspicious and woe and behold it is from The International Catholic News weekly. Actually according to government figures Christianity is in rapid decline in the UK, N.B. I’ve noticed this in my area personally, having said that; we’ll soon find out when the census data is published.

  2. Richard says:

    I do not think people are any less religious, It is just that those fake Christians see that the atheist have gained a voice and they are less afraid to come out of their non believer closet. In retrospect, people of true faith are becoming more and more solidified in their belief and perhaps some of those that were atheist before have read the scripture and see the signs. It will not be long I do not think and it will be a clear distinction between those with it and those without.

    Temptation is growing more powerful. I can see it everywhere in media. In the past if someone dropped the F-bomb on live tv, they would have had a big fine from the FCC. It seems now that it is perfectly OK to do it on prime time cable news…numerous times by the same guy and nothing happens.

    • df says:

      yes, you are right. God is exposing who is truly his and who is not. There’s a very clear separation happening. To me, if there’s even an ounce of reverence in a person’s heart for God, it is the time to truly test themselves to see if they are in the faith. Time is short.

      The wonderful and interesting thing is there is almost a silent revival happening in nations where the gospel is banned or where christians are persecuted. Countries in the middle east and asia that are predominantly Muslim or have a tiny christian population are seeing an increase in born again Christians. Also there are many underground churches in North Korea and they are growing rapidly. I think The great apostasy is really the great separation that is happening all over the world.

    • jehjeh007 says:

      Ideally, seperation of church and state should exist, however this has proven to be hard to achieve as idealogy is reflected in one’s definetion of self. We define ourselves to be religous or not is not relavate. It is believing in the religion and practicing the goodness of it. Words are not religion, it is the thought behind the word. Failing institutions of religions and the politics of belonging is the cause of this. Stand as a unique man then gather what makes you great.

      • Though i have respect for all faiths and religions i cannot help but think it holds us back and stops us from truly opening our minds. most of the conflicts in the world are due to intolerance and hatred of what we see as different and the problem i see with a lot of religion is that if you do not subscribe to that particular one then prepare to burn.. No true loving “God” be it from whatever religion would put that on you, Natural disasters are on the increase or so it may seem because we live in a age of information we are more aware and also a higher population of people live in places known to be dangerous for them its just a waiting game. Life really is a blessing there are good people and bad people nothing there has changed for a millenia and mountain building and continent shifting has happened in the past and will happen again be it slow or sudden. As a species we have been to the brink of extinction and came back again this to will happen again. I see the world as a place that if we all just stepped back and stopped trying to change, scare or bully people instead love respect and tolerate then we may just make it!

      • Joseph t. Repas says:

        Hi Cameron Clark…In some ways I agree with you and over my 56 years on this planet I have found that one religion that has become very intolerant and violent has been the human secularism movement.Yet, I understand that there are people of all” faiths” that take their idealism with a pound of pride but if so called God religion has started nearly every hospital in the USA; stood up for the working poor; went into jungles and deserts to provide clean water at the risk of being killed.Provide food pantries, living quarters for the homeless, invited the poor into their homes for free, created homes for the elderly and sickly, visit the shut ins, visit and help mend the incarcerated, including nursing homes and prisons, went into war zones with no other weapon than love of God and mankind to help the wounded and displaced and have always preached forgiveness among other acts of charity then I have to ask; who needs to open their mind?

      • But to every positive you could add a negative, not being from the USA i can`t comment with knowledge on the hospitals, but from the outside world it would seem that they are more about profit and the best treatment goes to those with a higher income. In general you will find that especially here in the UK the first places that fed the poor sheltered the homeless etc etc were in fact started by free thinkers with an open mind, fed up with the churches teachings on moral and all you had to do was put your money in the pot at the end and most went home and that was it till the following Sunday even though day by day the suffering on the street stayed the same. Heres a little bit about Thomas Barnardo for instance
        Without the mind of this man to actually think outside the box this poverty would have gone on instead this organisation is still going strong today.And there are many more individuals that have gone above and beyond and you will also find in most cases that when these people first came up with the ideas they were slammed and ridiculed for the idea. Everyone should always have there mind open with a closed mind nothing will ever change and by that i don`t mean open minded as in you should believe in my god because mines better than yours, i mean individual actions that go against the grain sometimes make the biggest difference.. And you don`t need churches for that.

  3. B.Rodwell says:

    I am not surprised at this. People are beginning to realise that the so called men of cloth are just that..humans and not as Gods. Also within the Catholic Church where there has been so much wrongdoing by priests and so forth over the centuries is finally being believed by the so called loyal followers. And most importantly women are beginning to realise that a Celebrate Priest doesn’t have the right to tell her how many children she can or can’t have. Amen to that..this is the time of the Woman just as Nostradamus predicted.

    • I would agree with this, its not just the catholic priests wrong doings either, in the town that i live four christian vicars have been arrested due to child abuse running all the way back to the 1970`s while others are now under investigation for the subsequent cover up and failure to act on complaints, this problem runs deep with more people being exposed almost monthly.. I can totally understand how people could lose faith in their churches or turn their backs to it all together,

      • WatercolorSky says:

        It’s a cult, and a racket. Just look at all the gold in the Vatican. Someone must have done right in that business venture. Maybe we ARE reaching an age of enlightenment.

      • If we are reaching the “age of enlightenment” than why is hatred and violence on the rise? Why are natural disasters, particularly the ones which are not related to climate change, increasing at an accelerating rate? No, the only age we are reaching is the end of this one and the beginning of the age when Christ Himself will step in and take control of our earthly affairs as we are unable or unwilling to.

      • ningnomaningnong says:

        The Fuel project’s ‘Know your enemy’ series has a lot of information explaining the difference between Christians and Catholics. Not the same at all, I suggest Part 23, it’s on youtube.
        Many Christians died attempting to translate the Bible to English so people could read it alone, where as the Catholic Church wanted to keep it in Latin (which only they could read, and alter).

      • @Davidgreybeard Do you really think hatred and violence are on the rise, it may seem that way within your lifetime but i would rather be living in this age than any age before, history tells us the world was a much more violent place in the not so long past, just have a read about victorian London which wasn`t so long ago and you would see we have actually come a fair way. As for natural disasters they too have accelerated in the past then slowed back down it`s part of a big cycle. Nobody knows what the future is going to hold we can only guess and i agree things are not looking to great at the moment but maybe we are just the unlucky generation that are going to experience first hand something new, maybe good maybe bad, whenever change starts to happen people run scared thats just human nature…

      • The world has always been a violent place as humanity has always been driven by greed, jealousy and hatred of others. Even in the US the violence is escalating, as evidenced by the news of senseless shootings and barbarous acts even here; the same is true in Europe and especially true in other countries where murder, mayhem and rape are the standards, not the exceptions. Some natural disasters are cyclic, but when you look at everything that is happening today and how volcanoes are erupting in droves, earthquake are occuring in diverse places as predicted, the weather is becoming more extreme, etc., it is clear that the current cycle of disasters is accelerating – just as the prophecies predicted millenia ago. We are in the “end game” of humanity’s dominance of this world and more and more people are seeing it. And as bad as it’s been getting, we haven’t seen anything yet. It will continue to spiral out of control until Christ returns to claim his throne and begin His governance of this planet.

