Scientists fear the hunt for a coronavirus vaccine will fail and we will all have to live with the ‘constant threat’ of COVID-19

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Scientists fear that it may prove impossible to produce a working coronavirus vaccine and believe the world may have to simply learn to adapt to the permanent threat of COVID-19. The UK’s Chief Medical Officer, Christopher Whitty, told a Parliamentary committee on Friday that there was “concerning” evidence suggesting that it may not be possible to stimulate immunity to the virus. “The first question we do not know is ‘do you get natural immunity to this disease if you have had it, for a prolonged period of time?’” Whitty said.

“Now if we don’t then it doesn’t make a vaccine impossible but it makes it much less likely and we simply don’t know yet. He said there was “a little bit of evidence that some people have been reinfected with this having had a previous infection.” He added: “That’s a slightly concerning situation.”  Doubts about the possibility of a viable vaccine are based largely on the fact that no vaccine has ever been approved for use in the US or UK against other forms of coronavirus.

Whitty told the committee the evidence from other forms of coronavirus was that “immunity [to the virus] wanes relatively quickly.” He said that the world needs “to be careful that we don’t assume that we are going to have a vaccine for this disease as we have had for, let’s say measles, which once you have it, you’re protected for life. We cannot guarantee success,” he added. “Vaccines are looked for, for every infectious disease, they are not found for all of them.” The World Health Organization on Saturday also threw doubt on the possibility that immunity to the virus could be induced.

In a statement about plans by some governments to introduce so-called “immunity passports,” for those previously infected with the virus the organization said in a statement that: “there is currently no evidence that people who have recovered from COVID-19 and have antibodies are protected from a second infection.”

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Other scientists have also raised the possibility that a working vaccine may never emerge to deal with COVID-19. In an interview with The Observer David Nabarro, professor of global health at Imperial College, London said the world had to realize that a vaccine may not be possible. “You don’t necessarily develop a vaccine that is safe and effective against every virus,” he told the paper. “Some viruses are very, very difficult when it comes to vaccine development – so for the foreseeable future, we are going to have to find ways to go about our lives with this virus as a constant threat.”

Even if a fully effective vaccine proves impossible, Whitty believes that a partially effective vaccine would still be worth pursuing. “You can have vaccines that are not capable of providing [high levels of] immunity, but they provide enough protection that people don’t get severe disease.  “So, we might get a vaccine that is rather less effective but is sufficiently effective, that if we vaccinated everyone at a high level of dying from this… we might well be able to massively reduce fatalities even if there were still natural infections.”  –Business Insider

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8 Responses to Scientists fear the hunt for a coronavirus vaccine will fail and we will all have to live with the ‘constant threat’ of COVID-19

  1. Dennis E. says:

    Mis-information to mislead the public and that statement comes from an article regarding how fast the virus mutates I bet. To place additional population controls?

    But on the other hand, we have an influenza vaccine and how many people die each year from that?


  2. Judy Clarke says:

    I am a firm believer that the virus will remain in us, once its in there and it will rise and fall just like Herpes. Any vaccine that is produced will be begged for and that is a shame because inside it will be a fate worse than death.

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  3. niebo says:

    It’s a misleading headline to say “No Coronavirus Vaccine has ever been Produced.” While no vaccine has gone into production, there was a notable trial in 2012 regarding the SARS virus:

    “These SARS-CoV vaccines all induced antibody and protection against infection with SARS-CoV. However, challenge of mice given any of the vaccines led to occurrence of Th2-type immunopathology suggesting hypersensitivity to SARS-CoV components was induced”.

    That is, the vaccine caused a reaction that would have killed them, had they not been harvested two days after exposure to the live SARS virus.

    Let’s hope they learn from their mistakes.


  4. Judy Clarke says:

    It will eventually burn itself out, to rise and fall without a vaccination. But this fear mongering with 100% relience on an awaited vaccine, is an attempt to have the world BEGG for a vaccine, but little to they know what is inside that vaccine.

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  5. niebo says:

    As far as scientists “fearing” not being able to find a vaccine . . . while that may be valid, the more I learn about everything about this virus, the more convinced I am that politicians, war-hawks, globalists, and the technocratic state WANT there to be no vaccine (at least not one that actually works), because it “checks” too many squares on their scorecard for other concerns in their agenda. Freedoms are vanishing. Surveillance is escalating. Banks are now a de-facto branch of the government, as all of their continued criminality and mediocrity is rewarded yet again (that is, ENCOURAGED), and the greater economy is decimated if not outright destroyed. Small businesses which do manage to survive will be a minority among the centralized “big box” corporations which, for decades, squeezed and choked the independent companies out of the market. Food WILL become more and more scarce, not because there is a dearth of food, per se, but because the supply chains, by “necessity” (aka, .gov fiat), are broken. The small farms, pretty soon at the present rate, will be crushed; big farms will sell to a central market, the central government, because, whoever controls the food controls the people, and that is their end goal and has been for generations. thus far, the “virus” has killed a lot of elderly/sick/indigent (“retired” or “non-productive”) men and women, and ended all of the protests that were happening worldwide (the yellow vests in France, the Hong Kong’ers, the uprising in Iran, et alia), with the exception of Venezuela, but as it stands, starvation may end those soon enough, and the same starvation, according to plan, will spread to the four corners of the earth just as the locusts spread through Africa, the middle east, and the far east. Heavy rains and diminishing sunlight will cause blights of other crops in more temperate climes, and early frosts, like those of last year, will destroy fruit on the vines, potatoes and onions in the ground, and grains of all kinds before they reach maturity and before they can be harvested. Livestock will starve, and too soon, famine will be a cancer in all the world, as governments strangle citizens with draconian countermeasures in order to maintain their own seats of power while their ubiquitous surveillance machinery protects their schema, while they rob the world of commodities, assets, dignity, and hope alike, gone soon, swept away, for one and all, according to plan.

    This virus is the least of our worries, now. This is the rise of Babel; and, from here, this shadowed edge of the abyss, look there, peer towards tomorrow, and, there, just beyond the strobing LEDs of the checkpoints, the blockaded, empty side streets, the sparkling dust of shattered glass on vacant sidewalks outside of the abandoned, burned, collapsing ruins of residential buildings, beneath the thrum of the drones and the all-seeing eyes of their thermal cameras, inside the debilitating, silent cross-talk noise of the 5G sentinels, there, just beyond the sweeping, spotlight arms of the klieg lights, the excavation machines, the battery trucks, the cranes, and the brainwashed slaves, the walking dead laborers and their captors, with their jackboots, automatic rifles, and their soulless, mechanized disregard for fellow men and God himself, there . . . they lay the final, monolithic stone of the very foundation . . . of hell on earth.

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    • I personally don’t see a vaccine ever being developed – at least one that will provide lifelong immunity from SARS-CoV-2. The virus is already exhibiting 30+ mutations. If your body’s own immunity against it won’t hold up for no more than 2 weeks after you get infected with it (or so according to the latest research), …it seems unlikely that we can manufacture a vaccine that will work in conjunction with the body’s own immune responses to provide lifelong immunity. According to the latest research, antibody density levels for SARS-CoV-2 begin waning about 14 days after a recovery occurs. The body is not going to keep producing antibodies for SARS-CoV-2 when it is not a relative threat when we are constantly facing other viral and bacterial threats on a daily basis. A vaccine is something that causes your body to produce an effective immune response to prevent an infection by killing off the invading pathogen or virus. What the Brits are working on is something that will basically mimic a post-coronavirus infection scenario by spurring the body to produce T-Cells that will kill the virus or keep it from attaching to the cell. This novel vaccine approach may work once and never again, or it may not work at all. Besides, historically, no contagious or transmittable disease has ever chronically remained in the human populace for an extended period of time with the exception of rhinoviruses, which cause the common cold. So, is it really worth creating a Manhattan size project and spending hundreds of billions of dollars, as some scientists are calling for, for something that is likely to disappear on its own after humans achieve herd immunity?

      Besides, even if we had developed a successful vaccine for the 1918 Spanish Flu 90 years later, it still would not have been effective in preventing the 2009 outbreak of H1N1, of which the Spanish Flu of 1918 was a variant.

      SARS – Antibody density dropped after 3 years with SARS


      • niebo says:

        I am with you; my doubts about any potential vaccine are FAR overshadowed by what I see as “latching on” to the idea as a messiah for the, to borrow from Paul Harvey, “rest of the agenda”, an escalating iron grip of control. After the “vaccine”, you have to get the tattoo/chip so “authorities” will have proof that you are “immune” and “allowed” to travel. Which means more checkpoints, more cameras, more drones, and the soon to be ubiquitous 5g to keep track of all the movements that are all logged for purposes of “contact tracing” . . . let’s just hope that no one you have been near becomes a “violent extremist” because they will be using “contact tracing” for that, too. And. of course, going “cashless” will help decrease the spread AND it allows for any number of agencies to track purchases, etc., AND just turn off “credits” for anyone who, you know, does not ask “How high?” when they say “Jump”. Am also starting to consider the Holodomor as a potential future for the world; communism has proven that starvation is just a tool in the arsenal of democide:

        I could go on . . . but maybe I am overcautious here, and maybe it will not be 9-11 2.0, but I see a certain sector wants lockdowns at all costs until “vaccine” . . . and I see the big box stores open but the small companies on ice. I see Wall Street getting trillions and everybody else getting a thousand . . . and i KNOW the collapse of Wall Street was inevitable and HAS NOTHING TO DO with a virus, only greed, and this “lockdown to save lives”, yet again, is a convenient “coincidence” . . . to hide the truth.

        I do not pretend that I know the minutiae of everything that IS going on, but I understand that nothing is what it seems.

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