Powerful energy release emanating from the Earth’s core recorded?

February 2, 2012TURKEYThe International Geodynamic Monitoring System, a part of GNFE (London, UK), has registered on November 15, 2011 a powerful energy release emanating from the Earth’s core. The intense three-dimensional gravitational anomaly was almost simultaneously recorded by all ATROPATENA geophysical stations separated by vast distances from each other in the following cities: Istanbul (Turkey), Kiev (Ukraine), Baku (Azerbaijan), Islamabad (Pakistan) and Yogyakarta (Indonesia). According to GNFE President Professor Elchin Khalilov, the detailed analysis of ATROPATENA station records indicates a powerful energy release emanating from the Earth’s core. According to the scientist, this fact may herald intensification of geodynamic processes in our planet and as a result, a higher number of strong earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis. As GNFE President Professor Elchin Khalilov told WOSCO news agency, ATROPATENA earthquake forecasting stations record particular three-dimensional gravitational anomalies that occur, on average, 3-7 days before strong earthquakes. These anomalies are generated by the passing of tectonic waves (stress waves) under the stations; they are emitted by the focuses of imminent large earthquakes at the moment when the stresses in them reach critical values. These waves travel very slowly, their velocity ranging from an average of 30 km/h on the continents up to 120 km/h in the oceanic crust. The stress waves are of low frequency and their period ranges from several hours to two days on average, making it impossible for seismic stations to detect them. Of course, the ATROPATENA stations record the passing of these waves with a large time difference, which helps monitor their movement and, with quite high accuracy, calculate the location of the epicenter area of the expected earthquake. –Geochange Journal
contribution by JustMEinT
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63 Responses to Powerful energy release emanating from the Earth’s core recorded?

  1. Violette says:

    So what now?

    • We are entering a period of extreme volcanism. Earth’s magnetic field is faltering. Earthquakes are intensifying and the planet’s climate is becoming more chaotic, deadly, and extreme.”- The Extinction Protocol, back cover

      I said two years ago, there was early indication that a geological transition of epochs was likely underway- meaning the Earth was entering a new period geologically and there was strong indication, this was linked to the planet’s present polarity reversal and that this time would be marked by erratically shifting periods of geo-catastrophism.

      • Brandon says:

        Alvin, Is it possible we could be nearing doomsday? How much more can earth bear?

      • We’re going to find out…the show hasn’t even started yet.

      • Lucifer says:

        The law of equilibrium that exists in the charged ionsphere is interacting with the atmosphere, this is sending huge amounts of electric current into the planet. This is heating the core and causing all the affects seen over the last 2 weeks. this process will only increase until tipping point, this will coincide with the solar maximum, as the ionspheres mass energy will be pushed closer to the atmosphere with even greater contact. Northern lights will be seen everywhere and the sky will seem red and green, depending upon the charge of north or south. This will be the tipping point of our planet, the next 7/8 years will be devestating to say the least. The results are unknown, but the planets face will shift to meet equilibrium with weight distribution.

      • Maponos says:

        How long will this process take to complete in your opinion?

      • Maponos says:

        @The Extinction Protocol,what is your opinion on this;
        I didn’t think this was possible at one time but now I’m convince it will happen!

      • I don’t know what to make of it. For now; I know it falls more in the realm of paranormal than it does science though their are physical signatures left from these events. Like UFOs, it’s a phenomena that neither interests me nor that I find a need to explain. There is so much depth, mystery and intrigue in the physical sciences, that’s where I lend my attention.

    • Maverick says:

      Are you ready to rock’n’roll ?!?!

    • fathom says:

      This news was since Nov 11 !

  2. Fillade says:

    Hello Alvin, how does this track on a graph, what severity from previsous event record.


  3. Antonio says:

    Okay, I got this news 2 days ago and I searched.
    Is it only coincidence that there are stations in Kiev and in Baku? The strange “earth groaning” sounds were listened in both locations (by many, it even it even hit the news). So I’m guessing, the governments must know something about that and have strategically located stations to detect this kind of stuff. Am I right

    • jerry says:

      The video from kiev was a hoax. It has been proven many times, every video that sounds like the noises from kiev are also fake.

  4. darmp says:

    I look at this as no more than our, “inner sun” the core releasing its energy. Much like the sun and its uptick of solar flare activity. We know very little about the inner workings of this planet, and are just now using technology to explore it. Man has a long way to go before he can fully grasp the nature of “things.”

  5. mike says:

    kinda scary the coincidence of this news right after 2 Nuclear power plants in the US. have had shut downs and leaks 2 days apart in 2 different States… hmmm…. not to mention the high probability of the tectonic plates that might slip with the release of the pressure from the core rise to the surface in 2-3 days.. hopefully the plates release on the other side of the planet & not in our pacific coastal regions or our long over due San Andreas faults…. :/

  6. Irene C says:

    Fascinating. And once again I am reminded of the movie “2012″. In the movie, the governments his the truth from the people also. Buckle your seatbelts, we’re in for a wild ride. Stay safe everyone.


