2 Responses to Coronavirus could cause an economic collapse worse than the Great Depression – world disintegrating before our eyes

  1. sandomina says:

    You have brought out a very cruel reality to the fore. We are heading for a major collapse. Now is the time, a real leader would shine and fakes would disappear.

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  2. Dennis E. says:

    Many would say that time has arrived. if you look at the breadlines in Texas and California, people sitting in fine cars in lines up to 6,000 at a time, fine cars and in fine clothes and it happened nearly over night.

    On this site in years we has discussed the need to prepare and many of you now may be using those items you stored up. You still need to do so.

    You have to wonder regarding the uprising in several mentioned states caused by extreme lock down procedures if that is a ploy to derail President’s Trump’s reelection. Bringing guns to a political rally only fuels the possibility of violence. What they need to do is to have a 60’s style sit in. Cover the steps with people sitting, the side walks, on the grass. But, bringing weapons such as we have seen shows how overly militant our country has become. I am not against the 2nd amendment but it can move the state governments to activate the National Guard for riot control. They did that in the 60’s against unarmed citizens, what do you think they made do against a protest consisting of member’s that are armed.

    Remember Kent State.

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