  4. Tracy says:

    As believers we should all pray for those who are not. What a sad thing to have no hope for salvation and life beyond.

    • ed says:

      Dear Tracy, as a non believer in religious doctrine and a kind and law abiding citizen i feel your comment that somehow we non believers need saving and that you assume that we do not have thoughts on what happens after death (reincarnation ect..) very condescending. This is a great site for all people with different beliefs and opinions and we will all suffer the same fate if this planet deems so! So please believe in your God of choice as is your right but please do not make condescending comments to those who do not. Let us all hope that all good people get through whatever disasters come our way in the near future!

      • prayntongues says:

        As a believer I ,too, am praying for the “unsaved” unbelievers. What is wrong with praying for people who truly are lost? This is the true heart and love of a person walking and abiding in Yeshua. Very soon, many will face having to make the most important decision for their eternity, yes even the “good people”. Anyone out there channeling, meditating, astral projecting, past life regression, tarot cards, you must stop! you have opened the door to a false spiritual realm of “light”, you are communicating with demonic spirits and forces. I know this because when I found the TRUTH of YESHUA~JESUS and made him my LORD, those “beings of light” showed me their true colors….black, black and black! They harrassed me to the point, I did not sleep for 3 wks. I thought I was going crazy. I was in a spiritual war with them for breaking free of their master satan, they did not want me to glorify the Holy Spirit and they did not want to leave me after residing with me for 15 yrs. It took 2 months to be set free of them. This is PROOF that GOD is REAL and POWERFUL over ANY spirit. These spirits tickle the ears, they make things happen to fool you into thinking you have evolved to a higher spiritual plane/dimension or that you have powers of clairvoyance. These practices are essentially an act of being like a god, which is the goal of satan, to keep you from God by focusing on your “self”. Turn away from religion and turn to Jesus, He is the TRUTH. Let Him guide you, you will never be the same!

    • Columbine says:

      Tracy, I did not find your comment condescending in any way. Rather, I found it compassionate! Would we call a person standing on a beach, seeing another drowning in the distance but unable to rescue them, condescending for saying it is “a sad thing” there is no hope of the drowning person being saved?

      I am in agreement with you – it IS a sad thing and I have spent many tears praying for family members who are not Believers in Jesus Christ. Be encouraged! The evil one tries to discourage the followers of Christ in any way he can. However, we can rest in the words of Jesus Christ – not one of His people will be lost. John 6:39 “And this is the will of him who sent me, that I shall lose none of all that he has given me, but raise them up at the last day.”

      • Irene Santos says:

        It would be just as acceptable for those of us who have an understanding, rather than a system of belief, to feel the very same way about religious people. We would have great pity and compassion for the dogmatics plight. I have always heard that, “The door swings both ways” and we would do well to remember such wisdom instead of judging and condemning our family members who do not subscribe to fanaticism.

        My son, who was killed in Iraq last year, visits me often. He also visits his daughter and speaks to her about what it is that he does on the other side of the veil. Does that make me or my lovely granddaughter demonic…or “lost”? Absolutely not. It is time to leave the dark ages and embrace all things without fear and condemnation.
        Jamie Irene

  5. Once again we see prophecies coming to pass. And regarding the distinction between people in lower income groups being more religious than in upper groups, I am reminded of the statement that it is easier to pass a camel through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter heaven; that rather contradicts a lot of the prosperity teachings that are so popular.

  6. mtnwolf63 says:

    Another prophesy fulfilled. But are people abandoning God, or just abandoning the corrupt churches that are embracing homosexuals and every other abomination?

    “Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts”
    2 Peter 3:3

    • james says:

      People are abandoning religion because it is being exposed for what it is, a cover to keep those that are spiritualy connected to Christ from finding the true essence of who they are. The true body of Christ is larger than the “religious” one.

    • I believe that there are many people who are rejecting religion in favor of faith in the Messiah. Many are seeing through the sham and finding the truth of Jesus. It was also prophesied that many would come to Him and find salvation in the last days.

      • df says:

        mmmm…I do not think this is happening in the west….i follow discernment blogs fairly closely and have been for a couple of years and there are many americans in particular flocking to preachers and churches that preach doctrines of demons and skew the word of God. I have relatives and friends in europe and for the younger generation, christianity and pretty much any interest in religion is such an afterthought in their lives.

      • It is the great falling away predicted in Scripture. While many will turn to God and His Son in faith during our troubled times, many more will reject Him and incur the judgements that are about to fall on humanity. It’s sad to watch and rather frustrating, but all we can do is keep our own witness as pure as we can and keep praying and trusting God.

      • Rik says:

        Absolute bs. The only judgement us “non-believers” are going to have passed on us is by people like you, Tracy and prayntongues.
        We will still all be here, just like you guys, at the end.
        Perhaps we will be the ones feeling sorry for you if ever a time comes when religion is proved false…

      • mtnwolf63 says:

        Thank you, that answers my question, and that is good news to me, as it should be to all who truly believe and understand. That’s what I like about this forum, there’s a good number of men and women who posses great faith and are willing to share. Thanks Bro!!! Keep the faith, we’re gonna need it!!!

  7. James says:

    The numbers are just going to keep on declining until the tribulation is over…

  8. John says:

    I think a lot of people are rejecting organized religion, but they are not rejecting their personal belief of God. People realize that without God they have NO HELP whatsoever in this cruel and wicked world.

    • SD says:

      Great comment John. There’s an italian proverb saying litterally: “a falling tree makes more noise than a growing forest”. The impression that there are less and less believers is due to atheist and fake religions propaganda being louder and louder. But for a greater majority, deep in the back of their minds, they have always known that actually without God they are clueless and hopeless.

      • As predicted in the Bible, a “vast multitude” will come to believe that Jesus is the Messiah during these troubled days. And soon we will need to rely on the knowledge that God is our only hope in spite of all the rhetoric spewed about claiming that if we just do certain things we can make the world a better place; that dream was always an illusion and unattainable. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t try to make things better, but to believe that humanity can cure its own problems on its own is a false belief. Only our Lord can do that.

    • Sadly, most of the religion of Christianity has degenerated to the state where, if Jesus Christ were to come among us today He would speak as harshly to it as he did to Judaism when He was here the first time. Much of the Church has strayed from the truth, and I believe He would refer to them as a brood of vipers also.