  7. Philippino Bob says:

    We are barely entering this transitional period. From my findings, things will start to get really rough in about 4 to 5 years from now, while strong messages from ‘within’ will keep reminding us that it won’t go away.

  8. I wonder if it is resonanace with the suns activities ie. the X2 on the far side?

  9. nickk0 says:

    Fascinating !!

    Question – Are these ‘energy releases’, spasmodic, periodic events ??
    Or are they constantly ‘ongoing’, but in a state of fluctuation, up and down ??

  10. Tom says:

    The article said they can pinpoint the locations of where the expected earthquake might occur, but do not say what that location might be? Were they not able to pinpoint it this time or maybe they know but do not wish to disclose this information. Or maybe it is indicating earthquake potential in more than a single area, so they are not disclosing information to avoid a panic.

  11. chiller says:

    Since the Mayans, Incas and other civilizations around the globe have predicted anomalies during this time, they could not have predicted geological changes without some kind of reference in their area of expertise, the stars. With their predictions and current events apparently coinciding, those not attempting to prepare to survive in some way either don’t want to survive what lies ahead or are in denial. Either way, the same fate may await us all.

  12. aleta says:

    Hi Alvin, I shall purchase a copy of your book soon and give my best effort to understanding the science of this all. Thank you for all these informative posts – this has been an incredible journey for us these last few years trying to put some of this science and extraordinary – even supernatural phenomena into perspective. Thanks again and may God bless.

  13. Foxy says:

    Cheers Mike and thank you for those few kind words. May I point out that there are quite a few of us living on ‘the other side of the planet’ who wouldn’t appreciate an earthquake in our back garden either.

  14. Serioussneep says:

    Let me see if I got this right. This is technology most have never heard of before with a statement that has huge ramifications to the planet as a whole. The document explains a detailed understanding of the core of the earth without providing any real detail about what this means, even though they boast that there is a huge accuracy and understanding to what this means. They say this major event occurrd but don’t give any refference to how this correlates to previous recordings… We don’t even know how long this technology has even been in place. This information is ignored by mass media as a whole… No suprise… Even though this is suposed to be a big event. The article comes out months after the recording which is absolutly no use to anyone if tectonically this could impact major cities or countries. Geologists have always stated you can’t predict when earthquakes will occur but then this article states that it can do this with absolute pin point accuracy and days in advance. Am I missing something here? Why even come out with this article unless its just to boast about how cool our technology is. In my opinion this is just further evidence that there are a priveledged select few who truely know what is going on but will never tell us. I cant figure out the point of releasing this information when the true useful details for anyone is actually withheld. Has our governments become so bold to even stop caring about secrecy and just rub in our faces what they won’t tell us. Just my humble opinion but my entire life I thought they had no clue what was going on at the earths core and now we have an article that flat out says “hey we know all about it” but when it comes out to the nuts and bolts that could help people the info is just left out.

  15. Darby says:

    I’m no scientist so this may be a stupid question but could this be related to the heightened solar energy surrounding air recently?

    • E

      Indeterminate. But there is a complex interaction going on we the Sun and the Earth that traditional science has failed to fully comprehend. If this is happening, in concert, with a polarity reversal, as I suspect- it’s likely it signals we are exiting the Holocene geological period of the Quatenary eon and entering a period of new geological catastrophism. What more than likely lies before us, is new planetary conditions which will be alien to us and quite adverse for the agricultural process. These traditional geological shifts are known for being extinctive events because the planet goes through a type of physical convulsion which means we’ll likely be facing what ended previous periods:

      a). climate overturn
      b). polarity reversal
      c). hypervolcanism and increased sea-floor spreading
      d). very large and frequent earthquakes
      e). lithospheric fractures and orogeny
      f). exsolving of greehouse gases from ocean, tundra or permafrost

    • Bone Idle says:

      The sun is actually at a historically very low period of activity.
      Solar indicators are down in many measurement criteria.
      Previous solar cycles have been much more active at this period into the cycle length.

      If anything it might be the Lack of activity and low solar numbers that may be correlated to this earth event.

      • I don’t think the Sun figures much into the equation she was talking about. Energetic particles from the Sun are the weakest of all. When the sun’s output wanes, the danger is cosmic rays or gamma rays which are the real danger.

  16. AWM says:

    Alvin, it seems to me that the/some/government researchers seem to know more about gravitational effects and anomalies than they are letting on. A lot more. Like you said, “sketchy details and lack of precedent”, but they did release this information, however it’s usefulness might be graded poorly for some, but much higher for others.
    I suspect they fear that researchers like yourself would “take the ball and run” way too far and fast for them to control, if the free flow of scientific information was allowed to happen.

    Great work as usual, I feel we are entering a period of acceleration in the frequency of these events, the rapidity with which they occur is about to go “off the scale”, a log scale.
    Alarming is quite an understatement for the present conditions.
    Given a ten/hundred/thousand fold increase overnight in the numbers, it becomes easy to realize a “tipping point”, a “new epoch”, is imminent!

