Coronavirus peak death rate will strike U.S. in 11 days when 2,644 people could die in 24 hours

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Shocking graphs have revealed the United States is still 11 days away from its coronavirus peak when it is predicted 2,644 people will die in 24 hours across the nation. The stark new model – created by researchers from the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics – also shows the country is also 10 days from its peak resource use, when 262,092 hospital beds will be needed. That is 87,674 less than the number of beds the U.S. has to its disposal, the predictions show. A staggering 39,727 ICU beds will be required; the estimated shortage of these will be 19,863, it adds.   

Researchers also warn 100,000 Americans will die by August 4. Previous White House predictions have put the figure between 100,000 and 240,000 deaths in the U.S. if the nation continues on its trajectory and current social distancing guidelines are maintained. It allows users to search predictions for any state, not only shows deaths but the demand for hospital services in each state, including the availability of ventilators, general hospital beds, and ICU beds.

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The team warns that the protections for each state is assuming that social distancing measures are maintained, such as people staying home and nursing homes barring visitors.  It shows New York – which continues to bear the brunt as the epicenter of the outbreak in the U.S. – will reach its peak in five days with 855 deaths on April 10. It will need more than 76,000 beds a day before.

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These violent delights have violent ends,” Shakespeare warned. Revelers turned out in force for the 2020 Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans. Most appeared oblivious to the apparent danger.

More than 16,000 people will die by August 4 in New York, the graphs show.  But as the nation looks on in despair at the Empire State, others are fast on track to become the new deadly hotspots. The figures for Illinois make for particularly grim reading. COVID-19 deaths there are expected to hit 3,386 by August 4 with the state’s peak in 15 days when an estimated 109 people will die in 24 hours. In Florida, the state’s peak is expected on May 4, with 175 deaths over a 24-hour period. The model shows Michigan will hit its peak in six days, when 173 deaths are predicted on April 11. The U.S. death toll skyrocketed to 9,144 Sunday and the number of cases surged to 312, 601 Americans infected by the killer virus.

Louisiana has become a key concern as it reported a jump in deaths to 409 on Saturday. The graphs show the state will reach its peak in five days, with 76 COVID-19 deaths projected on April 10. More than 1,800 people are predicted to die there by August 4. The Gulf state’s largest city, New Orleans, where Mardi Gras celebrations in late February are believed to have helped spread the virus before social distancing orders were imposed, has become a focal point of the health crisis. Patients in New Orleans are dying at twice the rate per capita as in New York. Louisiana Governor John Edwards said he spoke with Vice President Mike Pence on Saturday – and that he had been promised an additional 200 ventilators from the national stockpile.  –Daily Mail

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3 Responses to Coronavirus peak death rate will strike U.S. in 11 days when 2,644 people could die in 24 hours

  1. Dennis E. says:

    No doubt there are people unintentionally spreading the disease.

    No doubt there are people intentionally spreading the disease.

    Also, it is important to look at the diet of the victims and while a healthy person can die from this: Also consider what people eat and the level of contaminants in what they or what we eat that damages our immune system.

    New Orleans begin to install 5g cellular service in 2019, March.


  2. drswig says:

    Wake up! In Jesus name…it’s a political ploy to draw out our enemy! China? Russia? Syria??? ISIS? This entire news thing; government shutdown, Cohen lies, impeachment pending, Pelosi trump fight ….just some poor actors!!! Changing Channel! …don’t ask me to elaborate!! Okay Jesus Christ is on channel 2!

    In His service,

    Scott Swiggard A Witness for the Lord, Jesus Christ 1 Peter 3:15 RF Houston Chapter Director



  3. kevin a says:

    man who manufactured and sold the Corona virus to China


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