  9. Franky says:

    Hi Alvin you said to a few people that this was not a UFO blog but is it a religious blog ? Because I thought it was an awareness of global change site just a question I think all thoughts are useful and thinking ufos are not real is nieve the universe is huge and the fact humans have only been around for 150 thousand years says that we have only been here for a little spec of time compared to other species who’ve lived on this rock haha and the fact those species that were stronger then us were wiped out so easily is an obvious; were going to be no different sign so open your smart mind and grow past religious ignorance. I grew up in the church and found science now I’m looking to the actual heavens for my answers and I will find them bottom line is we are organisms and we came from the heavens created by makers of our similar qualities. And in the bible the part where Mary is in the window praying to god then a light comes to her window and she wakes up pregnant ha thats your typical abduction sinario and try reading your bible replaceing angels and god with alien or aliens it makes for a more honest read less fake. Food for thought brother

    • What does global change have to do with these fallen, accursed creatures? Nothing. What do they have to do with science? Nothing. They are paranormal, interdimensional beings skilled in the black occult arts and sciences. What darkened crevasse, on the backside of the universe, have them come out of? If they can move in and out of physical dimensions- they can possess the body. Did they write the Bible? No. Did they warn the world of a flood? No. How about warnings for Sodom and Gomorrah? How about Pompeii and Herculaneum before they were incinerated by pyroclastic flows from the Vesuvius eruption in 79 A.D.? Did they warn the world about the Tambora eruption of 1815 that killed over 100,000? How about the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, or Hati’s 7.1 in 2010, or Japan’s 9.0 earthquake of 2011? What about a warning that the immorality and greed on Wall Street would lead to the crash of 2008, that has people still living on the streets in utter destitution? Now, they are here to save the world and warn everyone of doom of a phantom planet by laying chalk drawings in wheat fields in the UK. And to top it off, they increase their appearance on Earth, just as apostasy grows and the world abandons faith in God. What a timely satanic deception! And I’m the one that’s crazy? They’re a reason abductees suffer PTSD and are treated by clinical psychologists because these experiences scramble a person’s brains.

      Would a holy being do this to anyone? Please read Carl Jung essays on why he believed some cases of mental illness was closely connected to the apostasy of spiritual beliefs.

      The majority of my patients consisted not of believers but of those who had lost their faith.” ― C.G. Jung

      Aliens are exactly what the Bible calls them; unclean spirits. You’re right about them being angels- fallen angels. Mary was overshadowed by the Holy Spirit (Luke 1:35) and you would know that if you read your bible and wasn’t trying to use it to justify your belief in paranormal spirits. I don’t have any appetite for the occult. If I did; I wouldn’t be a follower of Christ.

      Here’s some more food for thought: the world is lost and most don’t have a clue what’s about to come upon them, and you know this to be the case; otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. Therefore; I wouldn’t be following anything the world is doing.

      • krystal says:

        Amen! thank you for sharing your stance with Christ! We need to show that Christ do not do evil things or cause people to waver in faith… people move from God, not God Himself moves!!

      • Jay says:

        I second that AMEN!
        Thank You Alvin (once again) for helping others understand the Truth!

      • While I personally believe that there are other races throughout the universe and that the Bible even hints at them, I believe that whether or not they exist is a minor issue compared to Christ and what His sacrifice and our faith means. As Paul put it, there are principalities and powers in the heavens, but they too are under the penalty of sin and the corruption of Creation, and are therefore also redeemed by Christ’s sacrifice. How do they know about it? I don’t know and it really doesn’t matter. The human race was created to be the species through which God would send His Son to redeem all of Creation, for sin is not an isolated island in the vastness of the universe, nor will it be an isolated island of redemption in the future; Christ won the victory for all Creation. But we musn’t allow theorizing on the whethers or the hows or even the whys detract from examing our own hearts and turning toward Christ in faith and truth.

      • ningnomaningnong says:

        Yup…People who have been born again know this stuff….or should. lol

      • Fred87 says:

        I used to be the worst atheist i hated religion and all the bad stuff that came with it, because i did not understand it until i met true love. It is not any kind of love, but the can’t-live-without kind of love which is rare the most powerfull force on earth. It changed my life forever and how i look on earth and i can say for sure god really exist it is my proof someone heard my prayers, oh yes atheist pray aswell but in silence they can not accept god in the open but sometimes we come to a point were everyone turn to god, or something up there. I believe in angles and demons and these creatures are alien beeings who comes down to earth in human form and they have been around for a long time watching us. perhaps living inside our planet?? on the dark side of the moon? maby even they got a station on mars WHO KNOWS!? but i know for sure that any theory is just as good as any other because if u think for a second our entire lives are based on theories we have no answers to! science think they got all the answers but they don’t we can not say for sure because there are sertain people, hidden powers (masters) who does not want to share knowledge with us (slaves) because knowledge is power. we are sleeping and need to wake up. I believe aliens came to earth many thousands of years ago and shaped our civilizations as we know it. The evidence are huge in the signs they left behind around the earth for us to puzzle about, like giza pyramid. In the bible there are several proves about these alien beeings who came down and warned us about some event, sodom and gomorrah and noah’s flood are some examples that u are wrong. What did Moses see on mount sinai in exodus? A spaceship 2000 years ago? why not?

        We should not fear God or Jesus, but our government, u have any idea what they are capable of?, when they can sacrifice 3000 people on 9.11 that’s a good start.

      • Irene Santos says:

        Oh, Alvin….. I don’t know what to say…but I will find the words. I have heard this kind of talk before. I have heard that Hitler blamed the Jewish for the economic depression in Germany. He branded them evil and greedy and thus enlisted other souls to carry out a demonic act of ethnic “cleansing”. I have read stories of Andrew Jackson and his wife Rachel supplying pox infected blankets to Native Americans ( Cherokee tribesmen ) in order to exterminate them. I have seen, with my own eyes, the KKK threaten a dear friend with death if he did not “Stay away from the white girls.” He was a horse trainer and I and another girl were groomers so we would all go to lunch together thinking nothing of such an innocent act. This young trainer was of the caliber of human that I only had the opportunity to meet once or twice in my life. His character was stellar and his heart made of gold. Yet, these white men went to his home in the dead of night, wearing their wicked and cowardly robes of white, and leveled a shotgun to his face and terrorized him….just because he was black.
        I’ve seen and heard this kind of talk about our own brothers and sisters. It is called gossip. I have seen our political leaders engage in ethnic cleansing yet no one bats an eyelash when this happens. We continue to build weapons of mass destruction and project our worst fears onto other cultures.
        Anything that foments fear, aggression and entitlement is nothing to be trusted…and this includes the bible. I have never met any author of the bible so therefore must assume that not everything is true…or written with a true and loving heart. Anything that comes from another’s mouth usually comes from a place of subjectivity and this would include the words in that book.
        How could anyone say that they love when they spend so much time hating what they do not know or understand? Your words could cause me and my family harm, Alvin, so please, I beseech you to consider more than your point of view…which you have adopted from another point of view. There are many Contactees that have come into the public with their stories so this is dangerous talk.
        From where I sit, I can see something much different than you. This does not entitle me to anything that you are not entitled to. We are equally entitled to be safe in our person and therefore safe in the world, but, when someone says that those who are in contact with off world beings are demonic…well, this could influence others to act out of fear…and entitlement.
        Why are you so filled with fear, dear Alvin Conway? I understand that you have the right to post my response or not and that you have a right to direct your blog in the way that you want so I will not be offended if I do not see this posted. I will always feel pained by these kinds of accusations.
        We have been warned by our space brothers and sisters repeatedly, Alvin. They have interrupted broadcast signals ( Vrillon 1977 in the UK ), the Crop Circle accompanied by a binary code which provides a warning for all mankind, and Contactees who have repeatedly warned of earth changes. These warnings come from these beings from other worlds, Alvin, and they wish us no harm. You are speaking to the “horses mouth” and I have no hidden agenda….nor do they. They are the ones who warned me back in 1988. They have admonished me for following society and engaging in societies pastimes. They have urged me to seek a spiritual path that encompasses the teachings of Siddhartha, Christ and other ancient teachers that have been obscured by those with an agenda.
        There are many misguided and fearful beings on this planet currently and they must not use their influence to create more harm…..but they do.
        If someone told me that a race of beings was evil or destructive then I would need proof of this with mine own eyes, ears and heart. I would depend upon no substitution.
        Even if this turned out to be so then it would be of little consequence to know this if they had weapons that could obliterate my body in an instant, but, what would be of paramount importance is my soul. No one can touch your soul unless you let them have your mind. This is where they can truly destroy you.

        I am a “Contactee” and I am giving a warning here now to your readers; Be careful what you DO and THINK in these last days as these are the things you will be reaping in the future. This is a time of Soul/Energy Recycling and those who foment hatred and fear ….causing harm to another sentient being…. are only engaging in destroying their own souls. Some souls will be recycled during this Polar Shift while others, who engage in tolerance, loving acceptance and compassion, will move on to a higher realm of existance. Everything is about thoughts put into actions…or consciousness.

        We each are created with an internal ‘Compass’ that has a true ‘North’…but, this Needle can be tampered with by negative forces. Negativity is any action that causes harm to another and to the self. Magnetism plays a large part in the tampering of the Needle. If one is easily repelled by thoughts and acts of violence then one knows that their Needle is not easily tampered with. If one becomes attracted to such behaviors then one is in the act of destroying their soul. One can never destroy Love or Hate only the embodiment of it.

        We are all evolving our consciousness ( that means every being throughout this vast Multiverse ) so we must grant each other latitude in this endeavor. This does not imply that we allow someone to harm another …this means that we build a foundation that does not allow such an environment to flourish to begin with. That is all.

        Screaming at each other or being self righteous does not allow for love to blossom. It provides a breeding ground for Fear and entitlement; The entitlement to kill what one fears or does not understand. It has been going on for thousands of years on planet Earth.

        I have read those authors ( Dr. Jacobs and his ilk ) that foment fear and hatred for the unknown. Dr. Jacobs speaks from a place of materialism. His earthly body is very important to him thus anything that the “Aliens” are doing to these bodies is demonic. Poppycock. I am living proof that there is no harm intended by our spiritual family from the Stars. We are not experimented upon. These are either lies or distortions of truth based upon ignorance and fear. The Dogon, Inuit, Hopi, Hindus, Dropas and many other cultures speak of their ancestors coming from the “Stars”. These tribes are non warring, non materialistic and non religious…..quite unlike our own.

        Please try reading Joyce Libutti’s story. There are more positive stories affirming what I put forth.
        I promise you, Alvin, I did not crawl out of any “crevasse” and the only black art that is offensive to these off world beings ( and to myself ) is the Black Art of building weapons of Mass Destruction; Bombs, gases, lasers and such…and the devices created with which to launch or implement them.
        They have everything to do with what is currently happening to humanity….but not in the way that you are implying. I am a first hand experiencer and so what I say is not gossip or supposition.

        Peace be our very Essence!

      • Irene, there is no fear and you should not personalize my statement of belief. I know all about the occult and the New Age. I could tell you things that would make your hair stand on in. I’m not speaking about what I believe; I’m telling you what I know. I’ve spent 20 years lecturing on the New Age and the Occult. This is all in my book The Extinction Protocol. “And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.” 2 Corinthians 11:14

      • Bravo ! I agree I found the coming New Age conference The 12-12-12

        The Cosmic Crystalline Completion December 9-10-11-12 2012In Arkansas – The Crystal Vortex is a perfect example of the deception by fallen angles and I am finding a masonic connection too but most interesting is the supposed 28 kHz beam coming out of the Bosnian sun pyramid. This may be the source of the world wide coming deception to lead masses of people into falling away from Christ and believing they are God they intend to rewrite the creation and history of man with out GOD.

    • pagan66 says:

      Franky – I’ve worked with people who have been abducted by these beings of darkness that you so naively address as Gods & Angels. I guarantee you – unless you are tempted & enticed by unclean dark energies – that once you have actually invited them in, you will wish that you had not. Be very, very careful what you wish for. Instead of “looking to the actual heavens” for answers, try looking inside, you may be pleasantly surprised on what you find.

      Oh & one more thing, Alvin would have to be one of the least religiously ignorant people I have ever seen online or anywhere else. Have some respect.


      • I agree with you that when you invite the unclean in you are exposing yourself to dangerous influences and powers. And Alvin is one of the least ignorant people that I’ve read!

    • maponos says:

      Frnakt,you’ll find this blog is primaly a christain propoganda blog! On the other hand your aliens hypothesis is nonsense,the idea that an alien species would/could impregnate a human female is complete tosh!

      • A re-reading of Genesis Chapter 6 and you may start to rethink that statement.

      • Michele B. says:

        “primarily a christian propaganda blog”? Really??? Get real. Alvin posts news articles that we come here to read and be informed about. If you read his books you would realize just how ignorant your statement is. He cites the traditions of many religions, current and past. We are free to do whatever we want with the information found here. You obviously have not read many actual Christian propaganda blogs or the contrast would be as starkly obvious to you as it is to me. Is there more to reality than meets the eye? or the other four senses for that matter? Every scientist knows there is. Alvin goes the extra mile and connects the dots for us in as honest and straightforward a way as I have ever found. And he happens to be a Christian. Maybe he’s a Christian because of what he’s learned, not promoting a belief system because he’s a Christian, did you ever think of that? In the words of Pagan66, “have some respect”!

