6 Responses to U.S. deaths top 40,000 as vaccine hopes fade – and Americans are left with a grim new reality: the worst is yet to come

  1. Joseph Repas says:

    One of the problems with the flattening of the curve approach to this pandemic is that you will still approach the same amount of casualties as a spike approach but it will just take longer. Many people do not seem to realize that. The 1918 ” Spanish flu” was said to come in three waves with the second one being far worse than the other two. Not sure why. After that there was no vaccine made for it and was not needed. I am more worried about the nefarious undertones of the likes of Bill Gates and dr. Fauci. Gates has openly stated that he believes the world’s population needs to be reduced by a large amount. Dr Fauci mentioned that the next President was going to have a surprise pandemic. He also circumvented 2014 law that made viral manipulation experimentation illegal in this country by sending the China lab 3.7 million dollars to do it there,
    Now these same people want to force everyone with a vaccine? NO THANKS!!!

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  2. Judy Clarke says:

    talk about pressure to conform to vaccinate as soon as it hits the shelves. NO WAY. We will do just fine without it. Check out the recovery numbers. We were made in HIS image to fall by the wayside. Some will, but most will not. Do not accept the poison within those vaccines.

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  3. Dennis E. says:

    But, we should not neglect our immune system and remove food/drinks from our consumption that would cause damage. While it is true you may still catch the virus, perhaps protecting and strengthening our immune system may lessen the impact of the virus

    If you smoke, a great time to stop. In Iran it has been reported that some afflicted with the virus drunk an excessive amount of alcohol and they died, thinking alcohol would kill the virus.


  4. Dennis E. says:

    A blast from the past I was surfing the archives, looking for an article by NASA stating that our Solar System as it passes through The Milky Way had entered a section of The Milky Way Galaxy littered with stationary rocks and rogue planets some of which were stationary and I came across this article from Wuhan China. Thought it was interesting.



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