6 Responses to COVID-19: U.S. reported coronavirus deaths reach a record 4,591 in 24 hours

  1. Dennis E. says:

    Regardless: People will continue to die from this disease but regardless we, the public have not been told the whole truth. By the way, you have to consider if this is judgment from God in our Policies with Israel and “The Deal Of The Century” regarding dividing the Land. Some contribute the New Orleans disaster (Hurricane Katrina) to the forced removal of Jews from The Gaza Strip which begin on August 17th 2005 and I believe Katrina form 08.23.2005.


    Many questions, few answers.

    Also, Have not seen any new Chem trails in the sky lately.


  2. Joseph Repas says:

    On an earlier EP post I questioned the use of ultra violet radiation regarding the eradication of viruses. Check out the site MED CRAM episode #57 regarding ultra violet light use at particular wavelengths. Thank you! See if it might be useful for all your followers!

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