    God Bless You For All You Do

    • We’ll never know the full story from their perspective because even at some point, national security issues will outweight everything else and will prevent full disclosures. We can watch the signs and connotate the change and perpare ourselves individually as best we can. We are approaching the moment of truth.

      God bless you as well,

  17. Brandon says:

    Would you agree with Lucifer on this one? He says that the next 7 to 8 years will be the devastating tipping point for our planet. Is that about how long you see for our species? No dates, just an estimate?

    • I think we are on the danger zone now, and he probably sees what we all see that things are getting critical. As for as a ‘proverbial tipping’ point, NASA has said, it has likely already been reached. A few shock events, and we’re going to be in serious trouble.

      • Brandon says:

        Alvin, When will our government and governments around the world warn humanity about our coming demise? Never? Is it to preserve peace, order, and calm till the end?

      • e

        We’re way pass that. It’s too late to warn 7 billion people anyway. As I said, science will not admit it has made a mistake because according to their time-table geological change unfolds in uniform fashion across thousands of years of transition- not in catastrophic fashion as in a matter of days or weeks as every legend, including the Hopis, has told us what happens. If you shorten the geological time-frame for change to explain this; you do away with evolutionary time-scale. You do away with evolution- You have a God or alien dilema of how we got here. It’s not going to happen. Anybody that’s not awake now, will die in the first round of this crisis.

  18. SpaceCase says:

    This happened last Nov. 15 according to the original article.

    • Yes, it did and it’s not uncommon for the findings to make it through peer reviews and appear in scientific journals months later. It took 7 months after the fact for them to fully determine just how much energy was released in the March 11, 2011 Japanese earthquake.

  19. tonic says:

    Probably totally unrelated, but something happened here, middle of November.


  20. Lance says:

    The seven bowls of wrath!

  21. This is why we cannot test anymore nuclear devices on earth……they cause irreperable damage!

  22. radiogirl says:

    Agree with EP post feb.3 3:34pm. The writing is on the wall .

  23. DZIR says:

    We are about to experience what is called SAMAVARTAKA/SOMVARTA…The fire at the end of an age…Source is about to give us a DNA upgrade and then all will go to appropriate density as ascension takes place for earth and all living life on it….Look into The RA material, as well as Somvarta and also project camelot their newest whistle blower interviews are moving us in quantum leaps. Great material for all to listen and read. ONWARD AND UPWARD!

  24. Brandon says:

    Forgive me my friend if i or any of the other members have previously asked this question. What are the consequences of this energy burst? There was really no mention of this being a threat to our planet. Could this be a normal thing that will just go away? My second question is could this scenario be similar to the movie 2012?

    • We don’t know if the energy burst will cause effects or if this was a sudden release of energy from previous effects already diagnosed to prevent something more catastrophic from happening to the planet. We have to find out if this was a thermal induction or if this phenomenon was brought on by physical changes in core dyanamics itself. Was it seismic and electromagnetic or merely a physical reaction? It’s needful to have more data but this is not a 2012 movie comparison.

  25. Brandon says:

    Okay that makes sense. Do you foresee the events coming to be similar to the plot of the movie 2012? I sure hope not. Lol!

    • I think it’s not the special effects but the long-term consequence that any major event could cause a civilization breakdown and lead to disease, famine and war. There is always someone’s or something’s hand on the lid of Pandora’s box.

  26. Kelsey says:

    I have only just started immersing myself into the 2012 preditions very recently, reading the information you put up is eyeopening and terrifying I have believed that this has been a long time coming, and I honestly dont think the world is taking it seriously enough. My flat mates certainly think I’m a looney for believing in this ‘hokum’.. however I dont believe people are preparing for this .. possibly because we dont know where to start?

    I’ve read conspiracies about people, with an endless supply of money, stocking up, creating bunkers to live in with years supplies of food and water, or buying tickets to live in underground bunkers built by the government, but what should the regular joe do? How can we possibly prepare for a disaster of this proportion?

    • I think we can all do what we can and move on from there. This is a crisis by attrition so I wouldn’t worry about who’s stocking what vs. what one doesn’t have…before this is over, homes and cars will be free for the taking.

      • wow,that is a sobering thought,my husband says we will have to fight to keep what is ours from those that have not,its a scary idea.

      • IMG

        One day soon, we’ll see cars and money lying in the streets and homes open and overun by beasts- All life’s so-called “essential pursuits” become relatively unimportant when survival instincts surplant desires for domestical habitation and material concerns. This crisis, as it worsens, will uproot us from the Earth, just as it’s already decimating wildlife habitats and will eventually send animals scurring into the cities to prey on people for food. I know it doesn’t seem to be the case now, but mobility will be the key to survival before it’s over.

  27. Brandon says:

    I had a hard time following your comment about survival. How in the world can 7 billion people survive by being evacuated? The whole planet will be reeling from earth changes. Also when will this crisis end?

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