  10. Irene C says:

    I must say, I’m not religious. There’s a difference between being “religious” and believing that Jesus paid the price for our sins. Jesus wasn’t very fond of the religious leaders. He called the religious leaders a brood of vipers. We have a lot of so called christians who act religious but have no idea what the Bible says. And many churches are preaching a watered-down gospel that tickle itching ears just to fill the pews and collect money. Yes, we do have a falling away. I believe we are seeing the church of Laodecia.

  11. Myself I have not had any use for Religion itself. Jesus had not time for it either.
    “I’ve had it with you! You’re hopeless, you religion scholars, you Pharisees! Frauds! Your lives are roadblocks to God’s kingdom. You refuse to enter, and won’t let anyone else in either. You’re hopeless, you religion scholars and Pharisees! Frauds! You go halfway around the world to make a convert, but once you get him you make him into a replica of yourselves, double-damned.” (Matthew 23:13-15)

    Put your faith and love into God, No person, no temple of worship is holy then you, for you are the temple of God. And yes I truly believe in God, high being or the creator what ever makes anyone more comfortable. But I have never been one to be fooled by religion.

  12. Marybell says:

    I read many comments on new sites that have a comment section. It is pitiful some of the things written. We are indeed becoming a country of no values, no faith, greed, jealously, and just plain hate. Folks, study the Feasts of the Lord taught by Mark Blitz. The Fall Feasts are coming up. You can find them on You Tube.Time is runnng out –Maranatha

  13. gabriel says:

    thats it..with all the information online i dont understand how so many ppl are still religious…just learn astrotheology..go listen to santos bonacci for a few hours and you will see what the bible is really about….and there should be more people than ever believing in an intelligent creator with all the research done and knowledge about atoms and how electrons are not physical..and the knowledge of the cycles of consciousness……………………

  14. Marcaz says:

    Thank you for keeping the faith and fighting the good fight. God has blessed you with wisdom and discernment. May you not grow weary in doing good. Your ministry is so vital in these end times. I appreciate the way you keep us informed of the current events, as well as reminding us to keep our eyes on the Lord.

  15. Lou says:

    Wow ! Great writings always, Alvin, but your reply to Franky was Right On. I agree with you totally. I am a daily reader of your site: I cannot afford internet access anymore, but I will be able to go the local library, and thus follow your site there.
    I am sure you are a treasure to God.
    Regards, Lou

  16. Oggie says:

    Hi Alvin,

    I used to be alarmed when I read news like these. But now, I would like to think it’s better to have people going to church who actually wants to be there rather than get people inside but they’re actually checking their text messages every so often or making small talk with their companions. But I digress. I can only speak for myself in the sense that I do not attend services anymore because I would rather study the Holy Bible rather than listen to sermons that have little to do with the Word of God. Maybe I’m part of a growing populace who are putting organized religion to scrutiny as per what the Holy Bible actually says. As we approach the end of the age, we have to read the Word of God instead of just listening to this and that preacher because I would like to believe that the greater danger lies not just in lack of belief but in being deceived to believe in false teachings.


  17. gina says:

    I believe that many decide not to believe in God because they do not want to believe that there could be repercussions to sinful behaviour. They wish to live a guilt-free existence and being an atheist is one way to accomplish this. Yes, I realize this isn’t always the case, but I think that often, especially among the wealthy, that it is. And while it is an absolute atrocity for authority figures in the church to take advantage of the members in their parish, that is no reason to turn from God. You can have a loving relationship with God whether you are part of a church or not.

  18. nanoduck says:

    I think that people are just becoming more polarized, and educated. It doesn’t take much to see that fundamentalism does not hold up to rational thinking. People are becoming more dissatisifed with churches because they do not change and have become more like businesses or country clubs. So people are starting to think more independently, and living by the spirit instead of by church’s whim. However, the downside is that some people give up completely on beliefs and become atheist.

    • Exactly, nanoduck. Christianity as a religion, especially here in the US, has become too much like a social club than a body of believers and its doctrines have diverged and become divisive. Many people are therefore forced to follow Christ’s example outside of organized religion. I attribute the rise in atheism to two factors: the relentless attacks on those who believe in Christ as the Messiah and the weak witness of most churches.

  19. Jay says:

    There will be a great revival coming our way very soon!!!!

    • maponos says:

      ROFL, my friend used to say that quite a lot; suffice to say nothing remotely like it has happened, in fact, the exact opposite has happened!

  20. Gabriel Cervantes says:

    Im Atheist and have to say that religion is all fine and dandy as long as it doesnt slow the advancement of human knowledge or intrude on my life by people who say things are sinful like most people here No Offense. Religion is only becoming less believed in only because people are actually thinking of why bad things happen. Why a loving god would allow such suffering and horrible things on a planet he created..Lets give an example: you have a pet. dog,cat or whatever. while its in your care you would do anything and everything to allow the animal have a healthy and happy life. so if you do why wouldnt god or any other deity do the same. if i was god and had unlimited power i would take care of everyone regardless of what happens in the world! because thats what i as a loving all powerful being would do, not God he doesnt do that. i see suffering and chaos and loss of life all this happening around tthe world indescrimanately to anyone and everyone. religion saves noone from damnation! why? it doesnt exist.

    • Joseph t. Repas says:

      Hi Gabriel Cervantes ! I respect how you feel regarding religion / God etc. as I have been there too, but please understand that God has taken care of us very well even though all of us have rebelled against God. You ask why would he let people die? and believers as well as others die. Yes, we all shall die; and you state that you would do anything to let the pets as your example states to live. Correct and I know in your heart you would but you see God has us here temporarily, this is a training ground, not home, and in the meantime he does care for us very well and cares so much that he would also share in suffering and death with us so that death is defeated and life is forever. Love is forever. When I write these things some people think that I am trying to put others down. No. I want to lift them up just like they want to enlighten me with their thoughts.This is how we all grow. I would not want anyone to be manipulated or forced in any way to believe. Love has to be free for God is love and God has given us freedom to choose or reject any idea.

      • pagan66 says:

        Joseph, you write – “I would not want anyone to be manipulated or forced in any way to believe. Love has to be free for God is love and God has given us freedom to choose or reject any idea.” Sounds very lovely & in no way am I being flippant toward your beliefs but dosen’t the Christian God demand that if one dosen’t fall on one’s knees & worship Him the soul is damned for eternity in a burning hell of pain & misery – no matter how clean & honestly one has lived ones life? I honestly do not see much of a freedom of choice or lack of manipulation in that!!


