8 Responses to 2020 – When Worlds Collide: could a global pandemic and a comet share a similar fate?

  1. Dennis E. says:

    How about the Blood Moon over Rome? What you think?

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  2. Dennis E. says:



  3. niebo says:

    “The comet is on a 3,500 year path around the Sun . . . .”

    And, even rarer . . .

    “May 1: Photo-op: Y1 ATLAS groups with two other notable 2020 comets: T2 PanSTARRS (6 degrees distant) and Y4 ATLAS (20 degrees distant)”.


    But I am less concerned about ATLAS and Covid 19 than I am this: record cold and hard freezes, including ice and/or snow. in Europe that have caused widespread crop losses:

    A pandemic, a trinity of “bad stars”, and crop losses . . . pray for strength to stand; Come, Lord Jesus!


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