8 Responses to State of the Nation: COVID-19 national health crisis could push America to the brink of civil war

  1. Dennis E. says:

    That is the purpose of this event. Turn Americans against one another, divide and conquer and some Governors seem to be working towards this, all against Donald Trump. I think there is probable cause to recall and remove several Governors from office.

    Violence never really accomplishes nothing.

    I would not attend none of the protests although the protestors have a proper grievance and now we see how leadership looks at us as being stupid, unable to live a normal life with out their total control.

    Well, it has back fired. Now more Americans are examining and realizing the civil, individual and constitutional rights we have lost as we slept, as we were soooo involved in 24 hour sports and other forms of entertainment.

    We left our government unsupervised.

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  2. Joseph Repas says:

    There were few doctors that took this virus seriously. Not a one of them said to Trump. Watch out this is a pandemic about to happen. THEY were the ones that were too late. They were also the ones who did not notice the deaths that occurred a month before they even knew it was already spreading in this country. Now they want to blame Trump who began taking action by stopping flights coming from China and was belittled by the press and doctors alike for doing so. Also, every week or two the doctors stated something different from before. Early on it was not a big deal. Another week, no mask needed. etc..etc..etc.Tired of this so called scientific BS. It is not science, it is gambling.

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  3. Judy Clarke says:

    It will, but globally. NOW is the time to prepare for a recession. think ahead and do what you have to do now while you can.

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  4. niebo says:

    Hey Alvin, am going to have to post this in sections b/c there’s something in it that WP does not like; when I hit submit, it vanishes: Part 1:

    “When people have nothing left to lose . . . they lose it.,”

    Gerald Celente

    Regarding Rick Bright: ” . .Bright will publicly advise the federal government to ramp up its response, a week after filing a whistleblower complaint alleging he was fired from his job leading the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) for opposing the use of hydrochloroquine (which has been “touted” – to use the media’s new favorite word – by President Trump as a potential COVID-19 treatment).”


    Here’s the problem with the narrative that no one wants to address.* First, this story from April 14 – a month ago – about India (the largest producer of HCQ due to its prevalence of malaria) EXPORTING HCQ to THIRTEEN countries: Spain, Germany, Bahrain, Brazil, Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Maldives, Bangladesh, Seychelles, Mauritius and the Dominican Republic.




  5. niebo says:

    Part III:

    Yes, it is just a survey of doctors, but let’s not forget this story:



    15 years ago, Fauci praised chloroquine in regards to SARS. SARS 1, I guess? (And this is SARS 2, right?)


    So, if Rick Bright got fired for claiming there is no evidence that HCQ works . . . he got fired for being a vaccine/remdesivir (at, by some estimates, a THOUSAND times the cost of HCQ treatment)/Gates Foundation SHILL.


    • Joseph Repas says:

      MED CRAM episode 71 on Corona virus update. HCQ with added zinc sulfate and AZ is very effective, especially for patients that have not yet needed ICU treatment. Fauci and Bright like you said niebo are shills for BIG pharma. Were they both in on creating this virus to begin with to get to this point? I think Q knows, so Trump knows. Indict them all!

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  6. niebo says:

    Part IIII:

    As for the rest of the article: As divided as we are (as Dennis E suggests is the POINT of the virus) as a nation, the virus appears to be political, too. Look at the numbers . . . it’s worse in Democratic states. Wonder if that’s just a consistent statistical anomaly OR underhanded manipulation.

    * When the media talks numbers and points out HOW COVID IS WORSE IN THE US . . . they are not comparing apples to apples. At least a handful of other countries with major populations ARE treating patients with HCQ + AZ or HCQ + AZ+Zinc or HCQ+zinc. For the most part – BECAUSE OF THE VAX/REMDESIVIR shills and their MEDIA PUPPETS – the United States is not.

    People are sick and tired of being LIED TO and manipulated to choke on a communist agenda. Call it the NWO, Agenda 21/2030, or Satan’s Unicorn Rainbow Bouncy House . . . they ARE trying to force it on us. Gates’ ID2020/Vaccine-tattoo/Mark of the Beast initiative is inseparable from that One World (New Babel) system, and people SEE it for what it is. If they keep pushing, YES, there will be a CW in the US.

    I’m not so sure that isn’t what they want, or THiNK that’s what they want. Crybullies do that. They poke and prod and pinch and rob and steal and lie and enslave, but when someone jacks their jaw, they cry “foul” and play the victim. I don’t think that’s going to work anymore. Too many are awake to their schemes.


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