Giant sinkhole in Sweden creating tremors as it expands

April 16, 2012SWEDENIt looks like something taken straight from a horror movie. An enormous hole leading to hell, some would say. But this is not a movie. This is a real and dangerous phenomenon. New shocking images clearly show the enormous pit in Sweden is expanding. The 200 foot wide open pit is called the “Fabiangropen’ (Fabian pit) and is in the Malmberget area is located at Gällivare, 75km from Kiruna, Sweden. As you can see on the map, it is in the northern regions of Sweden. Due to presence of many orebodies, mining at Malmberget is conducted at different levels at 600m, 815m and 1,000m.  The mining company LKAB has now taken new pictures of the pit. In the pictures you see the new Fabian pit which has expanded during the night between Tuesday and Wednesday in the former cavity full width. The pit is square and 150×150 meters high. This is naturally very bad news for people who live close to this giant sinkhole and many are afraid and also annoyed because of the loud noises. According to the locals sometimes the tremor around here can last up to 45 minutes! –Message to Eagle
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40 Responses to Giant sinkhole in Sweden creating tremors as it expands

  1. Bob W Cain says:

    Magma on the move again!

  2. Green Scales says:

    I don’t intuit that the sinkhole is the “cause” of the 45 minutes or constant rumbling locals are describing. Try the other way around, folks… unless this thing is a LOT deeper than that little dimple at the surface.

    • Brandon says:

      Could this be caused by activity in the earth’s core like magma moving?

      • No, that’s too deep. This might be mining accident that has gone terrible awry and the underground strata has collapsed as a result. I suspect the cause might be legitimate or even manmade even though the expansion may now be geological.

  3. chondram says:

    Makes me wonder about all the booming noises going on…geepers, I hope sink holes don’t start showing up. This scares me more than any other natural disaster!

  4. James says:

    For some strange reason this looks familiar too me…

  5. Phyllis says:

    how deep is this thing?do they know?I am curious about these things,they really dont know what causes these do they?If this thing were to swallow up some people they would be killed wouldnt they?this is really scary to me,more than an earthquake I think.

  6. Gemini61 says:

    That hole remind me of the movie “War Of The Worlds” w/ Tom Cruise, where the Aliens activated their underground machines. Creepy!

  7. Notice in the shadow at the center of the hole the silhouette of a hooded Grim Reaper complete with a scythe!

  8. shelly says:

    that is creepy @ jerry i see it.

    • Magenta says:

      I don’t see the grim reaper. The energy that went up my spine when I saw this was encompassing. Don’t know what this means, it was an unpleasant sensation. Usually when this happens to me its more complete, somehow. I;m feeling that this is only the start of this sinkhole. No fear, live or die you are eternal. Just decide where you want to live, love or fear? Want a bridge from fear to love? Jesus, the truth the way and the light.Please give love a second chance if you’ve closed your heart to the Lord. Please seek Jesus, he is waiting to hear from you. The creator already knows your heart, every thought you have ever had, humble yourself before the Lord. He already knows you. .Time is short now. Will you let the energy of love fill you heart?

      • darko says:

        I get that sensation a lot. It’s the Holy Spirit touching you saying ‘pay attention’ or sometimes ‘yes’. He may affirm again with same feeling after you read this….

  9. Erika says:

    What!! I live in Sweden and I havent even seen this on the news! The only thing on the news right now is Anders Breivik…….and he makes me sick! But this is real news! Ps I just love this site!

  10. ruperto canales says:

    look like this revelation 9: 2 he opened the shaft of the bottomless pit ,and from the shaft rose smoke like the smoke of a great furnace ,and the air were darkned with the smoke from the shaft,.

  11. Diamond21 says:

    There are demonic faces all over in the smoke.. that’s freaky!

  12. Columbine says: Do an auto-translate. This is a mine roof collapse, and appears to be one the mine owners and/or local government officials have been expecting. From what I read it seems they are expecting it to grow.

  13. Colleen says:

    I also love this site. I check it everyday. I love to read the stories and the comments. It is very sad that news worthy material does not make main line media. I am sick of seeing headlines about what the movie stars are wearing, or who they are dating. The media is leaving out all of the important issues that are worth reading. We have to come to sites like this to get our news. This is a most informative site, I must admit. This sinkhole is frightening. I,too, see a shadowy figure. It must be the angle of light casting the dark shadow. Anyway this is really strange.
    I concur with Magenta, Christ is the only way!

  14. Eleven says:

    The earths core isn’t molten metal magma. Think plasma like our sun

  15. ZheezE says:

    2 much mining?

  16. Robert Hull says:

    Could it be a vent hole?