      • It is still a matter of choice; God just wanted people to have all of the information about that choice beforehand.

      • Joseph t. Repas says:

        Hi Agnostic Alan ! Why do you say God can not be heard ? Why do you say that he can not be seen? Someone once told me that there was a radio station that played jazz 24/7 and I did not believe him. I didn’t hear anything. They told me how to tune in to my radio at that frequency and sure enough I heard it. God is doing something about the people you mention; He has you and me. He has given us the resources to help others and ok; maybe I can not soothe the pains of the entire world but I will reach out where I can with the instructions he has given me to the best of my ability. Are all my prayers being answered? Yes, but not all in the way I would like them to be answered. If they were then every resident in the nursing home I visit would be dancing the jig but instead sometimes I have to cry with them. Not every prisoner finds the peace of God and repents of their evil and I feel the pains of their victims. I still have some neighbors that do damage to my property knowing that I barely have the means to sustain my family as it is. Yet the Lord hears my cry and prods me on to be his hands and his feet and his tongue. I know this is a Bible reference but if you like read the book of Job. It delves into just what you are questioning. Peace.

      • Dear A Alan….. Your coming up with answers for a supposed invisible God who cannot be seen or heard, nor can his actions be seen in this world

        WHAT YOU are deriding is faith… too many people place their trust in sight seen when they really need sight unseen. Faith is in the heart not in the head dear friend… I pray for you and others that jesus will knock at the door of your heart very soon… and that you will welcome Him in for eternity. Clare in Tassie

      • pagan66 says:

        @ David – How can it be classified as choice if an infinite God has already pre-ordained it? And God wanted his creatures to have all the information beforehand !?! Friedrich Nietzsche sums it up much better than I ever could:

        A god who is all-knowing and all-powerful and who does not even make sure his creatures understand his intention—could that be a god of goodness? Who allows countless doubts and dubieties to persist, for thousands of years, as though the salvation of mankind were unaffected by them, and who on the other hand holds out the prospect of frightful consequences if any mistake is made as to the nature of truth? . . . Did he perhaps lack intelligence to do so? Or the eloquence? Must he not then . . . be able to help and counsel [his creatures], except in the manner of a deaf man making all kinds of ambiguous signs when the most fearful danger is about to befall on his child or dog?


      • How can it be classified as choice if an infinite God has already pre-ordained it? was your question
        You appear to subscribe to the preordained school of theology…. whereas I subscribe to the free choice school of theology. Free choice is the ultimate gift of the Father, whereby He allows US to decide if we will turn back to Him for forgiveness and for a place in eternity. YOU CHOOSE….. that is the freedom allowed every human being. Sadly many choose NO….. they are the lost souls.

    • i see suffering and chaos and loss of life all this happening around tthe world indescrimanately to anyone and everyone. religion saves noone from damnation! why? it doesnt exist

      I hope to be there when you finally fall on your knees in the presence of Our Loving Saviour – I hope to be able to hold you up again as we walk together in His Light…. In His Love, Clare in Tas

      • pagan66 says:

        I subscribe to Peace, Tolerance, Love & Respect for all Mankind. I don’t label my beliefs, I don’t live in a box. I don’t care if people choose to believe that an ice cream cone, a gnat, a shoe or a telegraph pole is God so long as they accord everyone else the same respect & live in harmony with themselves, their fellowman, all creatures upon this Earth & this very planet itself. Who are we to make windows in peoples souls? Who are we to force beliefs down each others throats by force or with the threat of eternal damnation? And JustMeinTMusings – just because I & others like me do not name the Creator, the Source, the One as the Christian God hardly makes us lost souls.


    • Suffering and injustice abound in the world because our world and all the universe is flawed and corrupting by wrongdoing, so ultimately the fault is our own. Why does God allow it to continue? Because He has revealed His grace through His son Jesus and wants everyone in the world to have the choice to choose Him, and it is out of love for us that He didn’t just wipe us out and start over. Yes, He is unseen, but so are the smallest subatomic particles and the edge of the universe, yet we know that they are there. The perils that are beginning to shake our complacent world to its foundations were predicted 2,000 years and more ago by those who knew God, and the predictions were given to provide us proofs that He means what He says. But of course, even in these times of increasing turmoil there will be many who close their eyes and refuse to believe the reality of God and of salvation through His son Jesus Christ.

      • niebo says:

        Ezekiel 18:32 “For I have no pleasure in the death of anyone, says the Lord GOD, so turn [from sin], and live.”

        See also Ezekiel 18:21-23.

      • maponos says:

        ROFL! If is infintinite then it would have vreated the past present and future that way.It is amazing people like you contradict yourselves.Also if poeple are sent to hell at the end of time or when ever it is supposed to happen then God meant for it to hsppen that way.

  21. NONE says:

    I have read a lot of comments posted on these pages, and although the information presented for comment is well written and focused on the events of today allowing the reader to make their own inference to the true impact and consequences of the information provided; there seems to be an increase in comments related to religious beliefs of the commentators rather than on the impact of the news story.
    Regardless of one’s personal beliefs, be it agnostic, atheist, a believer in a greater being or force, aliens, evil, or any other of the millions of possibilities, we must be respectful of those beliefs and not disrespect, nor discount their beliefs because we believe for one reason or another that our beliefs are superior.
    The news must be discerned by the reader, it must be though of in a critical fashion, who is presenting the information, for what purpose, who stands to gain from the information, is it relevant???? Information is simply that, information. I hear people speak of the truth, like they know what it is. The reality is that there is truth in everything, even in a lie, and no one will ever be able to but together all of the truths and know everything. For the truth is different for each and every person. We can infer, we can find commonalities, but ultimately we must decide what to believe on our own, based on the information provided and sought after.
    As stated earlier, we are all on this rock together, and whatever may come our fate is yet to be determined.
    Remember this: No one is free, we are all constrained by who and what we are. Even God.

    • Faith is a matter of choice, and respect for the beliefs of others is a worthy thing; when Paul first came to Athens and began to spread the gospel he even complimented the Athenians on the wisdom of their philosophers. Faith has to be a matter of choice or else all God would have on His hands are automatons who could be nothing else. Those of us who comment on these pages do speak up when matters of faith coincide with the articles that Alvin so graciously and intelligently provide, but as can be seen by the opinions expressed in the comments there are people of many faiths who read these articles and leave their thoughts, and although Alvin himself is a fine Christian man he allows people of other faiths (or even lack of, which is still a kind of faith) to have their say. And while there is at least some truth in almost everything and almost everywhere, only the truth about the carpenter from Nazareth is entirely true.

      • pagan66 says:

        Your last sentence spoils a good post. For NO-ONE knows Truth or Man would not be in the quandry he is in today. Even Jesus, as the Son of a God did not know complete & unassailable Truth, werent His last words supposedly a question to His Father God?. We have torn ourselves apart for thousands of years over this question of an all powerful God, committing the most atrocious & bloody acts in the process. I pray, even for just ONE day that our species realizes this & is tolerant to differing opinions, Faiths & beliefs. If we could only look inside & remember who we are & what we have done to each other in the name of God. During that one day, maybe we could be changed for the better, instead of us being a base species, lost, angry, confused about to destroy itself.


      • As always, pagan66, you raise some very good points, and your tolerance and acceptance of others and their beliefs is quite commendable – if only more felt the same. There have been some horrible things done throughout our history in the name of God, things like the Crusades, the Inquisition, “witch” burnings and the like. My personal belief is that since around the 2-3rd centuries the Church became more interested in power and wealth than anything, and it has strayed woefully from the original truths it was given. But I also recognize that other belief systems have their share of the truth also, for instance, while I am by no means a Buddhist I find that a lot of Buddhist teachings, particularly concerning relations between people and how an individual should conduct his or her self, is very true and commendable. I’ve also studied Native American belief systems and found that they go way beyond worshipping trees and rocks like so many people think. I have friends who are Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, even Wiccans, and whenever the subject of religion comes up we politely agree to disagree and remain friends. I guess that what I am stumbling toward is to say that God never commanded the followers of Christ to convert the whole world or kill them, but He did command us to love everyone and be forebearing. I consider it one of the great tragedies of history that the Great Commission was taken wrong.

        Peace be yours, my friend.

  22. Joseph t. Repas says:

    In the old testament God always used a remnant of people. Never the majority. The time seems to be arriving soon that God will as John the Baptist stated , ” be ready to place the ax at the root of the trees and every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire.Matthew 3:10 and in Matthew 13:31 the kingdom of God starts with the smallest of seeds yet becomes the largest of garden plants, even as a tree. One of my brothers and I [ different Christian denominations ] both had vivid dreams that showed us that soon only a remnant of the Christian church will remain but it will still be alive. The dreams have too much detail to fit on a blog space. Remember everyone, since no one is as Holy as God none of us have a right to heaven whether religious or not, but, God gave us the opportunity to be saved by his mercy through his Son who is also God who did not rebel when His Father sent Him to us to teach us and pay the price all of us owe for our sins. I pray for you and me to find our peace in this incredible love.

  23. me says:

    I too have lost religion. Certainly not my faith. I grow tired of the hypocrisy and judgement that is over abundant in churches.

    • Joseph t. Repas says:

      Hi me! The churches have twisted the laws of God and perverted them. They have become friends of the world and so enemies of God. I believe that is why my brother and I both had detailed dreams of the church being cut down and only a remnant remaining.

      • james says:

        Last year i had a dream where i was in a large campus like building and i was watching some workers happily removing limbs from a giant tree. As i watched, a voice told me that, “the tree had grown into the buildings but now it was going to be removed”. When i woke in the morning i realised this was an image of the churches.

      • Joseph t. Repas says:

        Oh my goshh james!!!! That is so much like the dreams my brother and I had recently and the message was the same…The tree that grew from the mustard seed and became the largest is being cut down because it is polluted by the world. Only a remnant of the church will survive but they will stay faithful. Thank you for sharing that!!!! P.S. like John the Baptist said to the religious leaders of the day…God has set the ax to the root of the tree and is ready to cut it down…I think it was saved by Jesus but now we have again reached that point to where God has the ax at the root of the tree because just like in Jesus’ time the religious leaders were in adultery with the world.

  24. Joseph t. Repas says:

    For pagan66….All decisions in life have repercussions. Some more grave than others. Since God is love as the Bible says then God is freedom but there are consequences to the choices made, either good or evil. God from the beginning of creation is specific on how we should live in order to be holy but since all of us have chosen sin [ rebellion ] to that law we all deserve to live outside of God’s presence of harmony with Him. [ hell ]. Only God is truly good and if any of us decide that we are good then what do we use for our color key? How do we determine if we are good? If we want to deny God’s sacrificial gift for us why would he force us to live in harmony with him? So, in essence we choose our destiny to live in harmony with God or refuse God which is our choice. If you like you may enjoyr eading Nine days in Heaven. I am not saying you would believe it but you may enjoy it… after you buy Alvin’sbooks of course! peace

    • pagan66 says:

      Thanks Joseph. I’ve always had a huge problem with the statement that God is good. Maybe so, but I personally cannot equate goodness with the bloodthirsty murdering monster in the OT & nothing that anyone says or writes will let me condone the actions of anyone, let alone a supernatural being, who demands infantcide, child abuse, rape, incest, murder & ethnic cleansing. If the God of the OT was the president of a country here on Earth, he would have been overthrown by force & put to death in circumstances not unlike the Nuremburg trials for the multitude of crimes against humanity that he has ordered & committed. You by now know my thoughts on the Bible & until the Vatican decide to release the missing parts of it – if they didnt destroy them centuries ago – my opinions on its contents will not change.

      Peace & love Joseph

      • Joseph t. Repas says:

        Thanks for your reply pagan66. I used to feel the same way, especially when I was agnostic to any so called religious faith, and when I read through the Bible front to back for the first time which was more out of curiosity than anything I felt much as you do. The second time kind of made sense but the OT seemed rather violent to the God I was taught, but the third time I read through more of it made sense. When I read of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and the serpent comes up to Eve he questions her instructions then he states that the only reason God does not want them to eat from the tree of knowledge between good and evil is because God is envious that they would become like Him. The truth however is that we are finite beings and so we are not capable of handling such a responsibility [ look at the chaos in the world today ] as well as God who is omniscient. Mankind has taken upon himself that responsibility and has failed miserably.Since that time the people God was raising in the OT were put to many trials against peoples that wanted them killed. It is still going on today. I suppose God could have just let the other people kill off the Hebrews in the name of peace and be done with it, but, as you said you would do,” if I were God” I think I would let my people escape through the Reed sea and then if the enemy still wanted to kill them I would drown the enemy.Remember also that there are times in the Bible where the people took it upon themselves to fight battles without God’s approval. Anyway, I do not write this to try to convince you but that God’s spirit is not what you claim He is. First people like you claim that God does not truly take care of His people, then when He allows His people to win a war someone started with them by killing off the enemy you call Him a tyrant. It’s ok if you do not understand but I have also lived that ” If I were God I would have done it differently” outlook. It does not work. I wish you peace.