    • For heat or CH4 but not for magma because it’s so hot and pressurized that the gases are explosive. Now if there was a reservoir of magma (under such a sinkhole) snaking under the ground that weakening the region under the hole sometime later in the game, there would be an explosive emission of magma and the lava that oozes out of the hole would form a cone but under such a condition, the surrounding ground would probably give way and create a greater gapping chasm because I don’t think in its weakened condition; it could handle the stresses associated with typical volcanic plumbing- which is why most volcanoes form in layers of rock.

  17. sinkholes are usually caused from a waterway or broken sewers or broken water lines beneath the top of the ground and it erodes the limestone or carbonate rock and causes cavities underneath the ground until there is not enough strength to hold up the ground anymore, but this is just unreal its so deep and big.

    • Columbine says:

      “On Tuesday morning, March 20th at 6:20am, the ceiling of the “Fabian”-part of the Malmberget iron ore mine in north of Sweden collapsed.
      “Heightened activity in the mine during recent days is believed to be the cause of the collapse. A small cloud of dust with limited spread westward into the adjacent “Captain”-pit. Water vapor from the warmer air in the cavity produced a white pillar of cloud that appeared on Tuesday morning. The event has not affected the work in the mine and no injuries have been reported. The actual breakthrough or collapse process is said to have been a fairly peaceful event. Vibrations have been felt in the community “Kilen” nearby.
      Malmberget is known as a major site for the extraction of iron ore from deep mines by the company LKAB. The iron ore mining started in 1741 at the Illuvaara mountain, later known as Gellivare malmberg and eventually just Malmberget. The first train transporting iron ore was loaded in 1888 – this was the beginning of the great iron ore rush which would change the entire area of Northern Lapland. In Malmberget there were lots of job opportunities but no dwellings – a striking resemblance to the conditions during the gold rush in North America. During the first years, workers lived in shacks built from wasted dynamite crates.
      “This is from a mine that Sweden sold iron oreto both sides of the Second world war: Swedish iron mining during World War II. Keeping the whole thing going.
      “Right down the center of Malmberget, the deep mine has reached daylight and thus created a huge hole called Gropen (“The Pit”). Gropen has grown southwards as the deep mining continued, and thus divided the town while making the old town centre uninhabitable and forcing many institutions (e.g. the two existing cinemas and the church) to move to the western part of Malmberget or, even more commonly, to the neighbouring town of Gällivare.
      “Today Gropen is being filled up with stone which is dug up as a by-product from the underground mines. Gropen will eventually be filled in, but the uninhabitable area is continually growing as underground mining undermines the area and seismic events caused by the mining regularly shake the remaining parts of Malmberget. The future of Malmberget is currently uncertain, but prospecting by LKAB indicates that even more of Malmberget may have to move in the future. The moving of several large residential houses owned by the mining company, as well as private villas, has been a major issue locally for the past few years. The iron ore extracted from Malmberget is mainly transported by rail southeast to the port of Luleå.
      ~~~~Google “Malmberget mine collapse” for more photos, or see ~~~~

      • Tom says:

        This is caused by mining activity. But the mining company should secure the area immedietly! Skiers, snowmobilers, children, animals etc r in danger!

        Another swedish city where ive lived one year(Kiruna) have a ground littered with holes so the town is beeing moved to a new place as we speak. Big project but well worth it, consuming the earths crust is big business

        Cant be good for the earth to empty all oil and minerals from the crust though.

  18. Greg says:

    Not magma….the water table is dropping.

  19. webwatcher says:

    39 recorded quakes in the last 48 hrs, I would have thought there would be more holes

  20. Geraldo says:

    There are sinkholes all over the world.
    That’s not a thing that depends on human actions to happen. It can be.
    But it can also be natural.

  21. d5uncr says:

    Like Columbine cited, this cave in was expected and predicted. The mining company had monitored the roof of the mine for years, seeing it getting thinner.

  22. Mats Bladh says:

    This cant be from sweden, gotta be bogus.. we’ve never heard of it here.

    • Fredrik says:

      This new hole was discovered in 2010.
      way is for mining traffic and no public road.
      2012 fell through the ground and the hole was visible
      completely as LKAB has predicted.
      The entire Malmberget is perforated with galleries so probably the whole town moved in the near future.
      This is nothing new.
      Go to the LKAB web site and you will find more about what happened and what they predict will come to happen.
      F. L

      • jh kals. says:

        it’s no sinkhole! I’ve been there.. it’s just due to digging for ore for decades now. I’ve pictures of different times where the hole is very clearly visible and expanding over the years.
        it’s a hoax and no sinkhole at all. Due to the mining the whole town will be broken down and rebuild. The same with Kiruna, due to the rich layers of ore.

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