    • pagan66 says:

      Joseph – no way are we ever going to agree lol & I respect that because I both welcome & enjoy religious diversity. I am what people of your religious persuasion label a heretic & truly, the labels don’t bother me unless I am branded Godless or lost & damned, then I do take affront. It was my spiritual ancestors who were tortured & burned for having the courage to stand up to a blindly narrow Church & to speak their minds & question established Truth, I am only continuing their noble tradition & searching for my own Truth. I own my own infinite soul, & my own conscience & I’ve worked hard on both through many lifetimes for them to be free, clean & clear & not to be alarmed or concerned about any sort of judgement from any sort of God in any sort of Afterlife. If there is a Christian God who sits on a throne & dispenses dire Divine Judgement upon me after my death for not worshipping Him during this lifetime well so be it – if my good deeds & clean conscience arent good enough – He doesn’t deserve me & I wouldnt want to be there anyway.

      I have always wondered if there’s an alternate Earth somewhere, one where the inhabitants had never heard of nor practised anything remotely religious. I wonder what they think as they watch the going ons of this one as they watch us humans continue to butcher each other in the name of God even whilst we know time is almost up for us. I think they would think us insane.


      • Joseph t. Repas says:

        Hi pagan66…All religious as well as non religious have been persecuted over time. God reminded me of a very interesting section of scripture the book of Romans chapter 2 vs. 1-24. I would write it out but I have to head out right now and probably will not be back to the computer for days. Also, with your question near the end; that book I noted to you on another note Nine Days in Heaven may answer that for you. May peace be yours.

        Oh P.S. sorry…; they would also be quite incredulous at how the non religious persecute religious believers and believers on believers as well… The door swings both ways you know! You have seen that on this site as well!

  25. Wes says:

    Irene C is right about Jesus and the so called Christians leaders of his era. They did all they could to have him crucified, his father knew the out come before they knew. God could have changed this out come but this was his reason for walking on this earth. Just because the churches are empty does not mean we no longer believe, I just don’t agree with the church. I pray. thank GOD for all I have, and I put him and his son above any thing else, but I wont be one who goes to church one day a week and be a sinner all the rest. If I am wrong the I have only GOD and Jesus to answer to period. Remember GOD said believe in me all else was to live by. Believe in me is to me the begining and end .

  26. maponos says:

    Michele B. says:

    August 17, 2012 at 6:45 pm

    “primarily a christian propaganda blog”? Really??? Get real. Alvin posts news articles that we come here to read and be informed about. If you read his books you would realize just how ignorant your statement is. He cites the traditions of many religions, current and past. We are free to do whatever we want with the information found here. You obviously have not read many actual Christian propaganda blogs or the contrast would be as starkly obvious to you as it is to me. Is there more to reality than meets the eye? or the other four senses for that matter? Every scientist knows there is. Alvin goes the extra mile and connects the dots for us in as honest and straightforward a way as I have ever found. And he happens to be a Christian. Maybe he’s a Christian because of what he’s learned, not promoting a belief system because he’s a Christian, did you ever think of that? In the words of Pagan66, “have some respect”!

    One answer read his reponse on aliens, unwise!

  27. Dan Sherwood says:

    We can start to understand what is happening, if we read Isaiah 56:9-12. In the New Living Translation it says “Come wild animals of the field! Come, wild animals of the forest! Come and devour my people! For the leaders of my people – the Lords watchmen, His shepherds- are blind to every danger. They are like silent watchdogs that give no warning when danger comes. They love to lie around, sleeping and dreaming. They are stupid shepherds, all following their own path, all of them intent on personal gain. “Come” they say, “we will get some wine and have a party. Let’s get drunk. Let this go on and on, and tomorrow will be even better”.
    And we learn of the author of this blindness in 2 Corinthians 4:3&4 “If the Good News we preach is veiled from anyone, it is a sign that they are perishing. Satan, the god of this evil world, has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe, so they are unable to see the glorious light of the Good News that is shining upon them. They don’t understand the message we preach about the glory of Christ, who is the exact likeness of God.

  28. nanoduck says:

    And one more thing…the biggest reason why church attendance is dropping is because of….INTERNET!!! People now have access to all the knowledge and information at their fingertips!!

    • Joseph t. Repas says:

      Hi nanoduck! Yes, people have much knowledge but do they know how to apply it? I recently saw a sign at a church in town that read…To know that a tomato is a fruit is knowledge. To NOT put that tomato into a fruit salad is wisdom. :>

  29. As none of us were around for the events that Alvin listed, it is impossible to say if they were warned or not. I personally believe that humanity and the world operates the same as it always did, so I therefore believe that prior to all of these calamities there were people of faith issuing the warnings. Do I have proof? No, because their warnings would not have been recorded or probably even believed. Regarding Sodom and Gomorrah, there is archeological evidence that there had been a great burning in that very area several thousand years ago, but no one came right out and said “yes, those two cities were destroyed by fire”. Science is only able to describe the mechanics of the universe that God created but it is unable to explain why it was ordered so, and pure science will never be able to. There are a lot more facts out there than you may realize, but the bottom line is that faith is not an intellectual decision based on empirical data, but a decision of the heart and spirit.

    • i
      The Battle of Siddim

      The kings of Sodom and Gomorrah had their cities spoiled by the battle in the 14th chapter of Genesis:

      “And the vale of Siddim was full of slimepits; and the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah fled, and fell there, and they remained fled to the mountain. And they took all the goods of Sodom and Gomorrah, and all their vituals, and went their way. And they took Lot, Abrama’s brother’s son, who dwelt in Sodom, and his goods and departed

      “And when Abram heard that his brother was taken captive, he armed his trained servants, born in his own house, three hundred and eighteen, and pursued them unto Dan.” Genesis 14:14

      …And the king of Sodom said unto Abram, Give me the pens, and take the goods to thyself. And Abram said unto the king of Sodom, I have lift up mine hand unto the Lord, the most high God, the possessor of heaven and earth.” Genesis 14:10-12, 21, 22.

      And what is the meaning of this story? That Abram, a simple, humble, shepherd with servants, could win a battle that the kings of the plains could not? Why was this included in the biblical record before the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, 5 chapters later? Those who claim God sends no warnings will ignore any such messages by the hand and testament of the very servants God has set as beacons in the world. This is the age old story of the world…and its rejection of light. “And this is the condemnation: that light is come into the world and men loved darkness more than light, because their deeds were evil.” John 3:19 Christ calls such a generation of vipers. Jude says they are “wandering stars, to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness forever.” Jude 13. The world would rather lie in sin than lift one finger to turn a page to discover the truth and righteous path. That’s why there will be a weeping and gnashing of teeth when destruction comes upon this world. This is the guilt of condemnation. People will have no one to blame but themselves for the choices and life they’ve chosen.

  30. KarenDian1 says:

    A future with rational thinking people…What great news!! :-)

  31. Wilson says:

    Can’t wait for humanity to drag itself out of the Dark Ages, leaving religion, “new age” hokum, and pseudoscience as a tragically hilarious marker of our early growing pains.

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